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Horrid High This book was horridly good in its own way Ferg the main protagonist is a child who has been neglected all his life by his parents They find a horrid school which assures them that they would no longer have to worry about their kid and can blissfully forget about him The school itself had food which wasn't actually food no beds and the teachers all obviously horrid hell bent on making the kids lives miserableEven though its absolutely unbelievable the writing and the descriptions made it less so and I found myself falling into the story myself The sense of friendship team work mischief and misery was imminent throughout the book Even though I guessed all of the plot twists in the book I believe that a middle grader would enjoy the mystery thoroughlyThe word play was incredible Example 'Ferg Gottin' the protagonist's name was a play on the word 'forgotten' which ironically he wasA uick funny read all in allNote I met the author at a book convention around a year and half back which was what made me pick up the book in the first place She's a charming lady who had us interested in a children's book in 5 minutes However it did not affect my way of looking at the book at allCannot wait to dive into the second book D I had picked up Horrid High on a whim and I so don't regret it Payal Kapadia draws you into a world so peculiar and yet so interesting Her characters are wonderful and uirky the language fluid and the story fun There is something fuzzy and warm about the book which strikes a chord somewhere in your heart What is one thing that will remain with you is her wordplay especially in the choice of character names Recommended to the young and the young at heart Enjoyed reading it If you haven't read it it is your loss'Horrid High' is a juicy paper back that has been written with such prowess and expertise for it allows you to feast on a banuet of conceptual excellence that one can only savour delightfully and I assure you you won't burp for you will still be craving for despite a good fill Payal has succeeded in effectively conveying the 'horrid' in order to bring out the innate evil that every human being sadistically possesses but often suppresses By exaggerating it she strikes a sympathetic chord amongst the readers as they not only partake in the journey with Ferg and the others but also reflect upon the attitudes of the grown ups Although it is fictitious one cannot ignore the underlying realities that float throughout the book By presenting what 'should not' exist she mocks at those who share these beliefs and attitudes and enjoy torturing children yet drives the message to those who shudder at the thought of being monstrous companions to kids that it's time to appreciate 'what is' The book is universal in its appeal for its high octane language scintillating characterisation and most importantly an idiosyncratic theme which culminate into the vision called 'Horrid High' This paperback is for all to read; young or old male or female parent or teenager humane or inhumane Azmin Mistry Vania This is the most wonderfully horrid book ever to be created It is a treat for the eyes and the mind Payal Kapadia is a very entertaining and imaginative writer This is a perfect book It has got everything in it Funny parts scary parts horrid parts parts where you can feel victory parts where you can feel losses She has not left the suspense all through out the whole book This book is about a boy called Ferg Gottin whose parents sent him to Horrid High as they did not want him His parents thought of children as an experiment gone badly wrong even though they were once children themselvesI liked Horrid High a lot although at times I was bored because of lack of pace The book took me on a journey where I felt as if I was part of the character Ferg If you like suspense with happy endings you will surely like the book I recommend the book for ages 9 12 although adults can also read “Move over Mallory Towers Horrid High is here In her book breathing fresh puffs of air into the musty neglected world of Indian school story writing Payal Kapadia is in sparkling form She has created a tale brimming with cleverly christened characters roiled in some unforgettable situations Much fun and many foibles unfold in this lovely dance of a book Children and adults alike we want the adventure never to end” This book is very special and set apart from other books Most books have at least a few boring pages or bits which we don't like Not this one Every paragraph in this book moves at the same speed or rather 'races' would be a better verb to describe it not 'moves' It was so good I insisted on reading it late into the night till I finished it the night I received it A clever tale of how lovely children outsmart their horrible parents A must read for all ages Horrid High undoubtedly makes a direct connection with its young audience Right from the beginning you develop an emotional empathy for the protagonist Ferg as his parents are introduced the most selfish parents for whom Ferg turns out to be just an accident The book also very well defines how a poor 11 year old kid with a routine of negligence gets adapted to various ruthless conseuences The book certainly reflects what seems to be a happy experience instead is encountered as an area of darkness which totally draws you into the book As likely said there is no going back The book takes its twists and turns but is easy flowing with good and easy elouence that suits a childlike reader Must say Payal has truly lived an 11 year old boy while penning down her mind She has very impressively described details just like how kids want Illustrations are superb and support the text very well It is very visually driven Rooted with new friendships many mysteries are solved It’s great how Ferg along with his friends embark on a journey to deal with the Principal Perverse’s wicked plans It’s a horrid adventure on a whole to which children will relate toWhat surprises the most is this story with an unbelievable end I am sure it’s a book that will not let its readers down It will surely weave magic among kid’s creative thoughts I say open your mind to this read Happy Horrid High From the winner of the Crossword Book Award 2013 for Children's WritingA riotous rambunctious adventure in the world's most horrid schoolIf eleven year old Ferg Gottin had been bought from a store his parents would have returned him and demanded a refund For Mr and Mrs Gottin parenting is an experiment gone badly wrong So they look for a school where you can dump your kids and forget about them At Horrid High everything is downright horrid from Chef Gretta's cooking to Master Mynus's truly mental maths classes But Ferg finds four friends with extraordinary skills and they make a series of startling discovering about their horrid schoolCan Ferg and his friends survive Horrid High together And can they stop Principal Perverse's wicked plans before it's too late Open the gates of Horrid High and find out

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