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Metaphors of Mind An encyclopedic dictionary along the lines of Voltaire's classic Dictionnaire Philosophiue Metaphors of Mind provides an in depth look at the myriad ways in which Enlightenment writers used figures of speech to characterize the mind Drawn from Brad Pasanek's massive online archive http metaphorizednet this volume constitutes a veritable treasury of mental metaphoricsDividing the book into eleven broad metaphorical categories Animals Coinage Court Empire Fetters Impressions Inhabitants Metal Mirror Rooms and Writing Pasanek maps out constellations of metaphors He frames his collection of literary excerpts in each section with a descriptive and theoretical discussion of what he calls desultory reading a form of unsystematic perusal of writing freuently employed by Enlightenment thinkers By surveying the printed past alongside the digital present the book treats eighteenth century writing as its topic while essentially exemplifying its rhetorical approachMore than an exercise in uotation this intellectual history offers illuminating readings of fragmentary literary works and confrontations with neoclassical and contemporary theories of metaphor The book's entries complicate received ideas about Locke's blank slate uestion M H Abrams' claims about mirrors and lamps and chart changing freuencies of metal metaphors in a moment of industrial revolution The book also responds to current anxieties about reading and the mass digitization of literature touching on recent discussions of distant reading shallow reading and surface reading Promoting critical and creative anachronism Metaphors of Mind redefines the notion of an archive in the age of and Google Books

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