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  • Dronish Walker Saga #6
  • Jaymin Eve
  • English
  • 15 March 2014

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Dronish Walker Saga #6I enjoyed this but it wasn't an 'I can't put this down' level of enjoyment The story is great still totally worthy of 4 stars but I just didn't find it as addictive as some of the other books in the series Having said that I'm liking the Josian storyline Brace as ever is very pleasing I'm loving Fury I think she's one of my favourites What I really love about this series though is that Abby is this kick ass independent woman but the point isn't laboured on Sometimes I find authors really go too far to prove that their female leads are feminist heroes to the expense of the story normal natural relationships where it's okay to like aplha male men feel warm fuzzies over a protective partner Abby is super strong fierce but she also shows vulnerability around Brace likes the way he acts in protection of her These traits can be compatible as proven in this series Thumbs up A young adult paranormal romance seriesAn epic journeyIf the Seventine are released will anyone surviveWith the convergence date looming closer Abigail’s in the final countdown to imprison the Seventine It is do or die time and she is determined that the Seventine will be the ones who die figuratively speaking Her current priorities gather the Dronish half Walker female and reform her melding bond with BraceDronish is a world alien than any other Abigail has ventured through which is really saying something But it’s also a dying land The inhabitants are running out of energy and there’s little hope for their survival Of course that makes it very hard to convince Sapha – the half Walker – that she should help save the star system If her world is doomed already she doesn’t care much about the restOkay task one is going to be tougher than Abigail anticipated but at least reforming the bond should be easy right Of course that was before she met with the lalunas Now she knows that both items on her to do list have jumped right into the realm of impossible OMG I LOVE ITlove love love love #fangirl modeOkaytake a deep breath I am sory if I sound a little crazy here I just love it so much I spend two days to read 6 series of walker saga and all of them are amazing If I can give you Five million star I'll give it to you right nowI'll definitly add you to my favorite author and watching your release book closely Oh no I sound so creepy right nowxD Oh myI justI just cant put it into words This series is writing so beatifully I cry I laugh and I grin like crazy when I read it This series just sooo yummyI hope the final book will be release this year Cant wait^^ What the eff What an ending It made me literally start the next and last one right away Happy that some things went back to normal and lots of love is going down but I'm really tense about the Seventine It's really getting down to it now I just don't know what to think about the new half walker but I do love Lucy and and Fury has grown on me so much I think it'll be a happy ending series as it just seems like that type of series but you never know Anyhu LET'S FINISH THIS D and bring it on last half Walker DNF for the second timeThere is nothing particularly offensive about this book And I love the first five books in this series Jaymin Eve has a wonderful imagination and always creates the best friendships BUT it seems every time I try to read this book I find a million other things to do I can't get into the story line of this book especially when my life is so busy I barely have time to concentrate on reading to begin withThat being said I will attempt to finish this book in the future Maybe third time's a charm? My reaction to the last sentence of this book? Oh shit As real as everything already was it's about to get even real The stakes just keep getting higher and higher is there an end in sight? I don't know I'm starting to get acrophobicview spoilerAs I'd predicted on my last review Brace and everyone else got his memories back of his relationship with Abby And it happened uite in the beginning of the book which 3 #YAAAS I'm sure I've said it before but I'll say it again; I just love how the male characters are all super alpha and protective of their lady loves but at the same time the female characters are just as fierce and protective of their loved ones It makes for really interesting and rewarding relationship dynamics I wish all book couples were like the ones on Jaymin Eve's books I'm so sick and tired of whimpering useless female MCS and standofish asshole male MCs In these books there's so much love going around And not just romantic love There's lots of friendship love and family love Another really great thing that happened is that Abby and Brace reformed their bond Yay Now they're back to being a sappy hearts floating around their heads when they're next to each other couple and back to kinda inhabiting each other's minds He loves her so damn much it kinda depresses me that I don't have a love like that of my own There was this one dialogue where she said to him something along the lines of 'our love doesn't trump millions of lives' and he was like 'nothing trumps our love Nothing' and OMG my heart just melted like instantaneously I'm so freaking in love with them as a couple #unreachblerelationshipgoalsOk so mini recap of everything that happened After the obligatory chapter introducing the new half walker the book started where the previous one had left off with everyone at the beach house celebrating Lucy and Colton's wedding which once again awww Almost right away Josian appeared and took Abby and Brace to talk to the lalunas crazy evil effers that they are Tenni the 'ueen' totally admitted to them being the ones masterminding and orchestrating the release of the Seventine and in turn the end of the world like it wasn't even a big deal Abby made a deal with the lalunas that if they gave everyone their memories back of her relationship with Brace she wouldn't bond meld? I'm confused at this point what each of those words entail with him again until after the Convergence I think that was the word The catch was that if she did reform their bond then the lalunas would forever trap Josian in the stone world After that they went back to First World where everyone Walkers fairies pixies Lucas's subjects etc was setting up camp to prepare for the war And yeah I forgot before but the fairies were there cause Lucy's dad the fairy prince had showed up for her wedding Whilst there Josian admitted to everyone about being controlled by the lalunas and aiding them in releasing the Seventing and stepped down from his role as princeps of the Doreen clan Almost right away the 5 half Walker girls departed to Dronish to get the next girl Sapha Everything happend way faster than in any of the other books Like it took them maybe one chapter the last half of one and the first half of the next one to get to Dronish find Sapha and get back to First Wolrd Then came some training conversations and bonding blah blah blahNext big thing that happened was Abby going to Crais with Fury to investigate some weird activity that had been going on They found out that the Seventine were planning to cut one of the sun's tethers to free enough energy to free the last three Seventine that were still trapped in the mountain prison They actually managed to sever the tether but Abby absorbed all the energy into herself She linked herself to the other six girls but it was still too much for them to contain She called Brace to help them and the only way for them not to die was to reform her bond to him so that they were connected again and that way he could also help contain the freed energy from the Crais sun which also meant that the lalunas kidnapped and trapped Josian They figured out that the best place to deposit the energy was in Dronish were the planet and its inhabitants were about to go extinct due to lack of energy All seven of them almost died but in the end everything worked outThen came the part were back in FW Abby made a deal with the first Seventine that she would help them get the fifth out if in turn they helped her trap all the lalunas inside the mountain prison Of course he screwed her over and got the fifth and sixth Seventine out of the prisonOf course after trapping the lalunas the first order of business was to try and find Josian But no one could find himBrace decided to take Abby back to Abernath for a little bit of rest before she had to go to Earth to find the last half Walker And while there and from Brace's POV they found with the help of Brace's mom who btw hates Abby ue's secret room of horrors where inside an energy dome both him and Josian were floating inside some kind of tanksexcept it looked like ue had been meddling with something and now he was growing extremities that weren't 100% Walker hide spoiler Still Loving the Girls but Not Adoring the Bad Science in this SciFi Series The Overall FeelsSet in a dystopian scifi future with an urban fantasy twist the Walker Saga is a fantastic mix of genres that is a whopping load of fun and Dronish is no exception I love the vibrant aliens Jaymin Eve creates as well as the complex and very different worlds she forms to house them I think the Drones are my favorite people so far I am still having fun with the series but it has gotten a little loosey goosey as the books go on things going back and forth details getting lost stuff getting fixed way too fast or in an unbelievable way etc I am still a steady 35 for these books thoughThe Uppers1 It's fast paced fun and keeps you desperate for I've read up to this book in less than four days Expect to spend a good amount of time on the edge of your seat while reading these babies as they're those kind of books Everything that can go wrong absolutely does and that's what keeps things fun2 The Drones are a creepy people and I love them I am glad Jaymin Eve has added a half Walker with a less human feel to her personality The Walkers themselves feel like arrogant humans and most of the other half Walkers have a very could be from a weird Earth vibe especially when they start using Earth slang thanks to Lucy Sapha however is 100% alienThe Downers1 The uh ohs are fixed a little too fast and the good guys are a little too wonderful Also the bad characters are too evil and weirdly ugly too I don't believe that being the bad guy means you'll be physically hideous which these bad guys all seem to be Even when there is some betrayal from a good guy it's never that person's fault it is always the magickcoercive bad guys that did it It's a very black and white world and I prefer some grey in my books2 Jaymin is one of my favorite authors she builds fantastic worlds but sometimes she has a bit of difficulty expressing the details of these worlds on paper without leaving me slightly lost Overall though Dronish is clear enough to get by I just wish the worlds were described in concise understandable ways I also wish that time was spent on the alien worlds Most of the series is spent on First World which is the most boring world out there heck Earth is interesting than this we're such a perfect society planet3 Brace has gotten so endlessly sappy that I kind of want to slam my head against the wall The boy apparently wants to be a poet when he grows up note the sarcasm there because the stuff he says sounds like it comes out of a Shakespearian comedy you know the parts where Shakespeare is making fun of sappy love sonnets It's a constant Oh you are my end all be all wondrous joy of my soul gonna be my whole world lover of my life best girl forever worship your every move and bow down to your glorious beauty Uh okay man Calm yourself a little? It would be fine if it was every now and then but it's CONSTANT especially because they can hear each other's thoughts They also have a magical mate bond which I don't like I prefer people to find each other on their own not because they were destined by magic3 Although I started off as a HUGE Abby fan by this book I was starting to get tired of the Mary Sue ness of her personality It makes me want to sing If you're perfect and you don't know it clap your hands If you're perfect and you don't know it clap your hands If you're perfect and you don't know even though everybody tells you that you show it if you're perfect and you don't know it clap your hands She is the essence of all things gorgeous and wonderful and powerful and is completely clueless about this And not in a realistic has low self esteem way because she doesn't have low self esteem She simply doesn't know she's gorgeous and doesn't mind that at all but is constantly being told by everyone how gorgeous she is 4 I wish the author gave all of the characters a few personality flaws Brace and Abby are Uber Perfect Awesome and the few flaws that people do have generally turn out to be oh so adorable and instantly forgivable which is simply not realistic Heck no matter what stupid thing Abby does Brace instantly forgives her and worships her every move like the perfect boyo he is Fury can be a total brat but they're Sisters Forever Yo so all is good Abby has endless love for everyone apparently and is the most patient person in existence Ugh Real people have flaws and real couples fight now and then I like that reflected in the books I read5 As a total nerd the blatantly incorrect bits of science REALLY irked me There is a glowing moon on the planet Dronish but no sun Yeah that's not how it works y'all After spending about half an hour trying to come up with plausible reasons that they were seeing a moon without any light source for it to reflect I just started repeating to myself over and over again It's also in the fantasy genre it's also in the fantasy genre there is magick everywhere and was able to get by I also had to do that when they magically took a sun away from a planet with two suns and its gravitytrajectoryspinetc wasn't seriously affected by the sudden disappearance of said star You remove any star close enough to be considered a sun and it's definitely going to have MAJOR effects on every single mass within millions and millions of miles seriously changing pretty much everything about them and making them unlivable for whatever had evolved there I'd say being bothered by that stuff is a fault of my personality than the writing of the book though I'm just obsessive about things like that But if you're like me be forewarnedConclusionOverall despite my critiues this is truly a fun series that's perfect for someone who likes easy reads interesting worlds innocent romances and happily ever afters It may not be the most believable bit of scifi or have incredibly deep characters actually the characters have next to no depth at all but it is VERY original with its crazy mix of genres and SO MUCH FUN to read I will definitely be adding this to my worth a reread shelf and there's no greater compliment than that Okay just when I thought it couldn't possibly get better it does This one has a whole lot going on and some really great twists that i never saw coming A must must read Abby and the girls bring sass and excitement there is love and friendship really i don't want to spoil anything so you have to read it You will not be dissappointed Cannot wait for the final book I enjoyed the book and can't wait for the final book in the series I love how the main characters are being developed Wish we could spend time on the others But it does leave room for some Novellas right? This one was good because things are now better than in the last book and the drama is definitely picking not that there wasn't drama in the last book but it gets even betterThere are even heart breaking twists and turns and betrayals and lies andugh just read itLoved it

About the Author: Jaymin Eve

Jaymin Eve is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal romance urban fantasy and sci fi novels filled with epic love stories great adventures and plenty of laughs She lives in Australia with her husband two beautiful daughters and a couple of crazy pets To date she has sold close to two million ebooks and still can't believe that she gets to create fantasy w