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His Road Home To avoid an Afghan warlord’s matchmaking Staff Sergeant Rey Cruz invents a fiancée he’ll never meet—until he’s flat on his back in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and marine biologist Grace Kim shows up with one uestion why did you lieCruz can’t explain his fabrication to her the news media their families or their hometown because his traumatic brain injury has manifested as aphasia leaving him with few words to navigate his new worldGrace offers friendship a big step for a woman who prefers Orcinus orca to most company Texting throughout his recovery they connect in ways neither anticipates She agrees to help drive his classic muscle car home across country at Thanksgiving His hands on method of teaching her to operate a manual transmission is the beginning of his challenges to her comfort zone She responds by introducing him to the steamy world of South Dakota ice fishing shacks and they both learn to look beyond labels into each other’s hearts

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  1. Alp Alp says:

    HEARTBREAKINGLY BEAUTIFULThis was a very very beautiful short story that went straight to my heart Reading this book was like taking a journey of love and hope alongside Rey and Grace I don’t know why it took me so long to pick up this one but I’m certainly glad I did The story was so emotional so much so that it made me go all mushy and teary eyedHis Road Home is a story of Reynaldo Cruz a former Special Forces soldier and Grace Kim a marine biologistWhile Rey served in Afghanistan an Afghan warlord offered him one of his daughters because Rey is the only one in his team who wasn’t married He needed to get out of this situation so he gave the warlord his fake fiancée’s photo thinking nobody would see it But later when he lost his legs and his ability to speak and write in an explosion while trying to rescue a local boy this picture appeared all over the internetGrace was so shocked to discover that she'd already had a fiancé she’d never known existed She didn’t know this man and she wanted to know why he lied When her boss gave her a week off and offered her a plane ticket to visit Rey she could do nothing but go to DC to find out the truth And this was where they met each other in person for the first timeThis is the most interesting plot I’ve ever read this year It had me hooked from the very start and I could hardly put it down The way they communicated was so lovely that I couldn’t help but root for Rey to win Grace’s heart It was so sweet seeing them exchange text messages every day and all of those messages started with ‘Hi’ and ‘Hi back’ For the fact that I’m a sentimental type of person of course I cried over this little thing There were many heartbreaking moments that made me feel overwhelmed and moved me to tears But when these two were together I felt so happy and couldn’t stop myself from smiling and laughing with themI loved both Rey and Grace they are so adorable Rey is an optimistic person who never gives up on his life no matter what he’s been through He realized that he loves Grace and with his current condition he knows he has to try harder to be the best man for her Grace is so caring and she’s honest to her heart I loved that she never treats him like he is different but always sees him as a MAN “Shrapnel”“What?” She knew shrapnel meant the metal debris from a bomb but didn’t understand what that to do with a ring“Lost legs” He cradled her face in his hands “Found you” All in all this was my enjoyable read It was sweet beautiful fast paced and inspirational This story hit all my buttons and touched every corner of my heart I couldn’t praise this book Loved it

  2. Jill Jill says:

    When a grateful Afghan tribal leader offers Staff Sergeant Reynaldo Cruz one of his daughters as a wife Rey knows that to turn down the offer would be an insult and place him and his men in a vulnerable position He invents a fake fiancée A photo of Grace Kim one of his older sister's school friends seems a good choice The ruse will soon be forgotten; his hometown and particularly Grace are never going to hear about itBut when Rey steps on a land mine he instantly becomes newsworthy Rey is rushed to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland and Grace is given emergency leave to be with her 'fiancé'This is a novella Colour me surprised I should have got a clue when I read it so uickly But this is a pretty meaty well developed read Dealing not only with his physical injuries but a traumatic brain injury that limits his speech Rey and Grace find a way to communicate through texting when they're apart for months during his recuperation If you read enough romances you realise that apparently nobody becomes friends with their partners any It's all about that sizzling sexual attraction with electric currents between their eyeballs and orgasmslots and lots of orgasms Well there are a few here as well but their friendship along with their sexual attraction and budding romance is allowed time to develop before we ever get to that stage I guess because of the limited word count there are a few plot points that were skipped over We never see the explosion in real time only in flashbacks And I would have loved to see Rey dealing with the emotional impact of his changed body Despite the nightmares he does seems to accept fairly easily and readily view spoilerthe loss of his legs hide spoiler

  3. Karla Karla says:

    45 Stars This is now one of my treasured reads His Road Home might have been Rey's story but it was also very much Grace's journey While I loved Rey his optimism and outlook on life it was Grace who stole the show she truly was Amazing GraceI adored Rey simply adored him and I'm not trying to minimize the tragic way his life changed or the role he played in this book but Grace was the star here in my opinion She goes on my favorite heroine list Grace never treated Rey as anything less than a whole man Nothing phased her other than when he fell apart but who wouldn't be moved by that She embraced everything about him Rey in turn showed her he could over come the odds and still had the stuff heroes are made of and proved it when someone's life was threatened I can't stop thinking about the two of them I could have read about these two all day I like the fact that they fell in like with each other first before they fell in love The relationship that they built forged a love for a lifetime This novella was unbelievably well crafted and offered a rich story that had a little bit of everything; humor steam sorrow romance and uite a few amusing moments for a book that covered a serious heart wrenching subject Oh how I wish that the author will bring us back in the lives of these two wonderful characters Vignettes please

  4. Marjorie Ingall Marjorie Ingall says:

    Anna Richland has balls of steel Ovaries of steel Either Both Because holy crap does this book take chances It's a love story between a Latino soldier who's had his legs blown off below the knee in Afghanistan and has a traumatic brain injury so he can barely speak and a Korean American ichthyologist with a doctorate who has never met him but due to THINGS has to pretend to be his fiancee Risks Author is I think white Barely verbal narrator Characters have to get to know each other while one is bedridden and stammering out syllables Gotta be in awe of the writer's ambition hereRichland sent me a review copy because I mentioned on Goodreads and on the delightful Smart Bitches Trashy Books that I loved her earlier novel First to Burn which I hope kicks off a massive trend of immortal Viking Beowulf referencing New Jersey Mafia military romance epics What I'm saying is it was NUTBALLS DELIGHTFULLY nutballs This novella is much grimmer set in the real world without an iota of paranormal Richland's got range And this book accomplishes SO MUCH with a tight word count without feeling rushed Greatest achievement Our hero Cruz is funny and vivid without being able to use his words For a book so full of loss deception and pain there is a LOT of humor And Cruz's growth as a person isn't the cliched THRU NOBLE SUFFERING I HAVE LEARNED THE TRUE MEANING OF LIFE AND LOVE; it feels like a natural journey in which you still see the cocky semi dick he was before As with First To Burn you can tell that Richland has a military background the scenes at Walter Reed are full of legit feeling detail I also appreciated her nods to the fetishization of wounded heroes I'm not surprised that injured veterans have groupies Which btw points to a problem I have with most books about SEALs and cowboys and firemen and cops who were nearly killed on the job they rely on the reader's romanticizing of the JOB to do much of the work of CHARACTERIZATIONAlso Both of Richland's books deal with explicit consent LOVE THISI'm rarely interested in contemporary romance TRANSPORT ME gimme paranormalfantasyhistorical but preferably not Regency zzz The fact that I was up until 2 am reading His Road Home is testament to Richland's skill I did have some uibbles Our heroine Grace isn't as dimensional a character as Cruz IMHO in First to Burn the hero was too perfect and in His Road Home the heroine is Cruz's adjustment to his changed circumstances was pretty uick Walter Reed Medical Center comes off as awesome and even in a romance I'd have liked some acknowledgment of how the place is troubled and how our government is so often failing our veterans The portrait of the military and military families was a smidge idealized for me And I had a couple of tiny wincing ay caramba cultural moments But hey overall wow I felt like Richland set up an obstacle course of all the ways a book a NOVELLA even THE DREAD NOVELLA could possibly be wince inducing and icky and she made it thru like a ninja warrior Hello new name on my very very short list of auto buys

  5. -ya -ya says:

    Life didn’t make bargains It just dealt handsGrace Kim is a marine biologistRey Cruz was a medic in special force About his injuryRey They bother you? Grace No Although sometimes what they stand for does It challenges me to pay attention to think about politics duty America A lot to considerThis novella has some flaws in the plotline because of its shorter length but it is well written and heartwarming My first book by Ms Richland and I really liked it#The author donates a portion of her book proceeds to two charities the Fisher House foundation and Doctors Without Borders Sergeant Bryan Anderson’s memoir was instrumental to her research

  6. Laura (Kyahgirl) Laura (Kyahgirl) says:

    55; 5 stars; AFor someone who loves romance this book hit the spot on all levels I loved the characters Grace and Rey and the story of their developing friendship and eventual romantic relationship The backdrop is grim There is no way around the fact that soldiers returning from war bearing physical mental and emotional injuries have to basically re invent their lives However in this short sweet novella that backdrop allowed the solid gold calibre of the characters to really shine

  7. Kari Kaz Kari Kaz says:

    His Road Home is the story of a soldier Rey who invents a fiancée to get out of marrying the daughter of a local warlord in the Middle East He chooses to present a photo of Grace a girl he barely knew from his hometown but who seems to fit the bill When he’s severely injured and brought back to the US Grace who is clueless about the deception is contacted and encouraged to visit her fiancé She grabs a plane and flies to a military hospital in Maryland where she meets Rey and demands some answersThis is where the story evolves into something truly special Rey’s wounds are severe view spoilerhe’s lost both of he’s legs and has a brain injury that affects his speech hide spoiler

  8. Anna Richland Anna Richland says:

    HIS ROAD HOME is a National Finalist Romance Writers of America announced the nominees for the Rita Award for best novella of 2014 and guess who's going to New York City for the ceremony? Sergeant Rey Cruz and Grace Kim I'm thrilled that HIS ROAD HOME has been selected with nine other great authors to be a finalist You can see the whole announcement here RITA Award Announcements Thank you for supporting this storyPrevious Review I'm the author so I won't rate my own book but I want to share part of the Publishers Weekly review of HIS ROAD HOME for readers who might not see it FROM PUBLISHERS WEEKLY 8252014 Starred Review Richland First to Burn packs a novel’s worth of plot and characterization into this tantalizing novella It is a raw emotional story of two embattled people slowly building a life together Painful self examination is rewarded with a deeper understanding of what it means to love and be loved in return The story’s only flaw is that it ends far too soon leaving readers desperate for of Richland’s powerful descriptions and deep characterizationI couldn't be excited that reviewers are connecting with Cruz and Grace as deeply as I did

  9. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    Nice book On the whole I enjoyed it The biggest thing holding it back from stars was that it felt rather distant a bit tell than show The theme was interesting and I enjoyed both main characters The story also could have benefited from description

  10. Hallie Hallie says:

    2 friends read and liked this but honestly I think I saw a soldier in Walter Reed Militar Center and somehow translated this in my head to MICHAEL and REBECCA I was wrong A for diversity Not only are both characters of colour there's also a very clear depiction of the ways in which undocumented workers are exploited and abused which can carry on for a lifetime Rey's mother raised the kids by herself after her husband was killed in a workplace accident for which they got no compensation or insurance she has to travel across country by bus when Rey is brought to Walter Reed because she can't fly her health isn't good and she's looking at sleeping in the hospital because she can't afford anywhere to stay in DC A for disabled romantic lead Once they get over the deception that led to the fake engagement being announced the way they handled his rehab after losing both legs was just lovely And lots of marks too for Ray's pragmatic approach to the choice between wearing his top of the line prostheses or using a wheelchair It was a little detail that gave depth than you'd expectC for gender essentialism that I just didn't like Grace often compares the massively ripped Rey to the kinds of guys she's known and been with in the past once saying 'the guys who were interested in women with her degrees and slow timetable weren't generally men with vast seduction skills' REALLY?? He's also different from them because even after coming he's still big enough to 'please her the way a man should take care of a woman' She thinks about his height which she hadn't noticed before but they fit 'the way a man and woman should' And on and on in like mannerAs usual I found the sex scenes so overblown ouch not intentional I was mostly just impatient to get back to the story I know it makes very little sense for me to read steamy romance ever All in all a lot of strengths but I should probably just have reread The Road Home for the undiluted emotional score Oh but Michael SO deserves excellent prosthetic legs for walking running skiing

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