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Dangerous Calling The Shadowminds #2 4sReview posted herehttpbookpassionforlifeblogspotcoDangerous Calling is the second book in the Shadowminds series about people who are gifted with telekinetic powers that help read peoples minds shift things with their minds and some also have extra abilities like healing finding people etc Cass is one of those who has an extra ability someone who can harness energy to make her gifts even powerful but the things she takes the energy from pay the price be it nature or people and the power is becoming a needan addictionWhen Cass is contacted by a woman and arranges a meeting she is unprepared for the impact this meeting will have on her life Diana is terrified when Cass first meets her she is obviously running from someone but the bizarre meeting ends with Diana bailing whilst muttering that she has put ‘both’ of them in danger by meeting Cass decides that she can’t just leave things like that she’s concerned the woman is at risk and enlists Shanes help to find her but what she uncovers will uncover things she thought didn’t exist In the effort to rescue Diana who also happens to be clairvoyant Cass needs and power to thwart the enemy who is constantly on their tail and finds herself pulling energy from wherever she can get it which does nothing for the growing need in her and her addiction and when Diana reveals her most shocking prophecy yet Cass has some choices to makeI really enjoyed this book it had an excellent progression in both characters and storyWhilst Cass seemed like she had her life together – she and Shane had moved in together and things are good – she starts to struggle with the pull of wanting to take energy This is a huge deal to Cass she is terrified of killing someone and is trying with everything she has to abstain from using energy that isn’t hers she is trying to hide it from Shane too creating a bit of tension between the pair I love these two together and it was a shame to see that Cass was trying to hide things from him obviously he is aware something is happening to her because he knows her and can read her and again I LOVE his devotion to her he literally would stand by her through anything and it is a major plus to his character for meThe storyline was great it really opened up their world as new people and supernaturals are introduced I liked the premise of the book and the beginning was fab it really got my interest from the start I loved what Diana brought to the story with her clairvoyance and also the threat she brought down upon everyone The enemy was very devious and they are all put in constant danger which keeps you on your toes for most of the book as they all try to keep one step ahead There are multiple threads of story throughout the book and another story is going on alongside Diana’s which was also good and brought something new as well as a new character I liked a lot of the things we find out in this but there are also some heartbreaking moments that bring you down to earth with a thud and make you realise just what is at risk and that nothing should be taken for granted So if you’re looking for an action packed story filled with life threatening situations supernatural powers and a nice dose of sexytime look no further – I’ll be looking out for book 3 I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewWow this series is really becoming one of my favorites The characters are witty gritty and awesome The story had me on the edge of my seat the entire time Oh and the shocking events It's really nice to be surprised in a book every now and thenCass and Shane are still the same great couple we saw at the end of the last book with Cass struggling to find a balance between using her powers and becoming an addict Of course she doesn't really share her fears with Shane Typical girl book problem that usually comes back to bite them Relationship drama aside this book centers around Diana a girl that calls Cass asking for help but runs away before she can give it This doesn't stop Cass from finding out where the girl lives and diving right in We get to see a lot of the bad guys emerge in this story including creatures we haven't seen before The writing style makes it easy to get completely absorbed and tear through a large portion of the book in one sitting The blend of action romance and mystery was absolutely perfectA lot of plot of the original book comes into play in this second installment so I'd highly recommend that you pick up the first book before starting this one The world of the Shadowminds is beautifully built and keeps getting better and better The romance isn't fluffy HEA type romance instead you get a couple who acts just about as real as you can get you know assuming having mental powers still counts as real You have to really work to get a happy ending in this world and I appreciate that Review originally appeared on Bibliophilia Please 35 starsLike Twisted Miracles the major positive of Dangerous Calling is the world of paranormals And this is set in Louisiana centering on New Orleans and even venturing into Baton Rouge this book We were introduced to shadowminds in Twisted Miracles and in Dangerous Calling we get a few paranormal creatures I really enjoyed Diana and Ian and wish that we would have learned about them especially about their personalities I feel like we got of a rough sketch of them rather than full charactersOne of the main reasons that I enjoyed Twisted Miracles was that it didn’t involve the normal paranormal beings vampires werewolves fairies etc Shadowminds were a little bit psychic and a little bit something else So I was than a little disappointed when a vampire popped up in Dangerous Calling And not just any vampire but the most clichéd vampire super strength and Freddie Kruger unstoppableI feel like the introduction of the new characters and paranormal creatures had the world building take of back burner I had a lot of uestions about the shadowminds at the end of Twisted Miracles and although a few of them were answered there were still a lot of unanswered uestions at the end of Dangerous Calling Although there does seem to be a larger story arc which could answer those uestions and I like where the story arc is going I also like that although there is a healer among the shadowminds the main characters are not invincible and can be seriously even fatally hurtThere were also a few plot points that annoyed me in the beginning but by the middle of Dangerous Calling the plot and pacing leveled out and I began to enjoy myself again Mostly I just thought that the author added in some plot elements that were unnecessary just to advance a certain storyline The really annoying moments only induced eye rolling and not putting the book downI'm already looking forward to the next book in the series I know I'm spoiled that both of the first two books released this year because I was surprised and sad to find out that there is no release date or information on the next book But while searching around for information on the author and series I realized that I need to check out books from Carina Press I didn't realize that Carina was one of Harleuin's digital first imprints Although I've only read Larrieu's books from the press I've liked what I've read so far To satisfy FTC guidelines I am disclosing that I received an advance copy of the book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 35 stars Originally posted at Vampire Book ClubA few months have passed since the end of Twisted Miracles and Cass has settled into life in New Orleans She’s living with Shane and helping out at Lionel’s B B while she searches for a job at one of the local engineering firms She’s embracing her gift for the first time in years and but for a few hiccups she’s pretty happyOne phone call changes all that A woman calling herself Diana asks to meet her in not uite the middle of nowhere in the dead of night Diana shows for all of five minutes and sets off a chain of events that changes the course of Cass’s futureOverall I enjoyed Dangerous Calling Cass and Shane’s relationship has settled into something warm and comfortable—and that’s not a bad thing Cass needed the stability and comfort he offers and I loved seeing her take advantage of it Shane keeps her steady and allows her to explore the depths of her gift He knows what she’s capable of and it doesn’t scare him In fact it makes him even determined to be with herAs a puller Cass can siphon energy from any object that has it human animal elemental or plant What Diana needs from her though forces her to pull and and the struggle to contain her craving grows harder and fiercer as the story unfolds Addiction’s never pretty and Cass’s desire for energy definitely has its ugly partsWith Diana we get to explore a different facet of the Shadowmind and it’s pretty damn cool There’s a new guardian for the city of Baton Rouge hiiiiii Ian and the way Larrieu hides the motivation for Diana’s reason for contacting Cass in the first place was a smart and well played moveI had a problem with Annette though She’s the woman Diana’s trying to get away from and she’s a manipulative selfish bitch That’s not the problem though It lies in what she is When Cass and Shane find out I groaned Literally Out loud It felt like a bit of a cop out even so because up until that point there’d been no hint there were other supernatural creatures in the Shadowmind world To me there’s plenty to explore just within the boundaries she’d created in Twisted Miracles without needing to add to it at least right awayThe ending ties things up a little too neatly but it’s kind of hard to begrudge Cass her happiness After everything she’s gone through even in just the last few months she deserves it Plus Ian Move over Shane I like my men with wings If you liked Twisted Miracles Dangerous Calling is absolutely worth the read and I’m looking forward to adventures with Cass And the world building went BOOMThe urban fantasy genre can get a little stale so when I discovered the first Shadowminds book I was eager to see if Larrieu could put something new into it If you're a fan of the psychic type stuff it's a great read and the first book really establishes the world or so I thought DANGEROUS CALLING was like biting into a doughnut expecting a cream center and finding jelly everything you think you know gets biggerIt's sexier sadder and action packed A couple of new characters come in and the scope of Cass and Shane's future shifts I feel like everything I type is going to be a spoiler to be honest because that much happens and the world building went from a fairly narrow place to being very very open to possibilitiesIf you've not yet read TWISTED MIRACLES you really should not start here but if you did and didn't uite love it I think you'll find the pacing of DC enjoyable Larrieu is definitely an author to watchNotes ARC received via NetGalley Review Courtesy All Things Urban FantasySecond books are always a little bit of a gamble and if it’s a second books in a trilogy double that So I started DANGEROUS CALLING with a little trepidation but hopes for the best I’m pleased to say that it than met my expectations In fact it exceeded themEverything I loved about Twisted Miracles was back and then some The characters I loved and even a few new ones that I really really loved Susannah is back in her full brash glory and there’s a new Guardian Ian who really takes the snarky piss off Guardian attitude to a whole new level There’s another new character that I don’t want to say too much about for spoiler reasons but I loved that she was allowed to be what she was rather than a prettified version of itThe plotline for DANGEROUS CALLING is a strong one and drew me in from the very first I was drawn in from the start by the action – and there is a lot of action not all of it pretty The heart of the story though is Cass’ fight against her newly discovered power I liked the way it was written like an addiction and I really felt her struggle against the pull and sometimes what she can do with it is just a little scary I also liked that it drew a parallel – that magic whatever form it takes comes with a price and that sometimes the price is worth payingI’m definitely on board for the third in the series and can’t wait to jump back into Cass and Shane’s world If you read TWISTED MIRACLES you know that Cass had a really hard time accepting her powers It was great to see her confident and ready to use them in DANGEROUS CALLING because she had to use them often Book 2 has tons of action lots of danger and answers surrounding the characters and storylineThe relationship between Cass and Shane is pretty strong throughout the book Some stuff does happen and I was really happy with the outcome It really showed how committed they are to each other and willing to stick behind each other for the long haul Really enjoyed the additional character that was introduced Will definitely read This book was provided free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 45 StarsI finished this a while ago and I plan on writing a full review soon Loved this one Darker than the first but there were major plot developments and a conflicted heroine who totally intrigues me in terms of where she goes from here A series to keep your eye on After years of denial Cass Weatherfield has finally accepted her telekinetic gifts Living with her boyfriend Shane has given her the confidence to be herself but the fear of losing control and harming those around her is always presentKnowing firsthand the hell of growing up without a mentor she agrees to meet and help Diana a young Shadowmind But when Cass shows up the terrified woman changes her mind and flees Cass and Shane track her across New Orleans and soon discover that Diana is being held against her will by an illicit organization that’s selling her rare clairvoyant skills to the highest bidder In charge is an ancient creature powerful than any they’ve ever encountered And apparently she wants Shane dead Cass and Shane work to free Diana But as Cass uses and power drawing it from her friends in the fight against evil she feels an addictive pull that challenges her control And in the end Cass may be the greatest threat to those she loves the mostBook two of The Shadowminds77000 words Miniseries The Shadowminds

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