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The Larousse Book of Bread The Larousse Book of Bread features than 80 home baking recipes for breads and pastries from two of France’s most trusted authorities From traditional Boule and Cob and specialty Ryes and Multigrains to gluten‐free Organic Sour Doughs and Spelts and sweet Brioches Kayser’s easy‐to‐follow recipes feature detailed instructions and step‐by‐step photography No matter if you are creating uick and simple Farmhouse Breads or gourmet treats like Croissants and Viennese Chocolate Bread with its uniue structure and a comprehensive guide to techniues ingredients and euipment

10 thoughts on “The Larousse Book of Bread

  1. Katelyn Jenkins Katelyn Jenkins says:

    Personal anecdote hereWhen I need a pick me up having a bad day or sick or what not I love to see and smell bread The taste the textures the aroma the feel the coolloorrr I LOVE IT Bread is amazing And I aspire to make bread as good as bread from the day before sliced breadThere I said it Now with this I say this book is ABSOLUTELY incredible From the recipes to the walkthroughs It is simple yet robust humble yet bold Some beautfiul dynamics happen within these pages It keeps true to the asthetic bakeries from the around the world imbue For the love of bread this is a cookbook that pays respect to the simplisticly modern classics everyone loves Get this book please

  2. Karen! Karen! says:

    This book was incredibly well done The step by step was fantastic but it is not dumbed down by any means the author gives everything in professional and accurate terms but aids the aspiring baker in translating the jargon The images included are than sufficient to guide and entice for that matterAnd the results are so yummy

  3. Richard Newbold Richard Newbold says:

    Received this as an Xmas present and have just got around to investigating the recipes about 120 of them These are almost all traditional sourdough based bread recipes with a range of types of flour and various flavourings savoury and sweet particularly recommend the turmeric bread looks and tastes sensationalProbably the best part is the tutorial introduction first eighty pages which as well as the mechanics of starters mixing and proving a brilliant series of instructions for the various shaping and plaiting techniues so that your output can match the best Boulangerie ArtisanaleIt will suit those wishing to move on from the basics though the accomplished home baker will find it rewarding too An appendix gives upscaling recipes and cooking tips for those who want to do a batch bake

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    I was given this book as I’ve baked my own bread for a long time Initially I used commercial dried yeasts and latterly for the last 2 years my own sourdough starter I haven’t used this apart from flicking through; mainly because I’m not worried about using starter AND commercial yeast I can’t see the need for it I should probably try a recipe or two but this aspect puts me off as it feels odd to combine a really good starter with a commercial yeast It might speed up the process but if time was an issue I wouldn’t be making SD in the first placeI’ll add comments if I ever try

  5. Maureen Maureen says:

    This is a beautifully photographed and designed book The writing is just okay and I found myself getting confused during discussion of certain techniues and needing to research a bit further for clarification The biggest flaw of this book though is that there is a section on scoring methods that doesn't even show the resulting bake from each score I could hardly believe it Still a pretty book though and certainly a good one for beginners to sourdough and also to intermediates

  6. Renee Renee says:

    If you bake bread often enough to maintain a sourdough starter this is the book for you If not it has lots of pretty pictures that inspire you to try to find other versions of these breads to make when you're cooped up on a rainy Saturday but definitely didn't have the foresight to make a starter

  7. Viviana Viviana says:

    I love recreating recipes from this book Every time I prepare a new recipe I simply cannot wait to see the results Baking bread takes time and reuires patience and this book has taught me uite a bit about it

  8. Khadijah Abdul Khadijah Abdul says:

    this is my go to book if I want to have some great bread it includes a good selection from easy to bake to the advanced baker In this lockdown it has been an excellent time fillerThis is the type of book that will be used over and over

  9. Jocelyn Jocelyn says:

    y'all know i fucking love bread

  10. Vivian Pham Vivian Pham says:

    Definitely a must have for bakers

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