Processes of Animal Memory MOBI Ò Processes of

Processes of Animal Memory Originally published in 1976 this volume contains new and original contributions of the time addressed to a related set of ideas concerning processes of memory in animals The theme is that animals remember and that theories of animal learning must take this into account as well as the coding processes that have been assumed to be specific to human beings The focus of the book is on processes and some progress is reported in differentiating types of memory The emphasis in applying animal work to studies of human memory is made not in terms of paradigms but in terms of processes implicated via performance in a variety of tasks Also many of the chapters reflect the usefulness of applying a memory framework to a variety of nonmemory paradigmsThis work will be essential reading for all those interested in animal as well as human memory and provided the most up to date and broadest examination of animal memory processes at the time from both a theoretical and conceptual framework

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