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Killer Focus WHEN THE LINE BETWEEN CRIME AND JUSTICE BLURSHer trust in her protectors shattered Taylor Jones strikes out on her own to find out why someone powerful enough to circumvent the Witness Security Program wants her deadShe was almost enjoying her uiet new life with a nice normal guy courtesy of a new identity in WitSec Then her next door neighbor turned up dead a stray bullet barely missed her and the former FBI agent knew she was right in the crosshairsShe discovers a chilling connection between the South American cocaine trade terrorism and amazingly a secretive cabal that began with the fall of Nazi Germanyand whose influence reaches all the way to the White HouseBut even frightening she suspects her nice normal guy may be at the center of it all I was not crazy about her new books I liked the Harleuin romances better Probably give this a 25 if I could The book just didn't engage me at all I got 34 way thru and started flicking so that's a good indication for me In saying that the characters were good the plot interesting But IMO there was little to no connection between the h h But somehow? they ended up in love and hEA?? It just didn't work for me at all There was little dialogue between the two and therefore to me how did they connect enough to fall in love Dialogue is a must in fact a prereuisite for forming any 'attachment'An ok filler but wouldn't really recommend it This is the second book in the series which focuses on Nazi war criminals and their cadre of child prodigies and a hurried escape from the fall of the Third ReichThis story starts as did the first with a scene which makes little sense at first as it brings a woman looking for something hidden She finds it and loses it and the rest of the story focuses on the searchIt was a good historical novel delving into an area often neglected the genetics programs of the 30s and 40sHowever I have trouble with the character interaction The men seem stilted the women unreal the old people helpless And their is a weird physic event It took me a while to finish this because of the lack of character development Overall good but not great Recommended by several people as someone who writes like Linda Howardumm hardly Somewhat close but no cigarsomething lacking between the hhdecent lovescenesthe storyline at least in this one was hard to followI started in the middle of the book just to get a gauge of the hh interaction skimmed through the rest of itam going to read another one of hers and see how it isOkay I'm revising my earlier reviewI read it from the beginning this time really got into the history part and loved the SaraCavanaugh story from WWII so bittersweetstill could;ve used a bit oomphcommunication between SaraBayard but all in all it was pretty good

  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Killer Focus
  • Fiona Brand
  • English
  • 06 August 2014
  • 9780778325635

About the Author: Fiona Brand

Fiona Brand has always wanted to write After working eight years for the New Zealand Forest Service as a clerk she decided she could spend at least that much time trying to get a novel published Luckily it took five years not eight before Fiona wrote her first award winning novelShe has won the Australian Romantic Book of the Year award category section twice one of her novels was listed

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