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Brides Bridal Series #2 The much anticipated seuel to Graysen Morgen's bestselling novel Bridesmaid of Honor Britton Prescott is dating the love of her life Daphne Attwood after a few tumultuous events that happened to unravel at her sister's wedding reception seven months earlier She's happy with the way things are but immense pressure from her family and friends to take the next step nearly sends her back to the single life The idea of a long engagement and simple wedding are thrown out the window as both families take over rushing Britton and Daphne to the altar in a matter of weeks

10 thoughts on “Brides Bridal Series #2

  1. P. Industry P. Industry says:

    This book achieves stupidity with such a blaze of glory that better novels stand aside in aweBritton Prescott is still banging Daphne like sex is going out of style It's only been a couple of months since the huge puffy explosion that formed the two family weddings they were forced into; apparently those families learned nothing from that experience because they're keen to force another Britton surprisingly and sensibly reluctant literally has the engagement ring pushed into her hand by a stern father with firm instructions not to come back to the house without a sexy hot wifyuCan anyone else see this going badly? No this couldn't possibly go badly Two people who never talk when they could shag having dated for less than six months told to plan and hold their wedding in less than seven weeks? Superb totally in character No seriously it's actually in character It's all right though we're assured by the author; Britton and Daphne are the loves of each other's lives I was glad of the clarification to be honest because I was worried there for a minute All this not talking and random jealousy view spoilerand running away hide spoiler

  2. Arien Arien says:

    25 stars Despite it's longer length when compared to the first book there's not a lot of actual content in it The same things keep repeating over and over again so even though I do like these characters I can't give it a higher rating

  3. Tara Tara says:

    375 stars I found this one to be a lot better than the first in the series with the character arcs stronger and it was easier to believe in their relationship

  4. Doug Elliott Doug Elliott says:

    Nice continuation of the Bridal Series The supporting cast is decent Britton still needs to grow up a bit

  5. Loek Krancher Loek Krancher says:

    AdorableOh my it's getting better and better A marriage is not everyone's cup of tea Sharon is a woman you can't avoid She is the centrepiece of the Prescott family and meddles with everyone's life It's awesome to see how she interferes with the wedding preparations Everyone wants a piece of the cake and the pressure is very high A breakdown is inevitable This is the second one from the series and it is just as the first one an excellent heartwarming and humorous story

  6. poppp poppp says:

    I liked the first one better and that's why it took longer to finish this one I wasn't gripped if you know what i mean I was also a little irritated by Britton's whining to be honest I'll still probably read the 3rd installment though

  7. Mirtha Siblesz Mirtha Siblesz says:

    AdorableWhat an adorable I hope there will be a third book The characters were very sweet Very well done Good job

  8. Leslie J Holbrook Leslie J Holbrook says:

    Great readJust finished the second book of this series and loved it even if a little shorter Will get to the third story in a bit Can't wait

  9. Heather Henkel Heather Henkel says:

    Enjoyed itI really liked this book It followed the first one perfectly I highly recommend downloading it and the first one

  10. Heinerway Heinerway says:

    Oh the joys of planning a wedding Stress stress and stress

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