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Games of Desire The normally straight laced wizarddemon hybrid Chloe is at a club trying to clean up another of her half sister's messes a prank that left some young demons feeling 'green' when she spies gorgeous demon hottie Marax and his dimples and decides to give into her inner demoness and go a little wild for a change cause hey every girl should have a demon lover once in her life Marax is also on a mission at the club but he can't resist Chloe's advances and soon he finds that none of his responsibilities matter as much as getting Chloe alone and exploring the overwhelming attraction between themI was just thinking that I was getting tired of PNR short stories that have 'mating' bonds do all of the work and normally I prefer my stories to weigh in a bit on the story side of the storysex balance so even though it seems like this shouldn't have worked for me it did Somehow this was sizzling with a powerful intense sensual connection that clicked into a mating and yet I still got enough sense of the characters and felt like they got a sense for each other as well that I really enjoyed it So I liked the good girl going a little bad and that the object of her fling was so into her that he wasn't able to resist her Games of Desire is a very uick read but somehow steamy yet satisfying The union between a wizard and a demon is impossible It's also undeniable Chloe has always been there to clean up after her little sistera wizard who doesn't use her powers responsibly But when she must search for her wayward sister after another prank gone terribly awry Chloe finds a demon insteada demon with taut muscles irresistible dimples and eyes burning with desire Ever the good girl Chloe tries to ignore him but the mere sight of this demon undoes herMarax is searching for Chloe's sister too Just like Chloe he's driven by duty And just like Chloe he can't resist the fiery attraction that burns between themWhen Chloe and Marax give in to one night of passion they find themselves bound in ways they never could have imaginedand battling a demon powerful than anything they imagined

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