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Hidden Natural Histories Behind the cedar scent of fresh pencil shavings and the slightly bitter tang of orange in our marmalade are untold stories of human interactions with the natural world Celebrating the human heritage of these and other natural phenomena the new Hidden Natural Histories series offers fascinating insight into the cultivation and use of the bits of nature we take for granted in our daily lives In Trees noted garden writer Noel Kingsbury turns his pen—or pencil—to the leafy life forms that have warmed our hearths framed our boats for ocean voyaging and provided us shade on summer afternoons From the fortitude of the ancient ginkgo tree to artistic depictions of uince fruit in the ruins of Pompeii Kingsbury explores the culinary medicinal cultural and practical uses of a forest of tree species Packed with informative and beautiful illustrations—both new and from historical archives— Trees will charm and enlighten anyone interested in our relationship with the natural world and will be a special delight for every gardener chef and climber of trees It was really interesting to learn about trees found where I live in Singapore I'm always trying to expand my knowledge of the flora around For instance the neem tree was at the heart of a patent debate between big pharma and local farmers who were like dude we knew of these properties since ages agoand it became the first case of a patent being annulled Also learnt that the papaya which I long thought was indigenous to southeast Asia is actually native to South America and naturalised in SEA when Spanish colonist brought the seeds to their American empire and finally to Philippines Truly empire and botany go hand in hand Not bad This book is far from being the exhaustive reference guide to trees but it does offer up 150 mini biographies of various tree species along with tidbits about their uses as well as sowing advice Lovely vintage herbarium illustrations accompany the text What a huge disappointment After Noel Kingsbury's work with some of the best gardeners in the world this is his book on trees This book is a compilation of various trees across the world but is not comprehensive in any way Do not expect to look up a species you are interested in as the trees featured are too hit or miss for that Each species gets only one or two small pages which always includes a large illustration of the plant's leaves and flower The illustrations are really the best part The data on each tree is not comprehensive or necessarily accurate Note Catalpa trees are hardy far below 4 degrees F There are some interesting notes at the bottom of each page about the trees' medicinal properties uses for the wood etc While this is interesting much of what is covered can be found in comprehensive though boring local tree field guides

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