Culture and Psyche Psychoanalysis and India PDF/EPUB

Culture and Psyche Psychoanalysis and India Culture and Psyche is a collection of Sudhir Kakar's essays on cultural psychology which analyses various facets of Indian identity and sexuality through sources as diverse as case studies Indian myths and legends and popular cinema The second edition of this classic includes a new introduction and three additional essays which explore issues like riots the psychology of Islamist terrorism among others

2 thoughts on “Culture and Psyche Psychoanalysis and India

  1. Sankritya Vedanabhatla Sankritya Vedanabhatla says:

    Freud and Jung may be the pioneers of this esoteric art of psychoanalysis but Kakar shows how some of their analyses must be fine tuned to Indian context He proves that Indians sometimes referring as non westerners are really psychologically a different kind than the rest of the world These essays along with the Inner world would de mistify many things

  2. Mainak Ghosal Mainak Ghosal says:

    The book is well written by MrKakar like his other books in this genre but one thing I want to add is that the case studies would have been diverse if he included westerners as well

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