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For The Frat Boy 3 Secrets are made to be found outChristopher is now president of Beta house and with that comes a lot of responsibility When the vice president of Alpha Chi the hottest sorority on campus takes an in interest in Chris he has no choice but to go on a date with her or risk Beta house plummeting in the social standings Thomas is devastatedBoth Christopher and Thomas have never been happier Neither of them can deny the physical and emotional attraction between them But they're living in a secret world where everything is hidden from their family friends and frat brothers As their lies continue to grow they know they must out themselves soon or risk their secret being revealedNote Contains men making love

5 thoughts on “For The Frat Boy 3

  1. Maddie Maddie says:

    The ending was awful They could have done so much with it but it felt like you got lazy Otherwise I did enjoy the book even if it was way to short

  2. Hc Hc says:

    Conclusion of course all is well in the writing world Cliche wrap up Coming out to frat and campus didn't ruin them or the frat The cliche ending didn't detract from the over all sweetness of this for me though And finally have the 'main' event of intercourse but again it is sweetness than descriptive Also the implication that sometime in the past year they actually have already passed this barrier but this would be the first time they've truly made love Also disappointing that their end didn't go further out than the end of the big party with them socializing

  3. Maddie M1RiH Maddie M1RiH says:

    Final and flowing through the books together was great 35 starsChris has taken to college he has been seeing Thomas and became the beta president with in a short time and we follow him through his struggles Great end and I loved these two plus other charactersSo want from these as going to miss there journey Grab the box set and enjoy the thrills and charm of these guys through the frat life

  4. Diane Diane says:

    Thomas and Christopher ForeverThese young men had the courage to stand up for themselves in the most public way possible I hope the depiction of the Beta fraternity was accurate If so what a wonderful organization

  5. Adina Nicc Adina Nicc says:

    personally i would have loved a little bit drama but as it is it's a sweet story

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