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Design Your Life ® Design plays an essential role in our daily lives You don't have to be a designer to design your life But it doesn't hurt to have some professional help It took designer Vince Frost than 25 years as a professional to appreciate the power of the design process as a means for improving his life 'If my design process brings value to me perhaps it can bring value to others Or radically bring others to recognise their own value' This book will not solve your problems You have to do that yourself But this book will inspire you to work better at living better

3 thoughts on “Design Your Life ®

  1. Déwi Déwi says:

    I know this book has been criticised for being self indulgent boring basic pretentious over rated blah blah blahbut I love it This is my second read of this book It's simple like a bumper edition of an interview The perfect book to read at the beginning of another year It's uirky has some sage advice it has some clever visuals some interesting interviews reminded me of Dumbo Feather mag thought provoking and basically just made me feel good and positive A book you can pick up at any time and dip in and out as you want whenever you need a pick me up

  2. Dillon Ashcroft Dillon Ashcroft says:

    This book has been promoted pretty heavily in Sydney Anything with Frost attached to it has been of uality over the years This though was than anything else pretty self indulgent The book is superficial and reads like the aftermath of a mid life crisis It could be excused for that if the design was truly beautiful and something worth keeping on your shelf for years to come but other than the outside packaging and print uality the design itself of many of the pages looks like first year design exercies playing on word forms

  3. Meghan Meghan says:

    This is a coffee table book with some interesting graphic design and interviews but it's basically one designer's perspective I bought it at MoMA

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