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Best Friend to Wife and Mother? This was basically a cozy romance Two very nice people who have been friends forever realize they're attracted to each other and angst about whether they should risk their friendship by pursuing a relationship Neither of them ever did anything bad and they were falling all over themselves to be polite and thoughtful and respectful to each other Heck Leo needlessly apologized about a thousand times over the course of the book All the secondary characters were super nice too even the guy the heroine jilted at the alter at the very beginning My one complaint about the book is that nothing much happens There's no suspense No threat No dark secret that might wreck everything No OW or OM Nothing So it was a sweet friends to lovers romance but kind of dull for my tastes First book I have read by this author A thrift store find for39 Well worth the price I love friends to lovers romances And I loved Leo Zaccharelli and Amy Driver But what woman wouldn't love a gorgeousman that cooks and speaks Italian and is a loving dad? Different than most books I read in that it's set in England and Italy Leo rescues his best friend Amy on her wedding day from making the mistake of marrying the wrong guy Then whisk her away to Tuscany with him and his baby daughter Ella where he has business Seeing each other in New lights things turn romantic Can their friendship lead to lead to forever? A sweet romantic story Very enjoyable Protagonistas Leo AmyProfesiones Chef FotografaPaises Italia Londres I read the first chapter with a struggle Flicked through the book and didn't like it don't know if it was because it wasn't a medical book but I hated it I do love Caroline Anderson medical books though Food sun drenched Tuscany a runaway bride and the best friends to lovers theme Win win win win Sweetly done Took them long enough to realize they were meant for one another Another cooking novel I guess it's the new trend But I thoroughly enjoyed it though Stepping out of the friend zone Leo Zaccharelli is a gorgeous TV chef but to Amy Driver he's just her best friend Yet when he saves her from a disastrous near miss down the aisle Amy escapes to Tuscany with Leo and his adorable baby daughter Ella Spending time with this beautiful little family which suffered so much tragedy after Leo's wife's death opens Amy's eyes to the joys of being a motherand a wife Now she's seen Leo in a whole new light can their friendship lead to forever This book was totally 80’s

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Best Friend to Wife and Mother?
  • Caroline Anderson
  • 12 November 2016
  • 9780373743278

About the Author: Caroline Anderson

Caroline Anderson's first romance novel was published in 1991 by Mills & Boon and she specializes in medical romances Her most long and popular series is The Audley Memorial Hospital where romance is the best medicine of all In 2002 she published the original Double Destiny Duology where Fran Williams lives two different lifes and loves Now she has created a new successful series Yoxbur