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An Amish Family Christmas Christmas stories that will warm your heart I love the mix of family and Christmas in both novellas These authors know how to weave plots full of strife and joy all wrapped up in the Amish genre I love so much Perry and Davids deliver riveting stories that bring healing and hope AN AMISH FAMILY CHRISTMAS Heart of Christmas by Marta Perry and A Plain Holiday by Patricia Davids is an AWESOME book Both stories are wonderful Both stories had very colorful and interesting characters that you are bound to fall in love with and want to see of them in future reads They are filled with family friends love passion humor and a little suspense or mystery And both are CaptivatingI felt so privileged to be reading two brilliant and sweet love stories in one book I am certainly a lover of happy endings so I was not one bit disappointed with either story as both ended super great I highly recommend this book to everyone loving a good Heartwarming story written by two lovely Christian ladiesAAFC would be great for one give as a gift to other readers Marta and Patricia have done an outstanding job on this porject and I appreciate them so much for sharing their exciting God given talent of writing with us An Amish Family Christmas is a collection of two heart warming Christmas tales by two well known authors Marta Perry and Patricia Davids Both are Christmas Romances and full of holiday spirit Heart of Christmas by Marta PerrySusannah Miller had spent the last twelve years of her life teaching Amish children in a one room school house Ten years ago she was engaged to be married to Toby Unger Two weeks before their wedding day Toby up and disappeared leaving only a note behind to end their relationship Now he's back in town a widower with two children Is Susannah really over him and can they just be friends? Can she forgive Toby for hurting her and calling off their wedding with just a note?A Plain Holiday by Patricia DavidsSally Yoder was spending her rumspringa in Cincinnati Ohio working for an English family as a nanny of two children She was also separating herself from a man back home in Hope Springs Ohio She had fallen in love with Ben Lapp but he didn't return her love Sally hoped to put distance between her and Ben in hopes of getting over him and getting on with her life Unfortunately Mr and Mrs Higgins decide to spend Christmas in Paris and want Sally to take the children to Home Springs to spend the holidays with their grandma who owned a ranch there To make matters worse she learns that Ben Lapp is now working at that ranch for the children's grandmother How will she be able to avoid Ben? This isn't what Sally wanted Will Ben think she is chasing after him?I enjoyed both novellas Both kept me interested and turning pages Both stories had unpredictable challenges come up and one of the stories had this reader on the edge of her seat a time or two Nice clean Amish romances by authors that I love All readers of Amish Fiction will enjoy this book Make it a part of your Christmas reading schedule I downloaded a Kindle ebook copy of this book from a few years ago I made a special point of reading it this year A review was not reuested All opinions expressed here are my own Two novellas’ by two different authors but blended by taking place in an Amish community and at the Christmas timeLoved how the emphasis in both was on the true meaning of the Savior’s birth and not presents In the first book we have an excellent caring teacher that seems to be being targeted by a new member of their community This man seems to want Susannah to leave her job; he feels she is to liberal and not adhering to their conservative beliefs Add to this an old love actually than just an old love she had been ready to marry him when he upped and left He has recently returned and don’t uite know how I would feel about him Can you imagine the hurt he caused her?The second story really made me feel that God was so in charge here all they had to do was follow Him and not their own will See how the doors open and when the truth came out I was chuckling She loves me no she doesn’t she is using you I recommend this sweet read and a good lesson on what our values should beI received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Love Inspired and was not reuired to give a positive review An Amish Family Christmas by Marta Perry Patricia Davids5 STARSThis book as two novellas about Christmas An Amish Family Christmas is a good reminder what Christmas is about Remembering our Saviors birth Being close to our families Thinking of others Both Patricia and Marta both got me to feel like Christmas mood this hot August day the way they describe the scenes with words They both are not afraid to mention scriptures prayers and leaving you feeling upliftedHeart of Christmas by Marta PerrySusannah Miller is a Amish school teacher Now close to Christmas Susannah has two new students Their father is a widower Toby Unger Ten years ago Susannah and Toby were to be married instead he ran off to another Amish community William 8 and Anna 6Susannah and Toby must work together for the children's sake William is acting out Anna is really shy since their mothers deathA Plain Holiday by Patricia Davids Sally Yoder is a Amish nanny who is living with a Englisher family She thinks she will leave the AmishWhen unexpected she is sent with the children back to Amish country with their grandma She loved Ben but new they would not be together so she left to take a job in the cityBen Lapp is working on a farm with race horses The owner had left the Amish faith Sally chased Ben for two years telling everyone she was going to marry him Now she is going to be on the same farmKimi Higgins is spoiled She does not want to spend a old fashion Christmas She would rather text her friends or be in Paris with her parentsRyder Higgins is a active child He loves the horse farmI enjoyed both stories and will read from both Marta Perry and Patricia Davids in the futureI was given this ebook by Net Galley and Harleuin In exchange agreed to give honest review of An Amish Family Christmas Also posted at TBR Mountain Range with other Amish and sweet romance book reviewsThose who enjoy Amish stories and sweet inspirational romance will take pleasure in this novella duology Authors Marta Perry and Patricia Davids' styles complement one anotherTwo authors combine Amish values and their holiday traditions in one enjoyable packageHEART OF CHRISTMAS by Marta PerrySusannah Miller has taught the children at an Amish school in central Pennsylvania for twelve years Tobias Toby Unger who had once been committed to a future with Susannah before leaving their community without explanation returns years later as a widower with two small children Susannah doesn't know why Toby ran off to another town before their wedding day having only heard rumors about his marriage to someone else a year later then the eventual birth of his children and finally the loss of his wifeCan Susannah and Toby work on the school's Christmas program together for the benefit of his children's emotional healing? Will this couples' past heal or will their concentrated time together cause problems for both of them?HEART OF CHRISTMAS by Marta Perry brings two people together who share a past their faith along with the possibility of a happy ever after Forgiveness is accentuated throughout this emotional story Fans of Marta Perry will recognize her style in this sweet story with circumstances that I didn't expect Although faith leads the characters in their choices they are not without faults that make them waver in their decisions as well as cause emotional upheaval I found the situation in this story unusual compared to other Amish stories I've read which accentuated Susannah's ability to forgive The children are adorable and Susannah's instincts are good with them Toby on the other hand is very lucky that Susannah has such a forgiving and generous heart This story makes you think about what you would do if you were either of the main charactersA PLAIN HOLIDAY by Patricia DavidsSally Yoder becomes a nanny for Kimi and Ryder Higgins a rebellious teen and an impressionable eight year old in Cincinnati Ohio during her rumspringa Feeling too bold for Amish life she's not sure she'll ever be baptized in the faith she was raised Even though she misses her family Amish life may never suit her outspoken ways Ben Lapp assumes he is rid of that pesky girl who followed him everywhere in Hope Springs Ohio when he moves away to work on an Englisch farm When the two Higgins children along with their nanny are sent on a Christmas vacation on the farm where Ben works he's not sure he'll survive being around Sally Yoder again but he's even surprised by her reaction to him and by how much she has changedA sleigh ride to get a Christmas tree and to visit their Amish great grandmother endangers all their lives in a blizzard and their hearts in the aftermath Will opposites attract when the stars and holiday cheer light their way?Patricia Davids is a new to me author and I found her storytelling compelling I became so caught up in this adventure and worried for her characters' welfare as well as doubted that Sally and Ben would ever come to terms for an agreeable future I was pleasantly surprised by their transformation in such a short novella That's not easy to accomplish and I became an immediate fan of Patricia DavidsThese two stories are well suited for a duology Both novellas are about couples who were raised in the Amish community and are reunited by circumstance We learn through these stories that being raised Amish doesn't mean that all decisions are clear cut especially for couples with a history hard to ignore and feelings unspoken then reawakened when brought together with the mutual goal of helping othersBoth novellas contain the realism of Amish life with a modern day edge that complicates these couples' commitment to their life choices while testing their faith in God as well as themselves For those looking for sweet romance both include a few kisses while focusing on a budding relationship The inspirational side is nicely sprinkled within teaching by example without taking over the story AN AMISH FAMILY CHRISTMAS is an ideal holiday treat heartrending with a lovely inspirational message that will renew your holiday spirit and faith in the reason for the seasonReviewed by Dorine courtesy of Romance Junkies ebook provided by NetGalley An Amish Family Christmas Heart of Christmas A Plain Holiday I enjoyed both stories in this book They are uite sweet and it will put you in the holiday spirit Can Susannah  forgive her former love Toby Unger? Toby has two little children who are new students for Susannah Susannah will need to help her new to students that needs some help with them being a little trouble but will it work? Will they find the love before Christmas? Toby two little children are having a little trouble adjusting to their new surrounding The handsome Amish man needs desperately needs some help with his two children Susannah had gotten a broken heart ten years ago when Toby left Can Susannah find the forgiven him? Will they find they are a true match for each other before Christmas? You can find out by reading the book called Heart of Christmas by Marta Perry Sally Yoder left her community during her teen years  Her heart is back at home and she believes that her young man named Ben Lapp will not love a bold woman like her There are some surprises in the book Sally and her charges are to spend time with their grandmother The children and Sally are going to experience what an Amish Christmas is Sally and Ben and the children are going on a sleigh ride to pick out a tree and visit the children Great Grandmother They get stranded in a snowstorm Will Sally and Ben find Love? Will the children learn that they can have fun with a plain holiday with no modern electronics? You can read about this story in the book called A Plain Holiday by Patricia Davids You could read both these stories in the book called An Amish Family Christmas by Martha Perry and Patricia Davids I greatly enjoyed this relaxing read Two novellas provide an inspirational look at the festive seasonHEART OF CHRISTMAS by Marta Perry The first story sees an Amish lady teaching school Still unmarried at thirty she's working at putting together a respectful non commercial celebration of Christmas Then the man who had an understanding with her but left to marry outside the community arrives at her Pennsylvania school He's now widowed with two kinner who need schooling The Amish preach forgiveness but there are limits Even at Christmas The second story was my preference A PLAIN HOLIDAY by Patricia DavidsA maid off in Cincinnatti on her rumspringa or running around time has got used to wearing Englisch clothes but works as a nanny for a wealthy family whose kids are materially minded She shepherds them for a seasonal visit to a grandmother in Ohio's farmland Here a young man who knows her but never looked twice now working as a stable hand spots her in leather jacket and jeans with her red hair loose and can't believe his eyes The two get stuck in deep snow with the children and spend time with an Amish family instead and they all come to appreciate what they have in life The two make a lovely read with great descriptive writing about the scenery baking and decorations enjoyed by the Plain people Anyone wanting an entry to reading Amish romances could start here or with Dark Crossings a three novella set of romantic suspense tales Celebrate the holidays in Amish Country Heart of Christmas by Marta Perry Amish teacher Susannah Miller suddenly has two new students the children of her former love Widowed father Toby Unger broke Susannah's heart ten years ago but now the handsome Amish man desperately needs help with his troubled little ones Can the joy of the season reunite two lonely hearts in time for Christmas A Plain Holiday by Patricia Davids Outspoken nanny Sally Yoder left her Amish community for her rumspringa Though her heart is back home the Amish man she loves Ben Lapp will never love a bold woman like her But when a snowstorm strands her her young charges and Ben on a remote farm at Christmastime they both might discover that love is the true holiday spirit I was not pleased with this book at all I have read many books by Marta Perry and Patricia Davids but this was just not good to me The first one I found to be uite boring and it didn't carry the Christmas feel other that the planning of the Christmas pageant It just centered around a frivolous notion for me The second one was a little to EnglishContemporary for me These are just my hang ups though someone else may feel like their diving into a cup of hot cocoa; but for me it was like diving into a cup of cold water This Christmas read just missed the warmth

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