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Going Home Consensual incest no go for me I've been meaning to read Max Vos for a while now so when I saw the content warning and the growing chatter on Facebook I figured I'd jump on this one before I was spoiled and I'm very glad I did This book definitely won't be for everyone and does challenge you to consider what exactly you mean when you say love is love as long as it's between consenting adults who aren't hurting anyone I fell for Carter straight off Growing up knowing he was unloved he still managed to make the best of things and is now working in his chosen field as a feature writer for a well known gay publication He is not thrilled with his current assignment as he makes his way out to an isolated ranch in Indiana to interview Matt Evans and Carl Foltz about their chosen lifestyle one that turns his stomach Matt and Carl have been together for about eight years when we meet them and obviously have a loving and strong relationship Carter soon finds his judgment of the men challenged as he observes their relationship and records their candid responses to his interview uestions and in three weeks finds his life changing than he ever expectedI have to admit my stomach did briefly sink at the end of the first chapter when I found out what was going on but the story was presented in a way that makes you think Max Vos did a good job of laying the groundwork and telling the story from each man's point of view through the interview processMy only real issue with the story was the insta love on the part of Matt and Carl when it comes to Carter I could absolutely see why Carter would fall so uickly based on his past but I would have liked to see where the feelings came from on the side of the other two men Getting over that though I enjoyed the story and Max's writing style This book also contains some of the filthiest sex scenes I've ever read All three men are very likable and I did come to like the way the relationships played out Max did manage to wrench some sobs for me over the Epilogue which made me both happy and sad I will absolutely be reading of his books in the futureThis book is now only available from 102414 As of today has pulled this title for content but it is still available on ARe102514 It is now pulled from ARe as well In a perfect world this could be possible sadly we are far from a perfect worldIt was hot as hell I was exhausted there was so much sex my head went dizzyThe whole story was awesome I cried and was horny at the same timeMy heart swelled at all the love on the pages All the good vibes omg I love itdamn I want to live with themThey were perfect with each other the three of them p e r f e c tFor those who love big taboo and lots of sex and most of alllove and love and lovePlease read this one Read the blurb I'm not gonna tell the storyI have to smoke some cigarettes figuratively with a big satisfying smile on my faceHallelujah praise the Lord for writers like Max Voshttpwwwmaxvoscomstore 35★ A slippery slidey whole lotta hot mess It made me laugh gag feel sad god I love taboo stories way too much It was a sweet story the taboo didn't bother me at all Matt and Carl were consenting adults when their relationship turned sexual and there was never an abuse of power or an imbalance between them and the sex was smokin' hot The author took great care to show that there was only love between Matt and Carl and nothing devious going on I believed itBUT I would have been happier had the relationship between MattCarl and Carter stayed exclusively physicalsexual I know that I have a hard time understanding romantic relationships between than two people Not saying that there is anything wrong with it just that I can't grasp it I always feel like at least one of them should get jealous or feel left out or whatever But that's just me Here though I didn't buy the insta love between MattCarl and Carter It was too much too fast Maybe if the book had been longer the characters would have had time to explore their connection and feelings for each other Matt and Carl had been so close for such a long time before Carter came into their life that I had a hard time believing they could develop such deep feelings for Carter within this short period of timeThe plot surrounding the taboo topic was a bit lacking and at times the story turned into sappy territory But the epilogue was filled with so many emotions that it almost had me tearing upRead as part of my EuroPrideCon reading challenge to read new to me authors before the convention No this book might not be for everyone but it may as well have been written just for me In this case no amount of petty technical issues or whatever the fuck else someone could come up with to complain about a book cannot take away from how special this book is At least for me All time best favorites shelf immediately and I knew it would be after the first few chapters and then it just got better My god this is brilliant and hard for me to put into words because I just finished it and for anyone who has read should know why I don't know what else to say I loved it Not just kinda loved it This story took me by surprise It is so well written so beautifully told so enlightening and eye opening Oh My Gosh I was hooked before I knew the premise Carter a journalist and reporter is on his way to interview two men for his magazine Along the trip we get a view of Carter's own sad past These cattle ranchers raise Piedmontese cattle known for their tender meat and have less fat Carl Foltz 6'5 and Matt Evans 6''7 both huge honey blonde haired men are built for hard work They have a secret and Carter is there to interview them; to write an article about their taboo relationship Carter delves right in taping the conversations with the men separately and then together In between the uestion and answer sessions Carter is learning an important message a lesson in life and love Besides the article that will be explained; Carter examines himself as well We've been told Carter's story of never having been loved or wanted nor did he ever have a home Knowing this he was realizing why he felt the way he did on the ranch The sex in this tale is powerful raw astoundingly explicit rough gritty and amazing Just WOW Some of the best I've ever read Our author Max Vos tells us an amazing love story overcoming huge odds to be able to live a fulfilling loving life This tale MUST be read with an OPEN MIND and a willingness to read an uncomfortable topic If you can do that you will be rewarded with this unusual love story Many thanks to my Goodreads friends Truus and Martin whose reviews convinced me to read this book Thank youThis will be a hard limit for some and it's ok but I'm sure glad I read it My first book by this author I've since read many Journalist Carter Roberts was reuired to interview Carl Foltz and Matt Evans for an article on their lives It was not an assignment he relished he just wanted to get there get it done and get out Thinking about the subject matter made his stomach churnThe interview reveals as much about himself as about the two men and for the first time Carter learns what a real home feels like He never would have expected that meeting the two men would change his way of thinking – and his life – forever WARNING Contains materials for ADULTS only If you have any reason to think that you cannot or will not tolerate any type of mature subject matter please do not continue If you have any issues with any type of taboo or what you may consider taboo material please do not read If you have a closed mind about any sexual activities whatsoever please put this book down or delete it now If you truly believe that love is love then by all means continue This book was not for me and the reasons had very little to do with the taboo element in the story I loved the description of their idyllic if isolated by necessity lifestyle together on the ranch And I was almost prepared to accept the relationship and how it transpired until well putting that under spoiler tag further downI have no problem with insta love most times but I wasn’t feeling the insta love with Carter It came across as if they'd been looking for a third and it seemed like insta lust Then later we learn that view spoilerCarter was the second time they’d had a third in bed hide spoiler Well I'm going homeBack to the place where I belongAnd where your love has always been enough for meI'm not running fromNo I think you got me all wrongI don't regret this life I chose for meBut these places and these faces are getting oldSo I'm going home Home by Daughtryhttpswwwyoutubecomwatch?v7bnX I would like to do a review for this book that would give it justice but Pacuiao and Mayweather's fight is coming in a few so I'll just make it damn short lolI've read Dani's review before reading this to know what kind of taboo I was getting myself into And I pretty much agree with her reviewIt was FUCKING HOT I didn't mind the taboo It was just fucking hot They were naked all the time which is one of my BIG turn ons And this author can write sex really well I was horny the entire time reading it Lol And I agree that the Insta love between Matt Carl and Carter was not the pace I would've wanted between the three of them If this was only about Matt Carl though their pace was perfectThe ending This is the thing that worried me than the taboo Yeah it was bittersweet But I kinda expected what happened It was melancholic to say the least The thing that I took with this is that love is love No one should hate love It is a gift that should be cherished and not thrown away No matter whoever it is you ended up being in love with I can't recommend this to anyone As open minded as I was I felt that trait of mine was tested with this story IF YOU EVER CAN OVERCOME THE TABOO view spoilerThe taboo being a father and his biological son in a consensual incest hide spoiler

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