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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Spy Who Tamed Me
  • Kelly Hunter
  • 15 November 2014
  • 9780263248623

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The Spy Who Tamed MeThis is the fourth and final story in this series Sydney's Most Eligible and what a great one to finish with this is Luke and Amy's story Amy has had a mad crush on Luke since she was 18 eight years ago when this group of friends worked together at a resort in The Whitsundays and Luke also has had a thing for Amy but she was always his younger sister's friend and Luke will not let himself get too close to anyone because all he does is let them down well that is his opinion until Amy and Luke meet up again and the sparks fly and a decision to have a short fling makes both of them realize how much they love each other This is such a great story sensual moving it will make you smile I highly recommend it and this series thank you MS Rae for hours of reading pleasure I loved it Claiming the woman he's always wantedAfter wrapping up the deal of the century Sydney's hottest property tycoon Luke Moore is in town and craving distraction So when ravishing Amy McCarthy saunters back into his life he's very tempted When they met years ago Amy was totally off limits But now she's all grown up and ready to prove itLuke reminds Amy of a past she'd rather forget but his expert touch helps seduce away the memories And when Luke insists on indulging their chemistry on a once in a lifetime trip to Singapore denying his delicious demand is simply not an option As Kelly Hunter in an Australian author this story features the Australian Secret Intelligence Service not the American FBI or CIA or whatever And that was fun as it is so new and fresh to me Rowan has worked hard to be in the position she is in now and she is proud of it She loves her work loves being in charge of her agents and planning and plotting to keep them safe And now after two years undercover Jared West is back Just in time for his sisters wedding to his best friend bruised and hurt but he made it He knows he will have to be debriefed first but he doesn’t care he wants to see his family But when he sees his new Director Rowan sparks fly He doesn’t care that she is his boss or older than he is he wants her Rowan doesn’t mind the flirting but she will debrief him she is sure he has some information he hasn’t shared yet with the Agency Still he is very handsome Is there any chance for them to really have a long distance relationship With him living on the coast being with his family and with her working such extreme long hours in the city She is is not about to give up her career and start a family either She is 40 and she likes where she isJared has trouble letting his last case go though he is not happy with what happened that made him able to get out and he has some last evidence to find about dirty people in charge even at the Agency And then there is the little boy he promised to protect I devoured this story I liked both main characters from the first page they walked in the story and was rooting for them They did not make easy choices their relationship developed naturally and not too fast And when Jared really screwed things up Rowan did not forgive him easily she made him think things through as well And the ending really surprised me Rowan got the job she really wants and that opens everything up again The only thing I did not appreciate was the latest addition when they were perfectly happy without it at first 9 stars 3 35 starsKudos for an older heroine Parts of the story did not work for me Would a super spy be allowed to simply resign and walk away from his super secret job I also thought Rowan was unbelievably unprofessional by agreeing to an affair with Jared when she was his superior; a woman with her drive and ambition would not have done that Otherwise it was fun revisiting the West family and going undercover with a group of super genius operatives I thought this book had a lot of potential older heroine who is also at the start or less the hero's boss but I didn't entirely buy the relationship or nature of the hero's drama what was it exactly The playful earlier books in the series are my style Annoying epilogue We were cruising along SO WELL and then suddenly there was a desire to get pregnant and have babies when they'd already agreed on being awesome aunts and uncles It loses a star for this Thrills and spillsTightly woven suspenseful and believable plot The West siblings in action are fab reintroduces characters from previous novels in this series but a perfect standalone Jared and Rowan are an atypical pairing but his devotion to her and the way two very high functioning alphas achieve power balance respect dignity and love is a vey well developed story enhanced by aptly described and well developed secondary characters The two standout novels in the West series are The Spy Who Loved Me and Cracking the Dating Code I do wish authors would revisit the oldest book in a series to remind themselves of some details so it would be consistent One the better book in this series But then again brooding heroes are appealing 😏 I love what Kelly Hunter does with category romance tropes and this one was a older woman younger man romance Like all Hunters I adored the back and forth banter between Jared Rowan and how they sparked off each other from the start The attraction totally made sense in the context of their characters I loved how Jared admitted to himself how he was attracted to power especiallyWhat didn’t work for me spoilers view spoiler Workplace romances boundaries Rowan was not technically Jared’s boss at the start of their relationship she was certainly his superior though I couldn’t help but think “Inappropriate” The fact that the happy ending was one with a baby I thought Kelly Hunter was really going to push the MB romance boundaries here especially since Rowan and Jared had a conversation about how she was unlikely to fall pregnant and he totally accepted that fact So I thought the fact that the book ended with them having a baby was a bit of a cop out hide spoiler

About the Author: Kelly Hunter

Australian born Kelly Hunter is a three time Romance Writers of America Rita finalist a USA Today Bestselling author and loves writing to the demands of the short category romance form