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Salad Love David Bez’s Salad Love is one of those wonderful cookbooks that not only provide delicious recipes but also include adaptions and variations to meet a variety of dietary practices It is also designed to encourage play and improvisation Bez’s entry into the world of salads was sparked by a desire to eat vegetables and fruits Several years ago he challenged himself to eat salad for lunch at work each day—and to create a new recipe with each salad This practice led to the creation of his blog Salad Pride Now he’s gathered his favorite salads in this bookMany of his combinations are new sometimes surprising and they all sound delicious Yellow Pepper Broccoli Chile and Coconut Cream Oak Smoked Cheddar Peaches and Blueberries Fennel Blue Cheese and Pistachios Pecorino Black Grapes and Pine Nuts YummmmmIn addition to the inherent deliciosity of the recipes I have a number of other reasons for loving Salad Love• Variety Bez classifies each recipe as raw vegan vegetarian pescatarian or omnivore and provides a good balance of all of these Whatever your dietary practices with 260 recipes there will be plenty tailored to your needs• More variety While each recipe is assigned to one of Bez’s five categories each recipe contains suggestions for transforming the recipe to make it suitable for another category He’ll show you how to go from pescatarian to raw from vegan to omnivore all sorts of transformations What this means is that you have not only 260 recipes but also 260 clearly described alternatives• Pictures This is a gorgeous gorgeous book 280 of its 304 pages feature large color photographs so you don’t have to guess about how a recipe will actually look once you’ve put the time into making it The colors textures and patterns in these salads make for mouth watering browsing• Simplicity Each of these recipes can be put together in twenty minutes or less—and most of them are the “or less” type Yes you can make these salads at work and still have enough of a lunch break left to eat them In my own case I’m thinking of these as go to recipes when I have to put a dinner together after a long day at work• Flexibility The recipes are for generous single serving salads If you want to use them as a side one salad will feed two If you want them as a main course just multiply the ingredient lists by the number of people you’re planning to feedIf you’re trying like Bez to eat fruits and vegetables or you’re just hoping to put a pleasing meal together without sacrificing an hour or of your time this is a book worth having Original simple and appealing A collection of creative and gorgeous salads with great pictures for each one included There's a list of ingredients on every page but the author also provides a suggested dressing as well as a dietary alternative An easy to use book with uniue recipe combinations I have tried 4 different ones and each was delicious even one with ingredients I would not have paired together myself Recipes loosely arranged by seasonsI received this book from Blogging for Books Can you fall in love with a book I am here to tell you that you totally can This book is absolutely amazing I L O V E it The pictures are colorful and inviting The recipes are simple and adventurous The author's words and guidance are so rich and honest I felt both educated and inspired as I read through this work of art What I Adored About This Book The author showed me a way to make my salads exciting versus ho hum The author presented super simple salad combinations that could be created realistically without breaking the bank or without compromising on taste The author provided excellent suggestions on the basic truths of salad making The author taught me how to make the most of my salads via dressings and spices The author showed me the tools I would need for my salad masterpieces The author opened my eyes to a whole new world of salad love possibilitiesI confess that this book is one of my new favorites I plan on referring to it often I cannot wait to tell my clients about it Wow I am over the moon on this oneRating 55Recommend YesAudience AllCategory Food Healthy Eating Salads HealthFitness A Wellness Lifestyle Nutritious MealsA complimentary copy of this title was made available for review in exchange for an honest critiue I was not reuired or expected to submit a positive review The words I have expressed are my own My full review ingredients are generally very accessible most are everyday items that are readily available in a grocery store There are a few exceptions; for example I'm not sure where to buy bresaola or borage flowers Some of the recipes reuire a little preparation and adventure which can certainly be excitingThe photography itself is simple in the best way possible it's just the salad in its bowl which allows you to focus on the mouth watering food you could be eatingThere are a variety of recipes in this book vegetarian vegan raw pescatarian omnivoreand for each recipe Bez suggests a variation which is so useful because some days you really want to try a recipe but don't feel like having meat or fish or what have youWhether you're looking to eat healthier or you just really like salad this book will make you want to devour the food on the page in front of you Salad Love shows how diverse and delicious salads can really beThe publisher sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review A delightful and inspiring book Always great to have new ideas for salad Already made two salads off her and officially in love with this book Beautiful pictures Love that fact these are his actually lunchesThis book is for everyone from vegans to carnivores He even offered simple easy alternatives so anyone can try the saladLots a new ideas hereLoved how simple the recipes are and the dressings are usually only 3 or 4 ingredients Nothing is intimidating Salads take the spotlight in this visually arresting cookbook that showcases a year's worth of weekday recipes so exciting you'll want to eat salads every day At the reuest of his co workers who were constantly admiring his lunches David Bez started the photo driven blog Salad Pride embarking on a year long challenge to create one new salad every day The blog instantly gained popularity for its creative salads that reuire no special cooking skills The cookbook Salad Love pairs his vibrant photographs with accompanying recipes arranged around seasonal produce Recipes include Egg Asparagus Croutons and Pecorino for Spring; Crabmeat Avocado Nori and Cucumber for Summer; Kale Raspberries and Blackberries for Fall; and Manchego Dried Apricots Fennel and Radicchio for Winter Many salads in the book reuire only a cutting board and a knife so lunches can be made fresh at your desk With an emphasis on fresh whole foods and innovative flavor combinations these salads truly excite and inspire Converted this former salad hater Great ideas with tons of alternative options The most interesting and doable part is that almost every dressing is simply oil and vinegar

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