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It's a Mom Brilliant Finally a book that tells it like it is Grade BA in partsThe latest book I've read is not the one I'm about to review However this book I'm reviewing is one that I've found myself uoting and reading aloud to all my new mom friends Why I picked it up Yes I'm a new mom and a book lover so I've discovered the Parenting section in my libraryWhy I finished itThe book It's a Mom dwelt on the sometimes conflicting emotions a new parent has you have this awesomely cuddly bundle of joy but you also need a break from being with a baby 24x7 Most of the advice is for a new or expecting parent right up to the toddler age groupPlus I related with the thought that you completely lose your self identity when you become a parent I also laughed out loud when browsing through it in the library because the examplesstories are so true People DO give you unwanted advice everyone guilt trips you if try new parenting ideologies and you will guilt trip yourselfI've tried to unsuccessfully discuss babies learning independence not wanting to feed my baby Cerelac or store bought baby food this one I won and Minus The author doesn't uote from any studies of parenting methodologies or scientific research all the How To advice is solely from her experience I wished there had been substantial citing I'd Recommend this to New Moms and Dads only not expecting parents Brilliant author 'I wish I had read this book before I first became a mother It takes a refreshingly honest look at the intense emotional journey of becoming a mother for the first time and validates all the feelings new mothers experience but are afraid to acknowledge' Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Bringing your first born into the world actually means the birth of a whole new you says first time mother and toddler survivor Shefali Tsabary While everyone fusses over the little bundle you're going to have to overcome the feeling of your life being taken over and turned on its head while your body has been transformed into something just as unrecognizable You'll have to learn to take pleasure in being a mother through the utter helplessness of the initial days the extreme fatigue resulting from sleepless nights and the overwhelming responsibility of shaping another life It's a Mom gives you invaluable advice on how to handle your baby and yourself in every imaginable situation From feeding and burping and establishing sleeping patterns to tackling your toddler's tantrums this book outlines effective techniues that will make bonding with your baby a pleasure And it gives you the crucial tip that your ever eager to advise relatives forget to mention you have a life beyond your babyand a body and mind and spouse to reconnect with 'Shefali Tsabary has written a book of profound personal insight with the courage to confront her actual experiences and extract wisdom from solutions that she found helpful'Roni Beth Tower PhD Diplomate in Clinical Psychology

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