Insight and Interpretation eBook ☆ Insight and ePUB

Insight and Interpretation Insight and interpretation the crucial tools of psychoanalytic process are no longer treated with the respect they deserve In psychoanalytic literature the focus has shifted towards the effects of countertransference and its role in the relationship between patient and analyst By the same token the eually important uestion of the analyst's neutrality is regularly misunderstood and discreditedRoy Schafer explains in his typically lucid and even handed approach how these new shifts in contemporary psychoanalysis have often resulted in conceptual imbalance and erratic techniue His goal however is not to reject these recent contributions but rather to integrate them into a cohesive understanding of the psychoanalytic process He powerfully demonstrates how unconscious and archaic fantasies inform the patient’s narrative Factors such as invasion of the mind threat punishment seduction control envy withdrawal and evasion can find expression through the transference Interpretation of the transference in turn provides the patient with the insight of what it means to understand and be understood and why it so often threatening Therefore when these fantasies are played out in the countertransference they become a tool for furhter elucidation of these unconscious fantasies that underlie the anlaytic relationship

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