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Tempted by Her Boss Love can be infectiousOne second Dr Grace Barclay is sitting at her desk the next she's naked in the decontamination showers with notorious doc and total sex god Donovan Reid The chemistry between them is sizzling so when Grace is assigned to Donovan's team it's all she can do to remain cool calm and professional with her new boss But with her career at stake Grace must impress for the right reasons And surrendering to the temptation of Donovan would be oh so wrongwouldn't it

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  1. Griffinyarn Griffinyarn says:

    This was a bit weird It was a typical beautiful curvaceous heroine with slight self esteem issues falls for hot successful hero who has his own issues story with a no relationships within the workplace motto as the conflict Except that it was set amidst a slightly happier version of Warner Bros ContagionOkay yeah I can get that Nothing like being confronted with mortality to stir up some lust love I meant loveBut although we skip straight to the happily ever after in an epilogue the whole epidemic plot is left disturbingly unresolved view spoilerand the lives of 34 at the last official count kindergarteners and however many adults are left hanging in the balance hide spoiler

  2. Asteropê Asteropê says:

    I decided to read this thinking it'd be an interesting read Given all the Ebola coverage on the news and seeing as Marburg virus is in the same family I was curious how things would play out I liked the idea but something was off with the execution I've only read a handful of HN Medical books so perhaps I'm just not used to the tone of this line? I enjoyed the previous books surrounding the DPA better than this one The biggest problem I had was I felt a disconnect between the characters and a lack of depth and follow though with the plot This left me feeling a bit unsatisfied like I caught the middle of a movie but not the rest After finishing the book I started to wonder if it would have been a better interesting read if they were locked in uarantine not out and about Just some random comments 1 Who takes kindergartners on a tour of a bat cave? Who would thinking that's safe and acceptable? Bats though essential to the ecosystem are known carriers of all kinds of diseases not including rabies Why would that be an acceptable field trip? 2 The plot line dealing with the sick kids was left unresolved What happened to them? Was the outbreak contained? Did anyone else die? These things would have been nice to know Even a small blip in an epilogue 3 Grace and Donovan only knew each other for 5 7 days where they were on speaking terms etc and yet they already loved each other? Yeah That's insta love The spent most of their time busy treating patients so really the time they were really interactive probably only amounted to about 2 3 days tops So when to came to the I love yous it just seemed too soon and off to me 4 Donovan getting sick Just seemed like a plot excuse to get away from the Marburg outbreak and so they could declare I love you It just seemed unnecessary 5 I didn't like Donovan's response to Grace's explanation of her scar and what happened to her The first thing he says is What were you doing in the dark parking lot at night Grace? And why didn't you just give them your bag? It was only a bagThis bothered me because it sounded a lot like victim blaming She went on to explain she was in the parking lot because she worked overtime and by the time she left the lights were out And that she did give the bag but the mugger stabbed her anyway So there you go Donovan 6 So this is a bit petty perhaps? and it's not factoring into my rating but I just thought I'd mention it I get the author is using UK spelling and formatting but it seems off a times Especially because the book is set in America with American characters Wouldn't they be using US English not UK English? When they use terms like canteen instead of cafeteria it's just off to me A canteen to me is not a cafeteria to me it's a container that holds water I can overlook the UK spellings of other words like diarrhoea instead of diarrhea because they sound the same but slang terms like canteen? A simple Google search could provide the writer with the comparative US English terms Just like I'd hope an American author would make an effort to do the same if writing a British character set in the UK

  3. Desere Desere says:

    Love can be infectious so much so that some people crave the feeling of love so badly they go looking for it once they've lost it all in an attempt to have that super high feeling againIn the new read from to die for fabulous medical romance author Scarlet Wilson we meet Dr Grace Barclay one second she's sitting at her desk and the next she's naked in the decontamination showers with the one and the only notorious sex god Donovan Reid Not anyone's typical day at the office huh?The chemistry between them is hotter than the Sahara desert so when Grace is assigned to Donavan's team she has to know her stuff in order to remain cool and calm and of course not want to strip Donavan naked right there in front of the rest of the team the man is her boss for goodness sake so a dismissal will for darn sure be in the cardsIt does also however give her the chance to show off her knowledge and impress for the right reasons but resisting Donavan is so hard so very hard It's her career or the playboy she's fallen in love with that comes with a feeling of such intense proportions nothing else can compare but which to chose?I am totally addicted to this author's books Not once have a I picked up a book by her and felt disappointed or let down She creates these intense perfect characters with so many amazing levels of emotion it blows my mind time and time againThis time she did it again but the difference for me was that she did it even better than ever before The character of Donavan was so intense and so hot the man sent my heart fluttering and for the first time in a Scarlet Wilson book I wanted to very badly and with all my heart be the heroineI loved this man to bits He had so many wonderful levels of consideration it melted my heart The character of Grace was eually wonderfully written I loved her spunk when it came to wanting so badly to prove she could do her job and do it wellI am taking away a special message from this book everyone has someone they want to protect Their reasons might not always be known to us but the reasons are there But it does not mean we can give up in wanting to know the reasons So if you find yourself craving the forbidden take a risk get down and dirty if you have to but make sure you learn those secrets because you never know what lies on the other side it could just be the happiest part of your life And never let your career stand in the way of your happiness meeting the right person only happens once and as careers go there are plenty out there and hey everyone has than one talentI recommend this fabulous simply too good to be missed read for all fans of the Harleuin Medical Romance line written by one of the most talented authors out there55 star review Love level Infectious Career disaster level lethal

  4. Pam Pam says:

    Tempted By Her Boss is a medical romance by Scarlet Wilson It is well written and believable It takes place mostly in FloridaDr Grace Barclay is a doctor in the Emerging Disease division of the Disease Prevention Agency She is mostly a researcher although she does have her license to practice medicine However she really wants to go out in the field In particular she wants to work on Donovan Reid’s team which is looking for a replacement for a pregnant team member She had an incident in her past which makes having relationships with men difficult Her rotation takes her to the phones and mail desk Here she answers the phone and answers uestions or sends them to the proper agency While there are no calls she tends to the mail She opens a package and a white substance flies out and gets over everything She is dazed as Donovan Reid takes charge Dr Donovan Reid is the head of a field team of the DPA He is great at his job and great to look at When Grace opens the package and white powder goes everywhere he leaps into action He hustles Grace into an emergency shower Here he finds himself wildly attracted to her He had noticed Grace before this and was considering offering her a place on his team When the results come back that the powder is harmless His team is called out on an emergency Grace is included He has to put his attraction on hold Totally out of left field Donovan asked her if she knew anything about Marburg virus It is the answer that she gives that makes him take her as a member of his team They must find out where the virus started and treat everyone affected The latter is not easy as the virus does not have a definite treatment Can they find the source before too many are affected? How is it transmitted? How can they treat the victims with the greatest survival rate? How can they treat the attraction to each other?

  5. Jessica Figueroa Jessica Figueroa says:

    Normally I don't read books with the whole medical type of background I'm of a NA Paranormal reader After reading this book I'll be sure to look into books like this because I really enjoyed it I loved the connection between Donovan and Grace and loved that I got both of their point of view This book can be summed up to being short sweet and enjoyable I really enjoyed this book and think you readers will enjoy it as much as I did

  6. CoffeeTimeRomance andMore CoffeeTimeRomance andMore says:

    This is a story with a lot of science and suspense The relationship between the main characters promises a lot of fireworks However readers might be a little disappointed when the actual climax of the story cannot hold a candle to the intensity of Donovan and Grace’s first climactic shower sceneKaitlinReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreOfficial Review Coffee Time Romance More

  7. Florry Florry says:

    Sweet easy reading medical romance I like Grace and Donovan Their story is simple entertaining Here is a uotes I like and would love to share “Plan for the worst hope for the best”

  8. Lillian Nkatha Lillian Nkatha says:

    im unable to open this book

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