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  • Karen van der Zee
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  • 12 August 2015
  • 9780373106943

10 thoughts on “One More Time

  1. AgentScully AgentScully says:

    'Sanny Joy Copeland itinerant journalist' 'Sanny Joy' he repeated slowly as if tasting the words 'I like it' 'I hate it It sounds like the name of a toilet bowl cleaner' With this brilliant start we launch on a heavily dialogue centric unusual HP set in Africa The banter is very enjoyable at least for the 1st 12 of the story The plot is good and the writing is good but the pacing didn't uite work for me I liked the banter in the beginning but it does get old after a while and I found myself wanting something substantial that I could sink my teeth into Then the pace picks up with the sex and the flashbacks and angsting Then it bogs down again in the heroine's bizarre dreams and snark And so on Overall though it is a good read The heroine is likable despite pushing everyone away I felt her angst very well but did get impatient with her toward the end The hero is likable too and pleasingly persistentstalkerific without ever being a jerk He's a bit bland having some of his POV would make me feel that I got to know him better It's nice to see an ordinary guy as a HP hero though and I really appreciated that he wasn't some GreekSpanishItalian gazillionaire The sexual tension is hot in the 1st 12 but the sex when it comes is not graphic The ending is sweet and appropriate I love unusual settings in my HP's and have to give the Africa locale big points It's almost a 3rd character in the story it's so omni present Wonderful description of landscape villages beaches foods rundown hotels Brings this up to a good 4

  2. SallyB SallyB says:

    In Karen van der Zee's One More Time I could relate to the heroine becauselike her I grew up in a dysfunctional home and survived in the best way I knew how Unlike her I had an awesome mother Adult children of alcoholics do not learn healthy emotional habits and the author portrayed that imo very well through the heroine When I was 23 the chickens came home to roost so to speakand my childhood emotions caught up with me and led me to an AlAnonAADAC counseler who changed my life Through my counseling I learned the beautiful personalities that come out of ucked up homes and the heroine in this story portrayed what we called The joker of the family Sad to say they are usually the suicidal ones that people never see coming until it's too late Thankfully go Harleuinthis one had a happy ending The heroine had a brick wall of jokes that kept everyone out and the Hero had the patience of a saint and pursued her til she cracked like the nut she was He actually had to let her go first before he finally got her That kept up through i lost count how many countries in Africa and ended inwas it Wisconsintoo lazy too check He would have to be a saint to make it work because I have a strong feeling that her issues would probably be ongoing for awhile Rome wasnt built in a day and all thatThis story might not be popular with some but it still worth a read

  3. Verity Verity says:

    W the rare exception of Jamie Outlander saga Perry A promise of spring I haven't been too keen on beta heroes but this 1 almost converted me Luved the slippery marriage proposal in the shower w heroine's flippant zinger Of course not Booyah Sumptuous imagery of Africa thru' the eyes of Sanny The food fruit descriptions had the same devastating effect on my crash diet as a penniless alcoholic in a bar Hero's self deprecating humor was a nice balance to Heroine's phoney facade For once U get to see a hero so smitten w Heroine that he's willing to chase her to the ends of the earth w a U can run but U can't hide attitude No external conflicts no viperish fork tongued other woman no gazillionaire sweeping downtrodden heroine off her feet he actually uses his intellect as his livelihood How's that for a change ? I wish modern HNs would revert back to this style w no embarassing generic hair raising title cough Pregnesia cough on the cover Heroine's running commentary w her annoying other self shoulda been nipped in the bud her overlong dream seuences stole hero's screen time The declaration of luv is right up there w my ultimate fav ILY by Logan Daphne Clair Dark remembrance 'Sanny' he said uietly emphatically 'besides all the obvious aspects of love — the infatuation the attraction the feelings of closeness and belonging — besides all that Sanny love is a decision That's what keeps it going in the long run through bad time and difficult situation' Mark said softly 'Love isn't just something you feel some state of mind you have no control over Love needs nurturing to stay alive and that is a conscious decision every day Sanny It expresses itself in all the little daily things that happen between people' His hands slid down her back and he drew her closer 'Love doesn't just stop or fly out the window It dies from neglect' He paused'Sanny' he continued softly 'I love you My promise to you is that I will not neglect that love'

  4. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    One More Time is the story of Sanny and MarkOh what a sad and heartbreaking tale This is the anguish filled tale of love between our traumatized and broken heroine a journalist with a terrible childhood and abandonment issues and our hero a professor and kind hearted gentleman who falls in love with her chases her every time she runs away and makes her accept him in her life and his love for her She has a LOT of problems but hides under a cheerful facade something the hero sees through and forces the heroine to expose her chipped heartLots of angsty back and forth non descriptive passion and hurt in this one but Im glad the heroine begins to heal at the very end and I commend the hero for not giving upSafe45

  5. Kay Kay says:

    4 12 Stars Sanny's start in life was abandonment and neglect and she grew up moving from foster home to foster home Her generous nature soon took some serious knocks and she uickly learned that love was an illusion and she couldn't afford to let herself care for anyone too deeply After working three years as a journalist for a Boston paper she's tired of the social fluff she's given and decides it's time to make her future West Africa sounds challenging and exciting and so she packs up and starts her adventure in Senegal and travels slowly north seeing how the people live She meets Mark in Liberia where he's lecturing as part of a tour with the US Information Service She intrigues him and he insists on getting to know her but after a few days of acuaintance she says her goodbyes and moves on When she arrives weeks later in Abidjan and answers the knock on her hotel room door she's amazed to find Mark He's not ready to let her go The time she spends with Mark the determined she becomes to keep him at arms length But her heart and body refuse to listen to that little voice warning her to beware until she realizes it's too late and she's already fallen for him hard But she can't have Mark he'll only leave her evntually she's better off to make him leave her nowI knew this was going to be a delicious read when in Chapter One Sanny asks why he's following her Mark tells her to guess and she throws out teasingly that he's fallen head over heels in love with her to which he agrees And then in Chapter Two when he catches up with her he declares I'm in love with you I really liked Mark no matter how Sanny pushed him away he stayed steady and took everything she dished out He wasn't a pushover either getting angry with her when after an amazing night of passion she froze him out Sanny is such a wounded soul she's gotten so used to the cheerful front she displays that she's uite good at numbing her emotions Mark shakes her up and while she's able to put her emotions away during the day at night her dreams take some bizarre turns and Mark's there in every dream There are some hilarious moments throughout the book Ms van der Zee has a wicked sense of humour This works well to balance out the emotional turmoil and really rather tragic childhood Sanny experienced I thought the use of Sanny's vivid and imaginative dreams to help her work out her emotions was rather clever and great fun to read I loved the way Mark got her in the end well done This is the first book I've read written by Karen van der Zee I look forward to reading

  6. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    I'm an angst junkie but this story was just depressing for the most part Reporter heroine is doing freelance writing while touring Africa Hero is economics professor on a lecture tour of Africa They keep running into each other Heroine alternates between interested and running scared Hero keeps pursuing her without coming across as a stalker I liked the hero a lot The heroine view spoiler was a hot mess most of the time Her foster childhood had left horrible mental scars and the author shows her mental anguish in exuisite detail from her waking thoughts to her horrific dreams to scenes of hysteria with the hero Okay you're a commitment phobe and afraid of everyone leaving but it got old The hero had the patience of Job Along with the heroine's journey through her horrific past we're given descriptions of her trip through Africa The hotel rooms the food what the lady on the bus said I couldn't keep up with all the countries she visited and I skimmed paragraph after paragraph of description that wasn't relevant to the story of their romance Eventually it all falls apart and heroine and hero go their separate ways back to America She tries to write and dreams all the time The hero sends her an open ticket to Wisconsin and tells her he'll love her forever She finally cleans her apartment and goes to see him HEA hide spoiler

  7. seton seton says:

    Great road romance through AfricaHeroine is the wise cracking type who hides her bitterness behind her jokes Hero is a professor who is trying to see behind her facade

  8. Saly Saly says:

    Rating 35The heroine in this book angered me infuriated me but all the while she made me feel for her her pain and abandonment issues were so great that even when she fell in love with the hero she just couldn't grasp it and believe it and instead did everything in her power to drive him away one moment being happy with him the other moment her other self would take over and she would turn into a shrewI loved the setting Africa the hero is a professor of economics and he just is great to her taking her out not accepting no for an answer from her and giving her all the time and space she needs In the end when she asks him why he kept coming back he tells her that she may have perfected her barriers with the jokes and all but he could see through her barriers her refusals to talk about her motherwho was an alcoholic who refused to give her away so that she could be adopted Peter the guy she said was her first love so he knew she loved him even when she said she didn'tI felt for her I really did she had shut herself down once she turned 13 and lost another foster family she loved at 16 she fell for Peter who again abandoned her so she coped the best way she could and just couldn't make herself believe that Mark would stay and that love would last it was just so sad her fear that ruled her life

  9. EeeJay EeeJay says:

    475Can't believe that something written such a long time ago could trump modern tales with such a huge margin i did have some slight issues which included the hero's pursuance of the heroine i think for me pride would get in the waywhich i guess tells me that i need to let go a little in that department Also the heroine's weird dreams were abundant I think one would have sufficed 3 or was it 4 or 5? were too much anyhoo a very nice story with lots of character i'm glad i got to read it and the hero's lil speech about love struck a chord with me too

  10. Booklover Booklover says:

    It was a good readstory progressed welladored Markenjoyed the banters between Mark Sanny but Sanny irritated me sometimes otherwise the book was goodRecommend it

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One More Time She had to break free of his loveSanny Copeland was all too familiar with the pain and rejection love seemed to bring Now she was immune to it If Mark Taylor thought he could change her that was his business Hers was pursuing a career as a journalistBut she wasn't prepared for the rush of emotion and yearning that Mark's tender touches and sweet words unleashed For her own protection she had to get away from him And before he discovered she'd fallen in loveMark would never understand why she couldn’t marry him or anyone

About the Author: Karen van der Zee

I always wanted to write ever since I was a child growing up in Holland I was a dreamer reading books and making up my own stories I had notebooks full of stories which I illustrated with crayon drawings My brothers burned the notebooks in the attic one day fortunately not burning down the house They don’t remember this now but I doI also always wanted to travel Holland is very flat and