How to Write Like a Badass MOBI ñ How to MOBI

How to Write Like a Badass Have you ever wanted to write for a living Have you picked up a pen with a vengeance only to drop it with a sigh Or worse do you have a ream of manuscript lying around gathering dust If so you'll want to read this book In How to Write Like a Badass freelance writer and author Kevin Lankes lays out the fundamentals of professional writing Discover countless tips and tricks and find out how to make money from your writing now Learn how to construct stories and articles build and manage a platform get your work published and protect your rights as a writer Whether you're inclined to self publish switch from new media to print or snag a six figure book deal from a traditional publishing house How to Write Like a Badass contains all the direction you need to take your career to the next level Topics include The Creative Process The Business of Writing Freelance Writing Traditional Publishing Self Publishing Platform Building Social Media Management Intellectual Property Law And More

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