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Chased By The Pack Chased by the packGone from one alpha to the next what is she to do to keep herself safe getting away from Ben she ends up back at her hotel room ready to go somewhere safe but were is that Really not sure what I think of this one Let me read the next one and then maybe I can piece it together 25 stars Disclaimer This is the second installment in a serialized tale of paranormal erotic romance ShifterLycanAlpha This story is roughly 14000 words in length New installments in the story are forthcoming This book is not recommended for readers with an aversion to cliffhangers graphic depictions of sex or serialized fiction This e book contains explicit sexual content and is not recommended for readers under 18 years of age Reader discretion advised Separated from the Blackston pack Jenna ends up in the clutches of another alpha Ben of the Hillrunners But is he really the monster he's been made out to be Seemingly gentle and kind Ben treats Jenna with surprising warmth Following him through the woods she meets the Hillrunners at their den Before she can get to know them however their meeting is cut short by an ominous new threat There's lurking in the woods than just Lycans Humans too are venturing in with guns in the hopes of putting an end to the prophecy that may see the Blackston pack reunited And they won't hesitate to come after Jenna if it suits their goals Who can Jenna trust Thrust into a world of confusion she's wanted by both packs and hunted by her fellow humans Will she find someone in the conflict who she can trust unconditionally and when the time comes will they be able to protect her

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