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The Sheikh's Pregnancy Proposal A brilliant read and a story well told It's been awhile since I've read a Fiona Brand story but in the past her books were sexy and well written They are still well written but now are lacking in the sizzle department There are a lot of fade to black sex scenes in this book Now I don't need Fifty Shades of Grey but a little chemistry between the main couple in a romance book would seem appropriate This novel was much too sweet for me especially since it's in the Desire line I'm not sure if this was a fluke but I don't think I'll be checking out her other newer titles if this is a trend I'll just reread her older books This sheikh must marry the mother of his child Twenty four hours before he's to formally announce his engagement to the bride his father has chosen Sheikh Kadin Gabriel ben Kadir gives in to a rare moment of temptation But when one night with Sarah Duval leads to pregnancy he vows he'll be part of mother and child's life His plan replace one political marriage for another He'll wed the captivating history teacher who arouses such powerful desire and keep his heart out of the bargain But Sarah wants a soul mate How can she promise forever to a man who has sworn never to be ruled by love Good book Sarah is a twenty eight year old history teacher who hasn't had good luck with men She's had two engagements not work out Now she has taken a good look at her life and doesn't like what she sees so she is determined to make a change She gives herself a makeover and heads off to the Zahir consulate for a reception There she meets a good looking man named Gabe who really gets her motor going When she has car trouble later that evening he offers to drive her homeGabe is the heir to the Zahir throne and as such is expected to marry He had been married young to his childhood sweetheart but the marriage hadn't been a happy one His wife had been even younger than him and hadn't been mature enough to handle the life they had to lead She was clingy and selfish and gave him no peace She died tragically when she ran off in a fit of temper Since then Gabe has sworn that he would never allow his emotions that much control over him again He is currently being pressured to marry again and as he really doesn't care who he accepts suggestions from his father The night before his engagement is due to be announced he spots Sarah from across the room and is intrigued One thing leads to another and they share a passion filled night together He can make no promises to her and leaves without telling her who he is and doesn't contact her againFour months later he hasn't been able to forget her When he finds out she's pregnant he knows that he must be a part of her life He is willing to do whatever is necessary to get her to marry him except to give her his heartI really liked Sarah She is independent and self reliant I loved seeing her step out of her comfort zone that night and go after what she wanted Gabe Though she tries to tell herself that she not going to hold out for love there is an instant connection with him and she can't help picturing a real relationship with him When he disappears the next day she forces herself to move on without him When she discovers she's pregnant she attempts to find out who he is and contact him but is unable to do so When he shows up unexpectedly she is furious that it only appears to be because of the baby She has to decide if she can marry him knowing that he doesn't love her I really loved seeing her try to hold strong against his intentions while he tries to convince her that what they have is enoughI liked Gabe's protectiveness which was evident even when he was trying to stay away from her He also couldn't get her off his mind much to his dismay Even so when he found out about her pregnancy he was uite happy for the excuse to break his engagement and plan to marry Sarah instead It was eually amusing and frustrating to see him try to convince himself that all he felt for her was lust I loved the way that he finally saw the truth and thoroughly enjoyed seeing him in action as he tried to win her back 35 Simple and beautiful history This is a new author for me The author did a great job developing the two main characters The storyline was also well developed Great job to Fiona Brand 15 Can't fault the writing or even the plot line I was just bored silly and skimmed a lot of it after 20% or so Not only was the chemistry between the protagonists amazing but the fact that both of them gave up other romantic ventures to be together was a nice twist The thing that I liked best was that the protagonists had such an interesting family back story I love how uickly Gabe stepped up to care for Sarah after their short lived affair despite the fact that he was about to enter into an arranged marriage While Sarah was open to raising her child alone she gave up living in her home country of New Zealand to raise her child with Gabe in Zahir I loved learning about not only Gabe and Sarah but of Kadin and Camille as well The parallels between the stories provided a get plot twist as the book went on Great book for the summer Even if H was a dumbass still both MCs were too sweet I need angst 1 His real fiancée wasn’t a virgin but h was so that makes her an ideal substitute WHAT MESSAGE ARE WE EVEN SENDING2 He had NO intention of breaking the engagement unless the h was in fact pregnant He would have married the OW no matter what his inner dialogue was Romance this was notPlease give me a break