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The Infamous Pink Panthers This exhilarating bestseller by ingenious writer Jayvant Raval is the largest comprehensive research ever undertaken into modern day banditry originating from the Balkans The collective ‘Pink Panthers’ have been directly linked to hundreds of spectacular robberies in 20 countries including Dubai Japan London Paris Belgium Switzerland and the United States snatching jewels to the tune of some £500 million The ‘Pink Panthers’ have proven that success comes from strategy operating as a 200 person network of criminals who never know exactly to whom they’re reporting the organisation prizes impeccable planning attention to detail Hollywood style theatrics and discipline as the keys to success In a scene worthy of George Clooney’s screen alter ego the courteous rogue Danny Ocean a ‘Pink Panther’ threatens to blow up a high end jewellery store in the South of France with a hand grenade While his accomplice points a pistol at staff the Panther fills a red North Face holdall with diamonds and heads for the door Suddenly he stops and turns “Désolé” he says to the terrified sales staff “C’est la crise” Sorry it’s the economic crisis The French Riviera lives up to its apogee reputation as a playground for the world’s beau monde and what Somerset Maugham described as “a sunny place for shady people” Luxury yachts moored in the shimmering blue green Mediterranean are than a mirage of fantastic wealth When bored of bronzing the rich famous go shopping Often for diamonds Hence It's no secret that at the height of summer the jewellery boutiues up and down the Côte d’Azur are packed with valuable jewels The author Jayvant Raval envisages that admirers won’t be viewing the gang members in a flattering light once they’ve read the entire book Jayvant says “I hope you finish reading thinking actually I would never want to be a diamond thief because they’re depressed they’re paranoid their relationships have broken down – they’re not retiring happily in the sun”

  • Kindle Edition
  • 80 pages
  • The Infamous Pink Panthers
  • Jayvant Raval
  • English
  • 27 August 2016

5 thoughts on “The Infamous Pink Panthers

  1. Jay Douglass Jay Douglass says:

    Wow This book is so topical with all the news stories this summer of high priced jewel thieves in the Riviera Raval writes a novel that is set in that part of Europe where the rich and famous come to play The Jet Set love the South of Franceand after having visited there What's not like? Anywaywith that backdrop the criminal organization I use that term organization loosely pull of a big jewel heistI like not only the setting but also it is a classic suspense yarn through and throughThe dialogue is mature the characters complicated and the plot sophisticatedThe Infamous Pink Panthers They Took Revenge on a World That Had Robbed Them Blind is the kind of mystery that will leave the reader turning the pageswithout wanting to put it down

  2. Worldwing Worldwing says:


  3. Daniel Cohen Daniel Cohen says:

    Brilliant book This book was well mastered and scripted I'm a huge fan of this author Again Written with panache it was a refreshing read and a change from traditional New York gangster books Definitely looking forward to reading from this writer I'm from Manhattan and was told that a producer at Warner Brothers read this book the Infamous Pink Panthers first as it was given to him by somebody who was taken away by it And it's this book what gave him the initial inspiration to make a movie The producer held a meeting at his luxurious 100 million dollar home in stone canyon in Bel Air Los Angeles with this author Jayvant Raval Warner Brothers has already announced a serious multi million Dollar budget Which Danny Boyle has accepted to direct The movies apparently going to be shot across several countries from LA all over Europe Monaco Cannes and even Japan

  4. Mark Gammon Mark Gammon says:

    Poorly written self aggrandizingI'm not really sure who the author is but he has a hard time putting together a good English sentence Supposedly a journalist he never hesitates to throw in self aggrandizing extraneous information He doesn't give us much new insight into the Panthers' organization and background Just read the New Yorker article from a while back and skip this one

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    I never write reviews but wow Maybe someday a real journalist will write a book about the Pink Panthers Until then spare yourself and read the NYT article instead

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