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Renaissance Emerge Series #3 Renaissance is the 3rd in the Emerge series a dystopian young adult series by Heather Sunseri Sign up for Heather's newsletter at to hear the minute anything new is releasedNew Caelum is virus free and its citizens are eager to venture outside for the first time in nearly seven years But when an outsider shows up with a near fatal dog bite along with a harsh message from Governor Jackson it becomes clear the elite people of New Caelum are not welcome outside the gates of New Caelum and new dangers lurk in the outside worldWith Cricket suffering nightmares over past battles and West discovering a dark secret his mother kept well hidden from him—a secret that threatens to tear Cricket and West apart forever Cricket and West leave the city in search of a place for the people of New Caelum to settle They will not only have to fight Governor Jackson’s obstacles they’ll be searching for a future together neither of them is confident exists

About the Author: Heather Sunseri

Heather Sunseri was raised on a tiny farm in the smallest of towns in thoroughbred horse country near Lexington Kentucky After high school she attended Furman University in Greenville South Carolina and later graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in accounting Always torn between a passion for fantasy and a mind for the rational it only made sense to combine her career in

10 thoughts on “Renaissance Emerge Series #3

  1. Ashley Ashley says:

    I absolutely loved the series It was great to read a book that had a strong female lead which sends such a great message to young women to earn that you can make your own choices even if at times you are dependent on a man I found it was easy to connect to each character in the book The plot had such great twists that keep you interested Overall I highly recommend not only this book but the entire series You will fall in love which each character

  2. Beth Amy Beth Amy says:

    The 3rd in the trilogyWest has promised the people of New Caelum they are free to come go as they willbut there are obstacles for which he must prepare them such as an insane power hungry leader of 6 settlements to the south of Boone Blackstone New Caelum Once an epidemiologist this madman of a leader Eli Jackson who tales the title general forthe term madman is the only term I can use to describe him has mutated the Bad Sam virus that had decimated the population injected it into certain dogs He has dogs trained to kill any time he wants to harm an enemy enough of them are inoculated with the virus to kill the enemy or enemies The virus pits them into a killing frenzy then shortly afterwards they die In this way he hopes to contain any dissent against his rule Both West Cricket find out things about their parents that are diffiicult to bear They are faced with death damage many times They still are commotted to one anotherThe ending is first very suspenseful then happy It is obvious that their trials are not yet over but things end up going better than anticipated initially The series has some sentence errors in all the bioks but they're pretty easy to decipher There are also instances of inappropriate plurals including apostrophes used when making a noun plural FYI apostrophes are only supposed to be used to denote possession not pluralsyou don't use am apostrophe for a pluralso to sayThere are 2 girls named Catherinne rewrite it to say There are 2 Catherines you don't use an apostrophe; however⁸ if the girl named Catherine has a book you would sayThat is Catherine's book because the apostrophe denotes ownership

  3. Anra Clark Anra Clark says:

    The love story is super cheesy and detracts the reader's attention from the main storyline Lots of things from the story were left unexplained The basis of the pandemic was ridiculous and I didn't enjoy the fact that the disease was no longer the forefront of this book It felt sloppy that the story switched gears and was suddenly about the crazy governor The last few chapters were extra cheesy and the storyline was overall incredibly implausible

  4. Dorothey Batiste Dorothey Batiste says:

    A very good readRenaissance brings a very good closure to the Emerge Trilogy It was a good love story but sprinkled with enough suspense and action to balance out the story I don't like reading love stories except when written with purpose This Trilogy set itself up for a good follow up story What happened next in development of each settlement How do they work out their with each other I'll be looking to what follows

  5. Trish Jackson Trish Jackson says:

    Absolutely riveting trilogyThis book series hits all the bases it has adventure thrills conflict romance and much I understand it was written for a young adult audience but I thoroughly enjoyed it as well A good clean story that isn't boring and certainly holds your attention Don't miss out on this series

  6. Linda Hall Linda Hall says:

    What a movie or TV series this would beI can't help but wonder about the future of these people Will they have learned how to eliminate the greed and thirst for power and dominance over others? Will they be able to turn away from evil and violence? Will they be able to create a world where only the goodness in humanity prevails?

  7. John A. Sillasen John A. Sillasen says:

    Fair story a few surprises make it worth your timeSeuels usually have continuity This does and at times is uite predictable At others it takes unexpected turns Worth reading as a Seuel

  8. Kristen Kristen says:

    Fabulous endingThis book was a great conclusion to the series I loved reading it and couldn’t put it down My only complaint is that I wish it had been longer Seriously though this is a great series and you all should definitely read it

  9. Laura Laura says:

    You become invested in Cricket Probably not the best time to read this book with our own Pandemic going on March 2020 But this kept me entertained and rooting for the good guys the whole way

  10. Sheila gullick Sheila gullick says:

    Wonderful seriesWonderful series Absolutely love it Could not put it down Cricket was a great character West and cricket were great together

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