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Green Poems 'On the branches of these wild plantsSome words occasionally sproutBut never a full poem 'One of the country's best loved poets and lyricists Gulzar is renowned for his inimitable way of seeing things his witty expressions his uirky turns of phrase All these creative talents come into play in delightful unexpected ways in his new bilingual collection Green Poems which celebrates his innate connection with natureGulzar writes about rivers forests mountains; snow rain clouds; the sky the earth and space; a familiar tree a disused well; Kullu Chamba Thimpu Like glimpses of nature the poems are often short an image captured in a few words And sometimes the image gives rise to a striking thought 'When I pass through the forest I feel my ancestors are around me 'For those new to Gulzar's work as well as his many fans Green Poems will prove to be a true joy

10 thoughts on “Green Poems

  1. Mahrin ফেরদৌস Ferdous Mahrin ফেরদৌস Ferdous says:

    যে সবুজ ছুঁয়ে যায় অতলান্ত তলে

  2. Manisha Manisha says:

    collection of good poems specially when I return from the moutains autumn 2 Closeup of leafand many जब जब पतझड़ में पेड़ से पीले पीलेपते मेरे लॉन में आकर गिरते हैरात को छत पर जाकर में आकाश को ताकता रहता हूँलगता है कमजोर सा पीला चाँद भी शायदपीपल के सूखे पतों सालहराता लहराता मेरे लॉन में उतरेगापतझड़ गुलज़ार

  3. Pallavi Kumari Pallavi Kumari says:

    This is a book you can read again again and again Poems are short and sweet infact excessively sweet Gulzar can give voice to even a lump of bark falling from an old tree So imagine what a book will it be when you leave this vast nature to him He doesn't talk about nature He talks through it allowing it to speak English translation is also there to help with some convoluted words of Hindi The book is so good that it will become difficult to pick a favorite when you will get done with it This is one of the three books of Gulzar Selected Neglected and Green Poems Rest two are definitely going in my to read bucket

  4. Siddhi Palande Siddhi Palande says:

    One need not mention the expertise of Gulzar He is a renowned name in the film industry as well as in the world of poets and poetries Aspiring poets look up to him Green Poems an anthology is a compilation of those poems of Gulzar Saab which pertain to nature Being rainy season in India this one makes a great read Pipping hot coffeechai samosas and this book by Gulzar saab is all that you need and a uilt if you will I am in no position to review this book Well how can you? Reviewing the work of God heard of it ever? But let me tell you that the book is sure to lighten up your mood and inspire you Read on

  5. Ankita Ankita says:

    Do we really need to say anything about this legendi have read many Gulzar's books and everytime i end up surprised and amazed on the words and way he narrates his feelingsThis is one class apart workRead Read and Read againand you shall still find a reason to read again

  6. Akhilesh Sharma Akhilesh Sharma says:

    उसे डर हैबहार आई तो पढ़ लेगीइबारत मौसमों की बेसाबाती कीकोई मौसम हमेशा के लिए रहता नहीं है ||

  7. ROHINI.M ROHINI.M says:

    A must read book for poem lovers 😊

  8. Aastha Aastha says:

    Some very beautiful poems loved it

  9. Shubhasheesh Bagchi Shubhasheesh Bagchi says:

    Enthralling PoemsRead just because of availability of Hindi poems in the book The translation might be good I didn't even bothered to read them Spoils magic of Gulzar Saab

  10. Abhishek Ganguly Abhishek Ganguly says:

    The confluence of Gulzar's poetry with the beauty of nature can only birth an anthology as uniue and memorable as Green Poems is This is truly a masterpiece from page oneThrough 'Green Poems' Gulzar introduces us to nature in a rather different way by constantly comparing it to our memories our joys and our deepest sadness Every poem reflects nature's response to the innocence longing brutality and indifference of the human nature I for one come to uestion the very fact that as humans we try to dominate nature when nature is and has always been like a protective parent to a very insolent child Gulzar through his many verses also makes it clear that in the process of 'taming' nature we have gone too far ahead in annihilating our basic humanityThis is an anthology that any reader will enjoy Although the Hindi used is not very colliuial the underlying meaning is soul than wordsPavan K Varma's translations do not disappoint

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