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Kiss Number 8 I should have known from the very beginning that this would be a VERY dramatic book not a romantic comedy like I expected Rom com really? That could not be farther from reality After all the cover itself is overly dramatic Mads’s friend is whispering who knows what in her ear while she is blushing and holding a CROSS But I had to give it a chance because it’s a GRAPHIC NOVEL and it has LGBTIA themes That’s a combination that should have worked—after all BLOOM by Kevin Panetta was absolutely lovely But this was not lovely Actually I dare say it was kind of a mess and not a pretty one at allThe author focused on too many things at once There’s Mads’s sexuality and crush on her best friend Cat which she doesn’t really understand and has no one to talk to about or so she thinks There’s her relationship with her dad which is a lovehate one since he appears to be lying to her There’s the mystery surrounding her grandparents There’s her other friend who she’s not sure she even likes There’s Adam who is in L O V E with her and she couldn’t care less and yet somehow it’s a source of stress for her because it forces her to face her own desires Boy oh boy It’s as though the author wanted to write multiple different stories about different things but then suddenly decided to put all of those stories together to form just one It’s HEAVY and DRAMATIC because there’s too much going on The characters rarely take time to just calm down It’s dramatic scene after dramatic scene I did find the illustrations cute and the characters three dimensional but as for the story It wasn’t a winner for me Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’ This is not a light fun kissing book It's a story about family secrets I didn't like how coy it was about the religious roots of the characters' bigotry And it was odd how dated the first half of the book felt compared to the progressiveness of the ending There was a strange disconnect there Trigger Warning Homophobia Transphobia the f wordMads' parents are strained and what's worse she thinks her dad is cheating on her mother with another woman And her dad won't tell her anything about it But Mads keeps her thoughts away hanging out with her best friend Cat and kissing boys Even if the kissing isgross Where's the appeal? Then everything starts to unravelAnd everything starts to make senseForgive me while I mop up the massive tears rolling down my face k? This was an emotional roller coaster I was not expecting I was thinking mmm okay maybe 2 3 stars nothing special and then the second act hit and cue the mother fucking waterworksBut I want to start with one thing first—Cat is a colossal asshole and 100% complete hypocriteAfter that well there's not much I can say without spoilers but there's a lot of figuring out who you are and realizing that you're not alone And that sexuality is a weird and wonderful thing and that being trans doesn't mean that you're diseased And that maybe what you remembered as a child isn't what actually happened but how you rationalized events in your mind in order to surviveThis is a definite must read but um get yourself in a good headspace and beware of those trigger warnings becausewhew There's some heavy shit in this It was such a great reminder that the early 2000s were a such a shit time for gay students view spoilerI'm so fucking happy I didn't figure out my sexuality until I was in my late twenties although tbf a lot of people probably thought I was gay since I hated wearing dresses I dressed fairly androgynously okay I wore the occasional mini skirt but eh it was whatever and I rarely if ever expressed any interest in any dudes Plus I had this weird crush on this one girl who had such amazing calves yeah I dunno and a beautiful face andwell let's just say I'm a slow learner about myself? hide spoiler It took me some time but I got into this book I love how they are telling the story through who she is kissing Kiss number 8 is a game changer for our protagonist Mads She never finds a reason to stay with boys but she realizes that her best friend might be than Mads thought Her friend is Cat a wild and boy crazy girl Kiss #8 was not with Cat but it was a girl and she finds out that it feels right This is what she has been looking for or so she thoughtThere is a lot of high drama with relationships an friendships and all the high school drama at play Mads does go to a Catholic high school very tiny and once she kisses the girl her school is horrible She is the center of gossip and no one will talk with her She is completely alone SadThere is also drama within the family There is a mystery surrounding her grandfather That is a rather interesting detail I side story It took the first third of the book to draw me in and then I couldn't put this book down I tore through the rest of it There are plenty of hurt feelings and ueer phobias in this book It deals with the subject well I thought it was a good story and I enjoyed reading it It's an interesting book I had to really ponder this review bc I had such high hopes that I had to grapple with the difference between what I wanted it to be and what it actually isAs a school librarian here’s what disappointed me and made me decide not to add it to my collection the setting of the book in 2004 was only put out there in the very first panel and it could be so easily overlooked Without that being solid for the reader so much of it including LGBTIA language and tech like AIM and old phones was just weird At the almost end it seemed much like a modern story too but we had only passed a few months the unchecked homophobia transphobia and racism made me so uncomfortable and although I understand that the story arc led to “redemption” it was too little too late for vulnerable teens If it were an adult memoir I could understand but in fiction for teens not cool The checking can be done via expressions on faces even but in this case it wasn’t I get the intention of the slurs as showing what it was like for ueer teens in 2004 but don’t appreciate the execution Mads’ sexuality was never really out there for readers until it was expressed blatantly by Jess Her longing for Cat wasn’t all that evident and the story gave no reason for why she’d even want Cat since she was such a horrible friend Undeveloped story line re transgender family member this could have been so much stronger and got lost in Mads’ rebellion sexual awakening family secret friend drama baseball religion etcOverall it is a book that on the surface looks like an amazing addition to the teen LGBT market but is actually harmful Please consider recommending LAURA DEAN KEEPS BREAKING UP WITH ME or BINGO LOVE or CHECK PLEASE or BLOOM insteadOh and the art was good and I liked the layout that’s what made me give 2 stars instead of 1 I really liked this National Book award nominee a lot The art is lively and the dialogue is even livelier Amanda Mads is a student at a small Catholic high school and she is part of a devout Catholic family The book is attractively framed by a series of head shots of the seven boys and one girl she had at that point kissed which reminded me of Mari Naomi's Kiss and Tell A Romantic Resume Ages 0 to 22 The eighth kiss was by far the most dramatic for her as her family has a history of denouncing their transgendered grandfather They are decidedly trans and homophobic but guess which way Mads is leaning at this point Yeah and the best kiss was with Laura though Laura was not into it Mads kissed and Adam Laura’s brother but eh no electricity Maybe her friend Cat?Get this Amanda’s best friend is her Dad who is way fun but also unfortunately hates the whole range of glbt humans as immoral Until Mads comes out using the family history to in part address the issue I like the part of the process her exploring what she wants who she is and even after she comes out she crushes on a gay boy and sure enough kisses him We also get pictures of other boys and girls she kisses too at the end Mads’s sexual identity seems fluid at this still early point Like I said lively brings the energy great dialogue good and ultimately positive ueer affirming story It takes its sweet time getting going but the sweetness wins you over ultimately This is a really hard story to read in places Many of the characters are blatantly transphobic and homophobic but that doesn't mean that this work is Kiss Number 8 is an important coming out story in 2019 These days we get stories where everything is Dramatic and Bad OR where everyone important to the character just accepts their new identity immediately There's definitely a place for both of these kinds of stories but I think Kiss Number 8 exists in a really important gray area Even the characters who are wrong or unsympathetic are still treated with compassion and nuance Amanda can’t figure out what’s so exciting about kissing It’s just a lot of teeth clanking germ swapping closing of eyes so you can’t see that godzilla sized zit just inches from your own hormonal monstrosity All of her seven kisses had been horrible in different ways but nothing compared to the awfulness that followed Kiss Number Eight An exploration of sexuality family and faith Kiss Number Eight is a coming of age tale filled with humor and hope I found myself totally engaged with this family drama despite its fairly slow pace and a possibly triggering amount of view spoilertransphobia and homophobia hide spoiler 2 stars for the story additional star for the artworkYou may have seen other reviews saying the cover art does not match the interior story This is trueYou may have seen other reviews saying there are a lot of plotlines in this book and none of them are really given full service especially the tale of a transman and the end result is chaotic Also trueYou may have seen other reviews saying this takes place in 2004 which makes no sense for a book that's supposed to be aimed at contemporary youth some of whom wouldn't even have been alive in 2004 So very trueI'd like to add that I have not been able to confirm this is an #ownvoices story which leads me to uestion why it was written Ok I know why it was written; the author and illustrator include an interview they did with each other in the back of the book and the author mentions she was inspired to write this story in 2004 when her sister came out But this isn't a story of allyship this is the story of a teenager uestioning gender roles and her sexuality I suppose this could be aimed at kids who have friends who are LGBTA but for the kids exploring their own sex and gender ideals this may be painful than usefulIn this case I think it's the art that carries the story There is so much emotion in the characters' body languages so much being told via illustration that's not told in text In some cases the two oppose one another a character is telling a story in text while the actual story is playing out in picturesWhile I liked the idea behind this I don't feel it was executed well nor do I strongly believe it was told by the persons who should be telling this story Other reviews suggest better stories of LGBTA youth and those may be worth looking into if this one seems like it's not going to please you as a reader

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