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Amrita Imroz eBook Amrita Imroz A Love Story ePub lind After Amrita Imroz a love story Uma Trilok presents yet another book to Amrita Pritam during her birth centenary year a third in the seuence beautiful coiled conches which compels the writer to write about them The book is like a stanza from a poem a tune of a song and like delicate lines of a uatrain This moving narrative should have originally been in Punjabi This moving Amrita and Imroz gatewaylitfestcom Amrita and Imroz gatewaylitfestcom | September | GLF News NEWS | No Comments Source The Tribune The legendary Punjabi author and poet meant the world to Imroz her long time companion and soulmate On the birth centenary of Amrita Pritam Arvinder Kaur takes a look at their unconditional love and enduring relationship We have heard numerous stories of love Many adorn the Amrita Imroz A Love Story Uma Trilok Amrita met Imroz a well known artist in the s and they became lifelong companions They stayed together for than forty years till her death after a long illness in October Amrita Imroz A Love Story offers living glimpses of the sacred hymn of Amrita Pritam and Imroz s life together Uma Trilok had the rare opportunity to Gulzar meeting Amrita Pritam and Imroz YouTube Amrita Preetam Legendary Love Triangle of Sahir and Imroz I Sahir Ludhiyanvi I Amrita pritam Duration alok kulshreshtha views Language English Amrita Imroz a love story Book WorldCatorg Get this from a library Amrita Imroz a love story Uma Trilok Biography of Amrita Pritam Panjabi author and her husband Imroz an artist Dastavez The love letters of Amrita Pritam and Dastavez The Love Letters of Amrita Pritam and Imroz दस्तावेज़ अमृता और इमरोज़ के प्रेमपत्र New episodes every Sunday Uma Trilok’s new book is a compelling tale of the Her first book Amrita Imroz A Love Story was the unconventional love story of Amrita and Imroz “My new book is a tribute to Amrita in her birth centenary year a tribute to love a biography of love and how their love lives on” says Trilok whose book was released recently by actor Deepti Naval who portrayed Amrita on stage in the play Ek Mulaat Amrita Imroz love story Through their letters and Amrita Imroz love story Through their letters and poems It was a veritable treat of poetry and poetic prose when the love story of celebrated poet Amrita Pritam and artist Imroz was narrated Mein Tenu Phir Milangi Remembering Amrita Imroz and Amrita met when the former designed the cover of her book He was ready to leave for Mumbai to join an ad firm but he tore up the appointment letter and moved in with Amrita at K AMRITA IMROZ मेरा ख्याल है जब तक आँखों में कोई हसीन तसव्वुर कायम रहता है और उस तसव्वुर की राह में जो कुछ भी गलत है उसके लिए रोष कायम रहता है तब तक मनुष्य का सोलहवां

10 thoughts on “Amrita Imroz

  1. Bhavya Bhavya says:

    It's a non cliche kind of love storyOf all I understand about love is that Love is not a force imposedit's a driving force and it can really drive you crazy at timesLove's intention is always pureif it isn't pureit's not love'Love' expresses itself in many forms because 'Love' is creative Let us respect all forms of love

  2. GurPreet Kaur GurPreet Kaur says:

    I’ve always admired Amrita because of her rebellious nature And this book revolves around her friendship with Imroz Her lifelong friend It is about understanding between two individuals that lift them up emotionally and spiritually Uma Trilok has very well narrated the events from their life The description of their room or conversations with them has been woven so carefully and intriguingly that you would want to finish it as soon as you start it; and once it is finished you would want to start it again It’s added to my favorite books

  3. Gursimran Gursimran says:

    My need to read this book arose out of curiosity for an unconventional story Not just the romance of two people denouncing convention for love but also the individual stories of two artists who found their muse in each other redefining their work through the validation of the otherThe book did little to inspire me It felt as though a good story was lost in bad writing Uma Trilok uses the opportunity to explain at length of her own healing powers and her daughters academic achievements both of which seem like distracting elements from the heart of the story Amrita and Imroz I found myself being vexed with the author’s own subjective interpretation of the various incidents she narrates and her need to insert her assert her own importance in the grand scheme of things Since I know some Punjabi and most poems uoted are in Punjabi I was severely disappointed with her simplified translation of themOverall I finished the book with the weight of disappointment Would I recommend it for a brief easy read about an intriguing relationship? Sure But it wouldn’t be enough

  4. Shivangi Yadav Shivangi Yadav says:

    I had been meaning to read this book for a while since I had heard good things about itPrimarily it was Amrita Imroz's relationship that drew me to read the book And if like me you want to read about them then a piece of advice for you look for another book In fact Amrita Pritam's poem Main Tannu Phir Milange I will meet you again will tell you about her love for Imroz than this entire book can ever hopeBecause this book should have been titled My time with Amrita Imroz I don't get why writers feel the need to insert themselves into lives and stories which are not their own and judge them while all the while trying to behave like they understand The book is 70% about Uma and how she sees the relationship between Amrita and Imroz Though she keeps saying why the society judges them every second chapter she keeps returning to their unconventional love It was boring in portions judgy and a very exasperating read

  5. Ashokj Ashokj says:

    Here is a book which extends the understanding of creative Amrita beyond that provided by her books and poetry and short stories To enjoy this book you have to learn to admire the author Amrita As you read you may have a feel as to why she wrote all that she wroteI am yet to finish the book but I am at it and enjoying my journey through it Thank you Uma TrilokThe picture on the cover tells a story by itself Those nostalgic moments come paradingI am done with it and I have of Amrita around me her poems and stories touch me a little Imroz keeps standing and admiring Amrita and the relationship blooms and flowers turning into gulmohars set ablazeThank you Uma for the account of this beautiful relationship

  6. Iffat Iffat says:

    This book was just a glimpse of the relationship between Amrita and Imroz Such an emotionally and spirituality charging relationship it was that its contents will forever be rummaging in my heart like a love offering from bothIf love like this do exist in this world between two individuals then I can proudly say that we are born out of love; only to love

  7. Niharika Sharma Niharika Sharma says:

    This book made me realise that in true love death is not an obstacle one can continue to love even after their loved one is no Love is immortalMain tenu fir milangi these eternal lines by Amrita have to touched me deeply and will live with me for lifetime and may be after death too

  8. Namitha Varma Namitha Varma says:

    How can one not choke up on the beauty of the relationship between Amrita and Imroz?

  9. Fozia Fozia says:

    a lovely recollection of a lifelong beautiful unnamed friendship

  10. Syed Umar Syed Umar says:

    • BOOK REVIEW • When I wrapped myself with your being Our bodies turned inwards in contemplation Our limbs intertwinedLike blossoms in a garlandLike an offering at the altar of the spiritOur names slipping out of our lipsBecame a sacred hymn 🍁 One of the best love stories I've read so far Simple and beautiful 🍂 It's a short read and one must read this beautiful book as it gives the reader the sense of a passionate bond between two souls🌱 I loved the writing Beautifully written and I am sure it will change the perspective of the reader about love Amrita lived her life on her own terms in that period of time She and Imroz lived together without any fear of the society 🌿 Amrita was the writer of Imroz's life and Imroz was the painter of her life

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