Paperback  Intimate Strangers MOBI ✓

Intimate Strangers SHE WAS HIS FANTASYThe nightly dreams of making love to Molly Dumont had been Mike Randall's lifeline during the five long years of his wrongful imprisonment for murdering his wife But released now on an overturned conviction he changed his name and his face and the new Mark Ramsey wanted only revengeEverything about Perry's Cove NC was the same as Mark remembered including the good ol' boy sheriff who'd put him away And Molly Dumont In the flesh she was better than in his fantasies and harder to resist But as Mark closed in on the real killer he faced the uestion that burned in his gut Was Molly the enticing innocent he remembered or was she part of the conspiracy Another good suspense book finished This one once again had a good mystery to it that had me wondering up to almost to the end on who did what Used Good Light spine crease; Light shelf wear

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