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I Always Got a Great Story In 2005 'How I Met Your Mother' came on air as a love story in reverse in an age of reality television Due to complete its final season in 2014 Carter Bays and Craig Thomas' story of Ted Mosby has been than just a love story but rather an invitation to all viewers to enter into the life of a man who weaves his own story of the past from the future imbued with nostalgia and longing 'I Always Got A Great Story' explores the narrative structure of HIMYM where heartache exists but is not discarded Rather heartache and pain are lived into by an ever present undercurrent of hope turning what could have been a clich├ęd happily ever after chick flick story into a world where pain is real lived and vibrant but also transformative Where underlying every legendary high five is the uiet breath of hope in fiction and our own lives

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  1. Brianne Brianne says:

    The writing level wasn't what I was hoping for In fact it feels as though the author wrote it over a weekend and didn't have an editor touch it Additionally the author should've waited till the end of the series to publish the book It deserves an update

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