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God is a Gamer Aditya runs a gaming company that is struggling to break even A banker slips off a highrise building plunging to her death The finance minister has made some promises that he is finding hard to keep The LTTE has unleashed terror in America that sends the FBI on a wild goose chase bringing them to Mumbai Enter Varun parttime drug dealer and fulltime genius He turns around the gaming company before disaster strikes Meanwhile the investigators plunge headlong into the shady world of bitcoins and the Dark Net websites that only exist for illegal transactions—drugs sex and money God Is a Gamer culminates in a stunning climax where money means nothing assassination is taught by the ancient Greeks and nothing is as it seems

  • Paperback
  • 324 pages
  • God is a Gamer
  • Ravi Subramanian
  • English
  • 08 October 2014
  • 9780143421399

About the Author: Ravi Subramanian

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10 thoughts on “God is a Gamer

  1. Prity Malhotra Prity Malhotra says:

    I never Dare give my Favourite Author Ravi Subramanian's Books anything less then a 5 Stars but like Ashwin Sanghi's Private India God is a Gamer turns out to be a Cold Turkey Ravi Subramanian introduces a new writing style where he gives the reader short snippetschapters which span upto 2 3 pages This is what made me Cringe about reading this Book I felt as if I am reading a Timeline of events occuring across the globe rather than reading a Novel The Drawback of this was that even after reading this 324 pages long book I didn't felt connected nor I vouched for any Character I just wanted this book to End no matter who gets killedInspired by Game of Thrones author A lot of Deaths happen in this book yet it didn't make me bat an Eyelid or feel Sorry no matter how good the Character wasInspired by Dhoom 3 movie the Author makes FBI appear like Retards FBI is kidnapping people for Enuiry arresting people without evidence even being to lazy to uestion theories There are a lot of Twists thrown in which are so unbelievable you start uestioning themThe Climax is rather funny yet Cliched The Zigsaw puzzles don't fall in their placethe dots don't connect the justifications given are too manipulated to be True It is a Royal Mess Touted as a BIt coin Thriller I felt the author didn't do full justice to this fresh new concept

  2. Guttu Guttu says:

    I have no idea why this book is titled God is a gamer? It should have been something related to bank Just like any other Ravi Subramanian books this book is speedy But unlike the previous books It's very tough to guess who is the culprit? Who committed crime? And what crimes EXACTLY did heshe commit? There is so much information flowing through this book that there is very less scope for characters to develop There is not a single character you would attach to And yet this book keeps you glued till the end Till the last page and the last line The climax will surprise you It has set premises for a seuel

  3. Meghant Parmar Meghant Parmar says:

    A lot has happened in one of the most prestigious banks of India ie NYIB and the honchos are at loggerheads and the departmental heads completely down and out There is no clue as to what hit them hard and fast Meanwhile in US somebody is trying to meet the President and finish off an unfinished business But there's a lot for him in store So what will happen from Mumbai to US when complexities in life will add up and come to haunt them forever? Will the guilty be guilty or will take down the entire system? Who's got the poker face and who's truly innocent is to be seen and who's the mastermind of all? That's what the story is all about The author has offered the first bitcoin thriller and rightly so The expertise of the author in penning down banking thrillers comes handy in the latest one too As a thriller book manages to pull out all stops to keep it tight and high on drama and numerous banking suspenses which keeps the readers busy most of the time The book has got a new touch to it with smaller chapters and fluent narration which gives it an extra edge while keeping it all under wraps The book towards the end comes back in good measures and saves the best for the last The banking saga continues with good real life connections The vivid imagination of the author taking story to great lengths should earn him some positive credits too The downside of the book is the lack of bitcoin hype in the story The bitcoin takes a back seat in a number of other smaller plots and twists and turns The number of characters in the story are one too many and could have been kept to a minimum The numerous characters makes it clumsy at times and involvement of some fizzles out which does't uite looks to be clean The book dulls in the middle and doesn't uite delivers the entire bitcoin scenario convincingly instead manuvers around other parallel plots bit too much The gaming bit in the book eats up a lot of bitcoin space and proves to it's nemesis too Probably toning down the story by few chapters would have helped as it gets dragged along too much All in all the book turns out to be of a gaming thriller rather than a bitcoin affair The bitcoin holding up true for sometime but not a glamorous deliverance unlike the previous works The term bitcoin proving to be a good and bad in eual measures for the book It's point blank thriller experience if something you are looking forward to but at the expense of some distractions It all comes packed in one and gives a good experience of getting glimpses of the life of high profile banks and gaming industry It's a good story but not a great one

  4. Pooja Jeevagan Pooja Jeevagan says:

    I now feel that Ravi is fast becoming a serial novelista novel a year or lesserthat puts him in the Jeffrey Archer kind of leagueand while Jeffrey brings series of novel Ravi follows the same backdropbanks always there but never so much so that non finance people are turned offor so insane as to offend the real finance onesoff late credit cards included in themand some good dose of terrorism or technologyThis one is different from rest for each chapter was just a couple of pages longfew characters having good dimensions whereas most were just therefor a moment a sceneand then forgottento come back again suddenly somewherebut then again you don't read his books for characterization or you usually don't read any Indian author for detailed character sketchThe book does what it planned on doinggetting you hookedmake sure you pick it again soon after you've left itcatching your attentionbe fast thrilled even at the cost of being unbelievable at placesthe suspense you kind of guess it about 50 60 pages before the book ends but the way there r twists enough to make you feel you were wronga job well done

  5. Maria Maria says:

    Hi Ravi Subramanian I was eagerly awaiting your latest GOD IS A GAMER It finally arrived and I was so pleased So as I eagerly took the time to find a nice uiet spot where I could read your thriller undisturbed It took some doing as I'm a busy mother with three teens and a preteen and they all need Mom now at some time or another Yeah they're all grown up but they sometimes need someone to give them undivided attention to listen to them and give encouragement and that can be intense than taking care of youngsters Then there's the MIL the nemesis of the Indian wife But the less said about that the better The husband is no trouble at all but I guess I'm lucky So there I was turning page after page Bitcoins? A new virtual internet currency? Wow I had no idea An American bank with branches in India and an ATM heist excuted in an army type operation?? Wow could it be possible A US senator assassinated on his way to meet Obama? Chilling You know what Raviji you are a game changer when it comes to the writing of thrillers I mean who needs crazed serial killers when you have high finance? Seriously I can't look at an ATM machine any without a uiver of anticipation running up my spine I'll never think of the boring old bank down the road in uite the same way again Who woulda thunk as the Americans say? Well some of them And as for gaming? There's a virtual universe in itself My experience in gaming hasn't really gone beyond Tetris and Pac Man but I do know that gaming is going extremely sophisiticated In fact it's a type of storytelling now An online university Iversity ran a course ont he future of storytelling last year and the basic conclusion was that gaming is the new storytelling method Are you sure you didn't do that course Ravi Subramanian?Your method of storytelling is something rather innovative and I have seen at least one other Indian thriller writer using it It reads like a movie script The chapters are short just one scene at a time One scene gives way to another and the story proceeds seamlessly It's action all the way no meaningless meandering In fact reading a Ravi Subramanian any of them is a viable alternative to watching television or a movie Yes Ravi Subramanian your book ticks all the boxes when it comes to fulfilling the reuirements of the most discerning thriller reader Suspense? Tick Excitement? Tick Characters for whom the readers can feel and with whom they can identify? Tick A compulsive storyline? Tick Tick Tick Double tick In other words my message to readers is get this bookAnd you know something else? Your book was educational Yes I found myself Googling bitcoins and the onion router Just imagine that there's like an alternative world wide web where people with dark desires hang out without fear of exposure Shivers up the spine again What a bold move revealing the identity of the bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto That's a real person and like no one knows who he really isComplaints? Nope not too many Apart for the fact that the narrative is sometimes so fast paced that it leaves me breathless not a complaint when it comes to suspense thrillers But Ravi Subramanian you need to talk to some of your characters Some of them have multiple personalities Take Tanya for example She starts off as a bechari with a problem mother and ends up as a very black character indeed who is nonetheless sinned against than sinning And that Nikki Tan has to be the worst mother I've ever come across giving her daughter carte blanche to use the Onion Router for criminal activities however soft And Varun? Don't get me started on Varun He makes my blood boil and that is just about as nice as I can be Tell me Ravi Subramanian why did you create a paranormal monster in what is so obviously a contemporary suspense thriller? Frankenstein has nothing on this guy Varun is like a freaking Dracula Be you in Brazil or in Goa he will step out of the shadows into your life and sweep you off your feet And then he will make mad passionate love to you on the beach andwell I'm not the reviewer who will provide spoilers for the readers But I tell you I have severe difficulty with Varun and some of his escapades Is he black or is he white? Is he good or is he bad? I'm still not uite sure what the heck Varun is supposed to be but if I ever run into that guy I will give him a piece of my mind for sure He's a most amoral character and all I can say is the man is surely endowed with multiple personalitiesBut Raviji I want to thank you for a great read Do keep them coming But go easy on the multiple personality type characters They freak me out somewhatI received a complimentary copy of htis book in return for an honest review

  6. Shravanthi Shravanthi says:

    God is a GamerAn excellent unparalleled plot coupled with amazing story telling Truly I did not expect this from an Indian author It was a pleasant surprise A thriller that managed to make Sidney Sheldon and Dan Brown look like kiddos scribbling random stuffI’m not going to give anything away in the name of spoilers Everybody who reads this book deserves to go into it without having any preconceived notions If you think that Indian authors don’t cut it as Thriller authors – then take this In your face Yep that’s my experience literally I am sorry Ravi Subramanian I should have picked up your book earlier I was judgmental and wrong The author clearly knew what he was doing He has done his research and his home work perfectly He is an exemplary masterful superlative story crafter in the Thriller genreThe story took off like a rocket Not a single line was wasted in preamble The story kick started with a scam hooking the readers on Reading the book was like watching a commercial Kollywood Like Hollywood but in South India movie It had politics affairs drugs murder sex greedy money launderers and slander It’s nothing we haven’t seen or heard of before in the way of story; but there was something different about ‘God is a Gamer’ Even with these classic themes of crimes Ravi Subramanian has managed to deliver a fresh plotThe biggest plus point is that the story takes place in two parallel lines across nations Events are happening simultaneously in India and the US The Governments and the Intelligence agencies from both the countries are flummoxed Neither of them can solve the mysterious murders and cyber thefts that have taken the nations by storm Bringing together these two disconnected plotlines is the overall scriptThe plot progresses in breakneck speed; there is a twist after twist It maintained the suspense all throughout its 300 odd pages without ever succumbing to lag even once The clues are so subtly given that even the most experienced self proclaimed mystery solver reader cannot break itOne tiny detail that I felt was far fetched was the seamless operation of a huge online network If running a government is tough running an incognito cyber network of criminals is tougher Gathering bitcoin laundering prostitution pedophilia and pornography under the same umbrella wasn’t very convincing I think he could have limited the crime rate for these goons and stuck to one of theseAnd of course don’t go looking for deep characters with meaningful backgrounds This book is about racy story and high from thrills I was honestly lost when trying to figure out who the bad guys were I couldn’t eliminate anybody while people I truly suspected were murdered This is a huge success for an Indian author I am so glad there are people like him among Chetan Bhagats and Durjoy Duttas and Ravinder Singhs I finished it in one day so that should be testament of how good this is And yes that was my Sunday that was sacrificed No regrets

  7. Seemita Seemita says:

    Its a racy thriller which is taut and zippy Not a dull moment I read it in one sitting and yes it does keep you hooked The characters have been well sketched and one doesn't struggle to keep pace with the narration and names The subject is interesting Keeping the average reader in mind a lot of bitcoin theory has not be thrown into it which would be relief to many It does just about its work keeping you guessing And yes I did let slip a victorious grin when the climax was revealed I knew the culprit way back when I just at 40% of the book

  8. Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja says:

    Review God Is A Gamer by Ravi Subramanian A Journey of Scandals Murders Heists and Money LaunderingGod Is A Gamer by Ravi Subramanian is a crime story plotted in an international arena involving political leaders of the United States and India; investigation agencies of both the countries and some high level banking professionals There are many interesting characters in the story Their journey starts in isolation in the beginning chapters of the story but later all the links between them come into light gradually Story starts with an international bank NYIB New York International Bank with its operations in India Three friends Aditya Swami and Sundeep Aditya and Sundeep move out of the bank and start their own organization eTIOS to handle banking operations as an outsourced agency NYIB is the first bank to outsource them for their operations Aditya and Sundeep are also engaged in running their gaming industry launching online games from time to time Swami was aspiring to become overall operations head in a short time until he gets a big jerk in his career when Malvika his boss sends a confidential negative report about his performance to the Asia Pacific Headuarter of the bank This all resulted from a heist that takes place in the country and customers lose money in fake money withdrawals through ATMs from their account Then there are murders heists on a larger scale involvement of many international names in scandals murders heists etcMy ViewI became a die hard fan of Ravi Subramanian when I first read his book The Bankster reviewed here in November 2012 This is fifth fiction novel from Ravi and all of his stories revolve around crime related to banking in one way or the other Having a large amount of his career spent in various portfolios in banking he is probably aware of in and out of banking business He also has a non fiction to his credit Overall story is uite interesting and keep you hooked to the plot throughout 300 pages The virtual money floating over the internet in large amounts is an interesting bit in the storySomewhere in the story Varun visits Tanya's residence and is stopped abruptly when he is taking a bottle of wasabi nuts from one of the shelves in the kitchen to taste some nuts Varun likes Wasabi Nuts and hence could not stop himself for this action Tanya immediately stops him with a reason that the bottle has crossed its expiry date and hence let him not take nuts from this bottle She brings another bottle for him This is something that Ravi would have kept as a point to be talked about at the end when the suspense is being disclosed but probably forgot it or skipped itYou will feel it a uick read and running the book faster as each chapter is not than 2 3 pages Otherwise also story has been kept crisp and moving at a right pace to keep you engaged throughout The story is about good and bad crime and investigation law and violations Bigger the crime is the research and analysis reuired to reach to the crux of crime and criminals Ravi might have plans to come out with a seuel to tackle Varun later As far as title is concerned than God it is the human mind that is behind all crime related plannings and executions The crime becomes so big that law is forced to crack it but still a criminal with a different bend of mind is still able to play with the law and give a twist to the final outcome

  9. Namrata Ganti Namrata Ganti says:

    I received this book via Blod adda in exchange for an honest review and I really enjoyed this book from the moment I started reading it This is the second book I have read by Ravi Subramanian and I believe this book is as different from the previous as it is wonderful to readGod is a Gamer is a story of revenge a story that touches upon the various emotions of betrayal trust lies love and family The story starts off with the murder of a high profile person in America The prologue introduces us to a discussion between the President of Mastercard International and the CEO of Visa International followed later by the emergence of Wikileaks and its impact on the US Government The author then talks about the existence of virtual money called bitcoins slated to be the future of money and thus is formed a plot that will turn the world upside down An explosion that kills an American Bureaucrat has the FBI running around trying to solve the case as soon as possibleIn India a prominent banker Malvika dies by falling off a rooftop at a party held in her house which raises uite a few doubts Aditya Rao owns a small gaming company that suddenly becomes well known all around the world once Varun joins the team There is a lot of internal politics that arises within the Bank where Malvika worked and the author has drawn this out beautifully The concept of virtual money turns out to be a part of a darker plot and the internet doesn’t seem to be such a safe place anyRavi Subramanian has woven a master plot that will keep you hooked till the end Throughout the story he will keep the reader guessing wondering what is going to happen next The author manages to keep the suspense till the very end when the entire plot unravels in a brilliant ending This story is as much an expose on how various agencies around the world function as it is an in depth analysis on how people think The base plot is strong and the sub plots help in strengthening itThe style of writing is wonderful and the author keeps up a good pace throughout the story without losing track I particularly enjoyed all the information he has incorporated regarding Bitcoins which shows just how much research has gone into writing this story I love the characters he has created and the way each one has an important role to play In the end every loose thread is tied up and the whole plot is laid as the author ends the story in styleAll this boils down to a fast paced thriller that will have the reader on the edge of their seat reading until the very end without a moment’s pause The reader will keep turning the pages of the book just to know what happens next The way the author has indirectly said that God is indeed a gamer and we are all just a part of his game is a brilliant take on how this world functions This is a must read for all fans of thrillers and mysteries

  10. Jay Jay says:

    Ravi Subramanian has perfectly carved out a niche for himself in the fiction category A smart move which is bearing him fruits considering the fact that he has a long legacy in the banking industry Although don't get misguided by the word 'fiction' for a lot of the subjects talked about and mentioned in this book have their origins in real life people technologies and scamsRavi works like a master craftsman working at high levels of accuracy and agility to keep the story moving forward He deftly brings stories from different angles and locations to a single point in the end The screenplay of the entire book runs like a fast paced Hollywood action flick so there are very less chances of getting boredAssassination of US Government officials hacking into gaming companies phishing scams of MNC banks murders deaths deceit and vengeance This book will be able to satisfy your desires on a wide range of aspectsI really liked his thought on real wealth and wish to share it with all of you“I wish I had looked back Life would have been different We are all chasing illusory pleasures Our real wealth is not in our bank accounts”The infamous online black market Silk Road also finds its place in the book in the form of Cotton Trail The author has done substantial amount of research in the areas of Bitcoins and its origins as well as the online TOR and Silk Road network The Silk Road creator recently got caught and is undergoing trial a sign of things stemming from the book? MaybeGo ahead and read this book before it gets turned into a Bollywood blockbusterRead the complete review on my blog

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