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My South My Soul Vol 1 Long before the United States could truly be considered a melting pot the city of New Orleans had already been for many generations a place where many diverse cultures came together and new ones born The uniue natural and cultural richness of the city came with a cost a disease known as Yellow Fever spread like wildfire leaving a wake of unimaginable suffering and deathIn 1853 a young Louisiana French Creole lady to be fell victim to that awful fever but her heart would not go uietly When her body succumbed her spirit found itself in the porcelain body of her favorite doll Now she searches the city for her love hoping with all her heart that he will hear her callI have only seen it on iBooks at volume of this series is packed with gorgeous photographs taken by the author over the course of 30 years in and around New Orleans In addition to several stories of the spirit's journey volumes will also contain articles that further explore the history of the city and it's sights the making of the project and children and people who fought the terrible plague that was and is Yellow FeverThis series is dedicated to bringing the short lives of these children and their suffering to the world so that that may be remembered and so that we might prevent this from happening againThe author began this project 30 years ago and the majority of these photographs were taken prior to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina making this a window into the past on two distinct levels See New Orleans from it's lush neighborhoods to it's stunning cemeteries as they wereThis series features Tavyn the most photographed doll on location in the world

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    This is one of the first books I saw that seemed to take advantage of my iPad that wasn't a textbook or an ad for some show on TV and it was cheap The whole book is black and white but the photos are wonderful and big It is a fictionalized account of the life of a girl in 1800s New Orleans who dies of yellow fever A gruesome first hand factual account of her actual death is included in the form of the image of a handwritten letter by the attending priest along with what has to be an actor reading the letter aloud You learn all this in the beginning before the stories begin The girl is dead and the something happens after that so she does not move onThe stories begin in the voice of a little girl very much alive in the setting describing mostly very happy things These words are layed atop very lovely photos of the area each one usually including a specific antiue doll It is a bit mysterious in the way it transitions from the death of the main character to the way the stories are told which seem to be the character remembering her life from the afterlife The doll in the photos seems to be some kind of focus or totem representing her attention perhaps the externalization of her now bodiless perspective It's moody lightweight and easily engaging for as long as it lasts The last story ends with insight into the girl's life but leaving you wishing there was explanation of her supernatural current stateIt's title suggests that the story will get around to explaining it in later volumes I have not seen those anywhere yet but I hope the author will complete this at some point You can tell there is a worldviewsystemview behind what is happening and I really want to know what it isIn short for under 5 it's an effective but short and moody distraction from the day and hopefully the beginning of a series that continues to reveal about this poor girlCan be found for iPad and Mac at iBooks

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