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Second Chance Reunion A Mom's Redemption Annie Payton's lost everything she once held dear The Village of Hope is her last chance to rebuild the life she's frittered away so needlessly But as she works to regain custody of her children she never imagines an unlikely advocate in her corner—ex husband Ian Montgomery Ian's always willing to help those down on their luck but his ex wife's a different story Her past betrayal is still a painful memory As the Village's lawyer he'll represent her—but that's as far as he'll allow his feelings to go Can Annie show Ian that she's changed in every way but one—the love she still has for him Village of Hope A community built on love

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  1. Rita Rita says:

    Another great book by Merillee Whren This book is the first book in the Village of Hope series Annie has had a tough past and is trying to better herself so she can get custody of her kids back Will Ian her ex husband and Annie grow back together? This storyline was great and kept me reading from beginning to end I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  2. Carole Jarvis Carole Jarvis says:

    Reviewed at The Power of Words Inspired romances are sweet upbeat reads often just what I'm looking for in the midst of busy times And although Second Chance Reunion is sweet and inspiring Merrillee involves her characters in some pretty serious situations I enjoyed the depth of storyline and Merrillee's writingIn years past both Annie and Ian's behavior had been destructive to themselves and their marriage As a preacher's kid he should've been someone who led her away from the devastating behavior but instead he had joined her both of them trying to escape the unhappiness with their family situations Now they are on a journey Annie to restore her family and Ian to learn how to forgive Life is messy the effects of sin are devastating and it's only through the grace of God that forgiveness and second chances come But Merrillee did a great job in showing how difficult forgiveness can be on a human level for I could identify with Annie's frustration over the wall of unforgiveness she encountered with Ian and her parents and his own struggle to forgive personal hurtsThe Village of Hope is an incredible facility and ministry that encompasses every age and need of life from children to senior adults Although fictional it really resonated with me because of a similar ministry in the Atlanta area in which I have been involved over the years The young and the elderly have so much to offer each other and that was one of my favorite parts of the story I'm very glad The Village of Hope will appear in booksSecond Chance Reunion helps visualize the words of James 127 which Merrillee uotes at the end Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world I loved how this story reminds us that God is in the business of forgiveness and redemption and while sin's effects still have to be dealt with God brings good back into our lives I'd like to end with Merrillee's thoughts about Second Chance ReunionThis story of two flawed people reminds us that God makes everything new when we accept His grace We can also know that God uses imperfect people to accomplish His tasks here on earthThis is a book that fans of sweet inspirational romance will enjoy especially anyone dealing with bad decisions in their life RecommendedThank you to Merrillee for providing a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

  3. Phylis Carpenter Phylis Carpenter says:

    This was the first in a series and it is another great book by Merrillee Whren Annie has had her share of problems She used to party and had a problem with substance abuse She has lost her two children and is trying get her life back on track Her main goal is to straighten out get her children back and be the best mother she can be to themWhen she enters The Village of Hope where they will help her straighten her life out she runs into her ex husband Ian They had a lot of problems that they will have to work through Annie and Ian have to learn about forgiveness before things begin to work out for themIt was a great book and I think you will like it if you would take a few minutes to sit down and get started This is one of those books once you pick it up you just can't put it down I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  4. Chris Chris says:

    Really neat book All about having second chances to get your life togetherHow God was in all of itHow bad things get turned around and how God gets the creditWonderful book Please read it

  5. Jane Jane says:

    Annie Payton wasted her life and her last hope and it brings her to the Village of Hope She needs help to regain her children and was told attorney could help her When she meets him it shocks herRedemption lots of forgiveness and danger bring about hope for Annie Ian is not the father of her children but he ends up spending a lot of time with them Ian is her ex husband and attorneyGod brings good out of chaosMerrillee's books will draw you in and are hard to put downGod is the God of the Second Chance

  6. Diane Diane says:

    An enjoyable read about second chances but be prepared to cry as well An inspiring story that all will enjoy Would recommend to all romance readers

  7. Brooke Baker Brooke Baker says:

    The one dimensional characters really made it hard to connect with the story

  8. Jean Hall Jean Hall says:

    I started reading and couldn't stop until I finished Great story and interesting characters; inspirational as well

  9. Trixi Trixi says:

    Annie Payton’s a changed woman and only wants to re gain custody of her two small children She finds herself at the Village of Hope a ministry facility that helps people of all ages and walks of life to get back on their feet She knows what a mess she’s made of her life is determined to stay clean sober and be the mom she should have been for her kids Ian Montgomery is a lawyer helps run the Village of Hope He’s being asked to represent Annie in court to help her with the custody case but there are too many deep wounds for him to even consider taking it on This is a story that deals with past issues of divorce addictions living a party lifestyle relapse deceit The characters aren’t without their share of regret especially Annie She knows she’s messed up in the past and has a lot to prove to herself her kids Ian and those around her Ian too has regrets for leading her into the life they used to live And he’s been hurt than once by her broken promises This is also a story of God’s redemption healing wounded hearts and lives forgiveness and restoration Both Ian and Annie have truly given their lives to the Lord walking in His grace and mercy They have a lot to work through and it’s plainly not an easy task The they spend time together the you see God work in their hearts Can Ian see the woman of God Annie has become and can Annie finally walk in the freedom that only God can give? I thoroughly enjoyed this story Merrillee touches on some hard issues and doesn’t sugar coat the results of sin in someone’s life But to the point she shows how God’s forgiveness and grace can change that person from the inside out There was so much spiritual depth in this; I felt I came away a changed person myself It made me even grateful for God’s salvation for me I got to know some wonderful side characters and loved seeing them cheer for both Ian Annie A Village of Hope should be in every city because you can see the good it does for so many lives in this story I can’t wait to read the next installment “Healing the Soldier’s Heart” and the rest of this series If you like inspirational stories that deal with real life issues and redemption this is the one for you

  10. Stacey Stacey says:

    When you reach rock bottom there’s nowhere to go but ‘up’ right? Annie Payton has made serious past mistakes abusing alcohol and drugs and stealing money to pay for those habits After losing her children to social services she starts to get her life back on track completing a year long rehab and doing whatever it takes to win back custody of her children But the past still lingers and even those who are helping her at Village of Hope seem to have their doubts; especially ex husband Ian who is representing her in the custody case Annie doesn’t want to fail but past memories of failure and guilt plague her Can she achieve redemption and make a new life?As much as this is a love story it is also a story of redemption and forgiveness People make mistakes People are hurting from their mistakes and from the mistakes of others Where can you find peace? I love this story because it shows how God is the answer to those seeking redemption forgiveness and the strength to move past their mistakes and start fresh each day No one is perfect but in Christ all can be made new I actually read book 2 of the Village of Hope series first I won it from and author giveaway and as much as I enjoyed that story I found Second Chance Reunion to have depth and meaning for me personally The author Ms Whren does an excellent job of showing how faith can help you overcome the worst circumstances one day at a time I loved the slow reconciliation between Annie and Ian and the forgiveness that each needed to give and receive from each other Kara and Spencer are adorable children and Kara especially livens up the story with her antics This is a sweet faith filled read and I am looking forward to reading book 3 Dating the Millionaire in the Village of Hope series Well done Ms WhrenOne final note I love love love the idea of a Village of Hope I wish my own community had something like this to offer the elderly who many need assisted living or nursing care abused women and children and those who are in need of a helping hand

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