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The Midwife’s Son And daddy makes threeMen are off the cards for midwife Jessica Baxter Juggling her career and her adorable little son Nicholas is as much as she can cope with right now Yet when hotshot international doctor Jackson Wilson sweeps her off her feet at a wedding Jess is unable to resist spending the night with the dishy doc Jess knows anything long term is out of the uestion Jackson's only in Golden Bay temporarily but when Nicholas starts getting attached Jess begins to dream of so much Doctors to DaddiesThe biggest role of their lives

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    The Midwife’s Son is the seuel to A Father for Her Baby It is by Sue MacKay and is in the Doctors to Daddies series It is a predictable love story but definitely has some twists to keep it fresh and enjoyable Jessica Baxter is a midwife and nurse in Golden Bay She grew up here and considered herself a wild child She hopes to make up for her adventures as a child and to raise her son Nicholas here Her parents are indifferent parents whose careers and travel come before Jessica She felt her parents gave her whatever she wanted just to keep her out of their hair After Nicholas’ father deserted her she feels totally alone and unlovable In spite of this she made friends with Sasha Wilson and others She meets Sasha’s brother Jackson when he comes home for Sasha’s wedding Contrary to her normal behavior she enters an affair with him that night What has she done and why does she want to continue? She must protect Nicholas at all costs Jackson Wilson is a prominent physician in emergency medicine He left Golden Bay as fast as he could upon graduation He intends to stay for four months in Golden Bay helping his parents and getting to know his niece Melanie He has no intention of staying but of returning to Hong Kong When he meets Jessica he thought she was definitely not his type but he is instantly attracted to her Can he just have a fling with her and get on with his life? What about Nicholas who has developed an attachment to him? Can he shut back down and get back to Hong Kong? Sue does an excellent job describing the location and of the flash floods that hit the town and the surrounding area

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    Miniseries Doctors to Daddies

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