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Taken The Harvest #1 We are not alone In the year 2050 mankind’s never ending uest for proof life exists in the universe is answered—in the form of massive space ships that appear without warning above the capitals of all major nations The name of their planet is Tah’Nar—and is dying The United States sets up a lottery system and each young man between the ages of twenty three and twenty eight is assigned a number Once a year for the next five years numbers will be drawn and a new set of one thousand males will be collected The media coined the expression ‘The Harvest’ for when the Tah’Narian’s collect these young menCaptain Keyno Landium Shou is a Tah’Narian starship captain who has been granted the right to take a mate any mate he wants during the last harvest on Earth Dale was seventeen when the aliens first appeared His parents assumed he’d be safe since the final collection would be done before he turned twenty three He didn’t fall within the guidelines established so they took for granted he had nothing to fearThey were wrong I never ever would have thought this book would be so damned entertaining I really didn't want to put it down until it was over Kinky as hell seeing as the alien mate could use his hair and tail ininteresting ways There wasn't an actual pregnancy for the MC in this book but the entire story was based on repopulating the planet so it still fits in that category I'm shocked I like it so much but there it is This could be a bit long winded so the CliffsNotes version is extremely romantic; not AT ALL dub con; two dimensional characters who behave disingenuously; affected languagedialogue that I've heard in movies comedy specials or read before; harvesting premise doesn't hold water; some sexy moments especially involving the tail and knotting; prosaic writing; unsatisfying endingHypothetical situation say you're a hot young twenty something guy you get abducted by aliens who perform a surgical procedure on you without your consent and inject you with their DNA which will modify your internal organs so you can bear their young among other things and you can never go home again What's your reaction? If it's something in the neighborhood of 'make lemonade out of lemons' this book is for you STOP READING HERE If your response is something along the lines of 'WTF??' then we have much to discussDale does put up a token fight but its pitiful and short lived I was so flabbergasted by this whole situation and his response to it I mean a couple days after his abduction he's rushing off to console and comfort another abductee who's having trouble with being abducted by aliens? And you're going to help him? What? I thought you were fussy about being abducted and pretty much forced to have some young'uns? I get the whole 'resistance is futile' but these aliens are wimps Seriously Keyno is the moodiest freak show of a character since 'Christian Grey' If Dale says something even remotely passive aggressive Keyno's does some weird aliencat whinewhimper thing that hits Dale right in the feels and he's immediately apologizing Again WHAT?? I swear I think that alien DNA kickstarted a PPD Pliant Personality Disorder not a real disorder in Dale About a week into his stay on the ship he becomes a whiny needy clueless and insecure wifehusbandmatechosen who is in constant need of his man's protection??? I'm not going to say it again but I'm thinking itI'm really trying not to hold the whole MPREG thing against the author since I'm the idiot who saw dub con flailed and reuested this book Lesson learned Nevertheless I chose this book and it's not the author's fault that this idiot reviewer skimmed the blurb Thankfully Dale avoids getting knocked up in this one However the relationship between Dale and Keyno is MF masuerading as MM even if you subtract the MPREG The entire story arc and relationship development is MF from the crazy possessive alpha hole male who carries around his woman has weird mood swings and wants the little woman at home barefoot and pregnant Dale occupies all his time lunching with his friends looking at plants magically solving everyone's problems with his accidental bluntness which everyone finds charming and making sure he's home by the time his man gets off work Frankly if I wanted to read MF I'd read MF but this type of story arc is precisely what annoys me so much about MF What is so appealing about taking two people who are so hot for each other that they're swinging from the chandeliers 99% of the time to having them get hitched and within a blink she's knocked up effectively ending the smokin' hot monkey sex they were having? Does not computeHowever we should consider sending Dale to the Middle East He could have that mess sorted out within a few minutes Every single situation is handled dismissively some of which are serious life altering events and deserving of at least a modicum of gravity Would that international relations were as easy as inviting ones enemy to have dinner at your house thereby ending a long standing feudNow let's talk about this harvesting program and its credibility How can the Tar'Harians mate with all these different races? None rejected the transition? But all the women of these planets rejected? Why can the mates never go home again? If the end goal is re populate the Tar'Harian race then after they've all bred their mates why do they have to stay forever and ever? And why keep harvesting? Seems like this harvesting is a never ending process but the aliens are really thoughtful and nice guys? oOThe sexy times are really the only thing I found remotely stimulating although I'm disappointed that the tail didn't get put to use The chasing and knotting are in the medium heat rangeWhat I had envisioned when I skimmed the blurb was something along the lines of what happened to Cam Dark Space during his Faceless captivity I'm not comparing but you say space and dub con and that's where my head went so to say I was disappointed by the complete and utter lack of anything remotely dub con would be an understatementThe ending seemed arbitrary The writing is uninspired and overly reliant on cheesy dialogue which kept jerking me out of the story However it did illustrate just how much useless pop culture information I've accumulated over the years Also I feel like some of the dialoguecharacterizations verge on prejudicial but perhaps I'm being overly sensitiveI've read some of the other reviews and people have 4 and 5 starred this book It wasn't for me but that doesn't mean it's not for you If you like fluffy escapism that's feel good and schmaltzy you will love this It reuired a little too much reality suspension for me I reserve my reality suspension for SM and his porky flufferyReviewed for I would like to thank Storm Moon Press for providing me with a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion Surprisingly I liked this novel 😁 No scratch that I kinda loved this novel and it’s really really surprising because my bestie hated it Usually when my bestie Lyn doesn’t like something I won’t even pick up that book 😑 But the blurb of this novel really intrigued me and I was in for some fluffy sci fi romance so I gave this one a chance and I’m glad that I did 😉 In 2050 the humans finally realize that they are indeed not alone in the universe because some aliens contacted earth for some reason And the reason is to harvest human males for their reproduction Dale was a victim of the program and now selected to become a mate of a big bad alien The thing is he’s actually underaged and wasn’t supposed to be collected as one Confused hurt and scared to death Dale found himself waking up alone and naked on a bed with a gorgeous alien 😱 Apparently he’s already been claimed and now the mate of the captain of starship Keyno All he wants to do is to go back home to be in his parents’ arms and to live his life as normal as possible But going home is out of the uestion and he may probably never go back home 😭 There’s no option but to start a life with captain Keyno on his planet whether he likes it or not  We don’t get a lot of Keyno’s characteristics except that he’s very loving caring and really really in love with Dale But Dale? Dale is a brat Side note – I just realized why I liked this novel because I’m also a brat?? 😂 Or so my other bestie Lorraine is always claiming that I’m one 😂👏 Anyhow Dale is a sassy mouthed witty never thinking before he opens his mouth energetic caring and bratty guy I loved his character 😍 It was really fun and hilarious to read the banters between him and captain Keyno The story is very mainly focused on the relationship aspect between Keyno and Dale and how their relationship blossomed into a full bloomed love rather than sci fi aspect This is a low angst novel but it has the fair share of some mild angst around 80% of the novel I loved the relationship between Dale and his friends And did I say the smut is hot? 🔥 Sensible tails and hair guys Tails and hairs 😱🔥 What can you need? Although the book can read as standalone I don’t think it would feel complete unless you read the second book too And I can’t wait to start reading and see their ultimate HEA This book is not a cliffhanger and they already have their HFNHEA If you ask be whether this book has flaws or not yes it has its flaws And that’s why it won’t earn a 5 stars fangirling rating from me But I loved it 😌 It was light fluffy smexy read with a lot of swoon worthy romance 😍 Favorite excerpts from the novel 💙 Keyno he looked like he was ready to go to battle He was tense—his body was tight and his eyes heavy Oh I knew that look; it was the same for human or alien Keyno was aroused And shit so was I The sexual tension was so thick between us I could've cut it with the knife I'd used on my steakTell me Dale do you know the history between our two peoples? Let's see The Tah'Narians attacked you guys and then you guys attacked them Which to make a long story short ends with me standing here now able to bear young So yeah I know the whole deal The invitation still standsAre you really Dale? Keyno suatted down in front of me Happy I mean Your happiness means everything to me but you never talk about us or I stared at him while he looked into my eyes his sentence unfinished I love you Keyno I whispered It felt right saying it now I'm happy being yoursI refused to believe Keyno was dead Tears flooded my eyes I wanted my mate dammit I wanted his arms wrapped around me holding me close I didn't want to be here; I wanted to be home It took me a few seconds to realize that I meant Keyno's house not Earth When had Earth stopped being home? What was there left for me now especially if if no He was not dead dammit 4 sexy macho alien captain and bratty sassy Dale stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 26% dnfIf not the horrible editing and amateur writing style this could have been a 5 star read

  • ebook
  • 195 pages
  • Taken The Harvest #1
  • M.A. Church
  • English
  • 06 October 2014

About the Author: M.A. Church

MA Church is a true Southern belle who spent many years in the elementary education sector Now she spends her days lost in fantasy worlds arguing with hardheaded aliens on far off planets herding her numerous shifters or trying to tempt her country boys away from their fishing poles It’s a full time job but hey someone’s gotta do itWhen not writing she’s on the back porch tending to th

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