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Reclaiming His Discarded Mate The discription was a little misleading as the angst was only a tiny part of the plot uick Read with a Happy EndingThis book had a good premise but lacked character development I wish the author would have given description of the heroines abilities 25Weak alpha Ellie’s mate has found her and she is willing to get to know him even though her past experience in her father’s pack has left her distrusting wolf shifters except her brother and Aiden Even though Gabe asks her who hurt her she won’t tell him who her fathers is because she doesn’t want her brother hurt in the process Just as Ellie starts trusting in the faith she has put in Gabe and their relationship the truth comes calling and he turns his back on her Now Ellie has to face a new adventure without her mate I say any and I may spoil the whole damn book for the next readerI just finished Reclaiming His Discarded Mate only to turn around read it again the next day it’s crazy because really it’s not riveting or anything but the darn books just calls to me or something ugh Oh well the book really is a decent read it could use a once over to correct a few edits to smooth out the flow a little This review posting contains the body of the review which is only a portion of the original review which was originally posted here Siren Classic Erotic Paranormal Romance werewolves HEAAbused by her wolf shifter father because she was unable to shift Ellie Chambers moved away at the age of eighteen For seven years she lived as a human Now she finds herself thrown back into the shifter world when she meets her mateAs soon as Gabe Black meets Ellie his bachelorhood is doomed But she’s hiding something On the day of their mating Gabe discovers her secret leaving him feeling betrayed Her refusal to defend her secrecy pushes Gabe to tell her to pack her bags He soon realises he overreacted but it’s too late His mate has disappearedWhile dealing with her mate’s rejection Ellie transforms for the first time But she’s no ordinary wolf Trying to come to terms with her newfound responsibility as well as her heartbreak Ellie remains unaware that Gabe’s searching for her desperate to apologise When he finds her can she find it in herself to forgive himA Siren Erotic Romance GreatLove this book I hope you continue writing These is an amazing story and great characters Love your work Thanks I freakin' love this story Oh man I hope she continues with it and makes it a series Or a continuation for this story It would stink if this was the ONLY book If it was it should of been longer the 90 pages or soThe story is that Ellie was born a human in a wolf pack The Alpha her father despised her and thus shun her out of the pack Out of all the pack members her brother was the only one that took care of her Her was her everything She leaves the pack to live as a human Then Gabe her mate comes in This is where the typical mate meets mate and attraction happens But once Gabe finds out who her father is he rejects her Ellie of course is devastated and leaveI won't give then that because I want you to read to story and find out the unforeseen events Even the ones I didn't see coming This is a first book for me by this author I really enjoyed it It has a shifter read storyline that was interesting held my interest all the way thru Ellie is used to rejection having experienced it all her life but deep down wishes to be loved for who she is Gabe doesn't want a mate or isn't ready to settle down but that all changes when he meets his mate Can't wait for in this series Would definitely read Interesting world but dialogue and writing seemed a little unnatural at times Hopefully there is coming in this setting actually uite liked this would have loved it if given an epilogue ending was too abrupt and bad guy didn't get near enough payback

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