Captured by the Shifters eBook õ Captured by MOBI

Captured by the Shifters In the final weeks before the big vote life in Black Oak Springs gets a lot interesting Lines are drawn as prominent families in town begin joining either side The new column in the Times has everyone talking and wondering just what Amina Blake is up to Amina may not have all the answers for them just yet but she is sure of one thing she wants Jaxon Traveler She just didn’t expect it would be so hard to get him She doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to convince Jaxon that she has changed and is exactly what he needs in his life Captured by the Shifters Part Three is a 20000 word BBWShifter Romance It contains sexual scenes and is meant for a mature audience This is the final entry in the Captured Serial and is not a standalone episode Cute romanceCute romanceDespite some grammatical errors and missing words this is a cute trilogy It has humorous lead characters some action and a nice little plot I am looking forward to reading from this author

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