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Endless Chain Sam Kinkade is finally feeling at home as a minister in rural Toms Brook Virginia content with his life and Shenandoah Valley congregation But his plans to welcome the area's growing Hispanic community are being met with resistance Fortunately when the church run community center is threatened a stranger named Elisa Martinez walks through his door and Sam realizes he has found a woman capable of building bridgesElisa isn't looking to make connections She has come to Toms Brook to hide But despite her fears of discovery she is enchanted by the beautiful work of and the friendship offered by the women who invite her to join their uilting circle And even though she fears the conseuences for both of them she finds herself powerfully drawn to Sam and to the generations old love story rooted in the town's pastWill she and Sam repeat the past or can they find the love and the freedom they seek at last I am totally impressed with the way Emilie Richards brought several issues around and tied them up neatly I really think before you read this one you need to read the Wedding Ring That way you understand better who the characters are and what their past has beenI won't give away any spoilers but I will definitely say this was a really good story This was a rereading for me and the second time around feels even better than the first From the first book in the series we meet again the older woman Helen who is a total ueen of uilting This time around I appreciated all the uilting references even now that I am uiltingI loved Sam and his outstanding approach to his ministry and believe in standing up for what is right even when it upsets others and lands him in trouble with the law Elisa's story was so relevant even to today's world Even wonderful stories like this do not change the world we live in unfortunately However it does show the value of truth and justice and love And how wonderful it is when those who believe make a stand for themI loved the story within the story of those who hung uilts out with black suares to guide the slaves who were making a bid for freedom and the story of Dory told through letters foundThe narration by Isabel Keating was amazing it brought the people alive so well Totally in love with her interpretation of a well written book Rereading via audioI went straight into this book after Wedding Ring I was pleased to meet Helen and uilters again and to see further into Tessa's life This story is Sam's By the end some tears were shed and I had been fully engrossed in this book again the sense of community was outstanding as ER explored the issue of integrating 'outsiders' into a place A wonderful story One of the Shenandoah series based in Virginia this one features a woman Elisa Martinez who comes to the Community Church in the small town to seek employment as a sexton to the Pastor Rev Sam Kincaid A private mysterious woman of many talents Elisa's bi lingual abilities are a God send to Rev Sam in establishing an English Immersion class for the children of farm workers in the areaMs Richards writes of life in a small town very much like it usually is There are several sub plots not just Elisa's story going on here many pieces that come together just like a well crafted uilt Endless Chain is the perfect title Again Ms Richards does not disappoint with her engaging characters peeks into the past generations a lot of history and thought provoking situations Loved it

  • Paperback
  • 570 pages
  • Endless Chain
  • Emilie Richards
  • English
  • 10 January 2014
  • 9780778323167

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