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  • ebook
  • Her Wild Protector
  • Naomi Bellina
  • 13 January 2015
  • 9781460330814

5 thoughts on “Her Wild Protector

  1. All Things Urban Fantasy All Things Urban Fantasy says:

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy I picked up HER WILD PROTECTOR mainly due to the uniue take on shifters being able to change into multiple forms I liked learning the origin of the Metamorphs and the conflicts the face The plot was pretty interesting and moved at a steady pace with a lot of suspense and action scenes While I understand the constraints of a short story I just felt like there was something lacking and it seemed to end rather abruptly Perhaps this is a prelude to a much larger series?I understand and even like stories with a clumsy protagonist who gets pulled into a world of supernatural beings by complete accident Getting a bump on the head from a really really silly mistake making Tara suddenly see supernaturals seems a bit unbelievable I know this is coming from someone who reads books about vampires werewolves and fairies but it just was such a odd way to introduce a heroine to supernaturals that I kept thinking there has to be to her ability than just a head injury I might have been accepting of this were the rest of the book filled with silly events and sassy one liners but the HER WILD PROTECTOR reads pretty seriousOn the romance front I didn’t really believe the connection between Tara and Marshall They just seemed to be going through the motions with no really passion Yes there is a sex scene but it just felt obligatory since this is a romance there must be sex HER WILD PROTECTOR had a good premise and has potential to be an interesting series but this story left me unsatisfied

  2. Dotti Elrick Dotti Elrick says:

    I truly wanted to love this story It started out strong it was well written and the characters were fairly well developed for a short story It was a new take on a shifter romance Shifters with abilities that were new to me It just fell flat with the ending Tara is trying to get her life back together after a nasty divorce she's decided she wants nothing to do with men or relationships So when her amorous neighbors decide to get busy Tara just wants to shut out the noise She ends up trying to adjust the volume of her TV with a screwdriver Ending with a severe shock and a serious bump to her head When she wakes her senses are sharper and she is suddenly seeing things that make her uestion her sanity The only man Tara has seriously thought about getting to know better a man she catches a glimpse of across the bar turns out to be not exactly human and the only man who can keep her safe from rogue agents of a secret government agency Rogue agents who because of her new abilities and what she now sees want her deadI think this could have been a great story if it was taken from a short story to a full length novel There were just too many uestions left unanswered After the last page I was expecting there to be another chapter or at least a short epilogue It just felt unfinished

  3. Puna Puna says:

    The idea is good enough it was missing something The H was really naive about his org AND it just ends

  4. Chrissy Dyer Chrissy Dyer says:

    This was a thrill ride all the way threw Mystery paranormal shape shifters and sexual attraction gotta love it

  5. Josephine Josephine says:

    It is a uick read

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Her Wild Protector Since waking up on the floor of her apartment after an electrical shock Tara has feltdifferent Colors a little off Shadows where they shouldn't be But hot guys glowing blue light and a cheetah drinking a cup of coffee That's not something you see every day And why doesn't anyone else seem to noticeThe pillar of blue light is Marshall a Metamorph—a human who can change at will into an animal or energy form His human form is damn fine looking but that doesn't mean he isn't crazy with his stories about belonging to a secret government agency and rogue Metamorphs trying to kill her Plus he wears sunglasses indoors—who still does that But when there's a panther scratching at her door she has no choice but to trust Marshall even if it means her life will never be the same

About the Author: Naomi Bellina

Naomi Bellina lives in sunny Florida with the love of her life and the world's chattiest cat Her interests include dancing motorcycle riding drumming and eavesdropping on strangers’ conversations for plot ideas She used to worry about the battles between her cheery disposition and her dark imagination but now they’re best friends and drink coffee and write books togetherHer motto Never pass