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Lone Wolf Another of my old category favorites It just had something I think it was the sexiness of the hero mostly I always did find the tall Native American features attractiveAnyway On her best friends wedding Kelly immediatly butts head with the best man She finds him terribly arrogant and unkind he finds her shallow and too pretty to be smart Prejudices everywhereBad luck strikes however because some mafia type mistakenly thinks they are a rival maffioso's daughter on their wedding day and they are kidnapped to somewhere in South America When they realize they are in a pickle they decide to escape to the jungle Insert great scene where Wolf asks Kelly to pack stuff they need for survival and she packs hand creme and make up and stuffThey head in the jungle and it's awful duh uh but while they face all kinds of jungle stuff they slowly get to know each other and emotions bloomOk so the plot is totally wacko but most of it is them walking through the jungle and their conversations where delicious I just really liked Wolf who was stern and taciturn and a nature lover and just deliciousI think it reminds me a bit of Romancing the Stone which was also wacko but still fun and romantic MR SEPTEMBERMan Wolf Conroe half breed Apache best man at the weddingMission Getting to the church on time never mind the receptionThwarted by Falling into the clutches of dangerous criminalsTrue Nemesis Beautiful bridesmaid Kelly CorcoranWhat could be peaceful than a wedding Peaceful and dangerous Or so Wolf Conroe discovered as he got into the white limousine with the gorgeous maid of honor Kelly CorcoranLittle did they know they were in for the ride of their lives Soon Wolf and Kelly were on their way to South America instead of the wedding reception And along the way Kelly found herself wondering if she could persuade the best man to become the next groom

About the Author: Annette Broadrick

Annette Broadrick was born on November 26 Her mother read to her until she read to herself From that time on books became her closest companions and teachers She was an only child until the middle of her 16th year when her sister was born She married immediately after high school graduation in the middle of her 18th year Twelve months later she had her first son She ended up having four son

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