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A French Pirouette Au revoir old life Bonjour BrittanyParisian prima ballerina Suzette knows it’s time to hang up her pointe shoes before her next injury ruins her ankles for good But dancing is all she’s ever known and she’s terrified of who she’ll be after that final curtain fallsMeanwhile lonely Londoner Libby is pouring her life savings into buying an auberge that she and her late husband had loved visiting on holiday It’s a huge risk that could leave her brokeas well as broken heartedAnd then there’s Brigitte who’s retired to the village for a slower pace of life but who dreads seeing someone else run her beloved aubergeThree fresh startsone unforgettable summer

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  1. Anne Anne says:

    Last year I had the great pleasure of discovering the lovely writing of Jennifer Bohnet I thought The Little Kiosk By The Sea was really something rather special At the back of Kiosk were a few chapters of A French Pirouette and I did mention at the time that I wanted to read on and find out what happened to Libby as she took on the aubergeand now I have And do you know this book was every bit as lovelyAs a child I had a dream of being a ballerina I had the poise and build of a small elephant but I still think I could have made the grade if I'd had the right encouragement instead of the stifled laughter that greeted my efforts As Suzette bathes her calloused feet wondering what will become of her when she retires from the ballet it put a smile on my face and took me right back and I was hooked from the opening pages transported into a different little world The characters in this book are wonderful Suzette herself tugs at your heartstrings as she struggles to recover from a bruising fall that might end her dancing career sooner than she planned she needs a refuge where she can hide out for a while decide what she plans to do Libby has her scars too the sudden death of her husband a daughter moving on with a new life of her own fears about her future but taking on the auberge in Brittany as her fortieth birthday approaches offers her a fresh start along with a whole new set of challenges And then there's Brigitte and Bruno handing over the reins of the auberge to Libby wondering exactly what the future might hold for them Throw into the mix two gorgeous and available men one who runs a garden centre but has a rather unfortunate controlling mother the other the handsome and rather smooth local vet and you have the makings of a perfect story just waiting to be told And the author tells it so well Her characters are totally real people you might just know I particularly loved Libby and Suzette and really wanted them both to have the happy endings they deserved And she is so very good at creating a sense of place The auberge and its grounds become totally real with her vivid and detailed descriptions I'd really like to move into the gite alongside the auberge especially after the little extra touches added by its new resident She has a gentle flowing style that's so easy to read and a natural storyteller's skill in weaving together the different threads of her story There's romance here but there are also lies and a bit of deception family issues problems to be overcome but it's all wonderfully gently done nothing that's going to really upset your escape into the Brittany countryside sheer enjoyment from beginning to endOK so I read it on a grey and wet day in Yorkshire but this really would be a perfect book for an afternoon in the sun maybe with a glass of wine to hand would an accordion player in the background be too much do you think? It's a teeny bit lighter than The Little Kiosk I thought maybe slightly fewer threads to the story but it's a simply gorgeous read all about healing starting over putting away the past and moving forward And I loved every single moment

  2. Verity W Verity W says:

    Copy received from NetGalley in return for an honest reviewThis is a charming and readable book with several different character's stories criss crossing and interacting Libby reminded me of a Trisha Ashley heroine in many ways that's a good thing and I really liked Suzette the ballerina I thought the balance in the book between the stories was great and if the dialogue's Frenchisms sometimes annoyed me the didn't take me out of the narrative flow too muchIt's not a long book and I was sorry it ended so soon I'll keep an eye out for from Jennifer Bohnet

  3. Bethany Clark Bethany Clark says:

    What an amazing read from beginning to end It's such an amazing story of turning your life around after tragedy and learning to start over and create a new life for yourselfSuzette a prima ballerina has had an amazing career but it know seems as if her career is slowly coming to an end Injuries are becoming freuent and are taking longer to come back from But where does she go from here? Is there life after dance?Libby on the other hand has lost her husband and is trying to find the will to go on and be happy again and give her daughter Chloe the best life possible She then has a crazy idea should she pack and bags and realize the dream that her late husband once had to open a BB? Can she really do it on her own?Lastly there is Brigitte she has been running the BB in France for so long her husband would like her to sell and retire and have the life they have always dreamed of relaxation and vacationsThese three ladies take an amazing journey to find themselves and each other along the wayThis truly is an amazing story that everyone will cherish

  4. Julie Mellor Julie Mellor says:

    I absolutely loved this book It was my ideal story set in my ideal place Its my dream to do what Libby did 🙏 Thank you Jennifer and to all authors who have such talent to take us on such incredible journeys I will get round to start writing my first book and hope I can make people feel the same although mine will be for little people to begin with 😊

  5. Denise Hale Denise Hale says:

    Easy read which envelopes you into a rural French illdylThree different women reach a crossroad in their livesIn Britain Libby's daughter is about to start university and Libby realises that she'll now be on her own Since the sudden death of her husband two years ago she hasn't thought about the future but with her fortieth birthday approaching she wants to realise their dream of moving to FranceIn Brittany Isabella's husband wants them to sell their auberge move to his family home and enjoy their retirement In Nice Suzette was rehearsing for her performance when a bad landing results in a sprained ankle Unable to dance she returns to Paris aware that her career as a prima ballerina is coming to an end Although she left Brittany as a child at thirty eight she feels a need to return there to contemplate the next stageThe storylines are gentle with no great surprises but it's a relaxing journey in the country And due to current lockdown it's a chance just to experience ordinary life again I'm looking forward to trying the recipes given at the end of the book

  6. Cheryl Basile Cheryl Basile says:

    Great weekend readThis is the second book I’ve read from this author—love her writing style and especially her descriptions of places and foods Nice touch that at the end of the book she shares a few recipes that the main character made in the book main character was an owner of a guest house BB Her books really take you away—this one to the beautiful countryside of Brittany France

  7. Myrt Hatch Myrt Hatch says:

    An Absolutely Lovely BookI needed some mental time away from a very busy work week coupled with a move to a new home This book provided the calmness and cheering up my mind needed I loved the story line characters descriptions of the country and of course the great recipes which I absolutely plan to make Thanks Jennifer Bohet I look forward to reading of your books

  8. Merrilyn Merrilyn says:

    Interesting Stories In This BookThe three women in this book have challenges in their lives to face They have to make tough decisions about their futures although they have support from old and new friends


    This bookI did not uite enjoythis book as much as the other 2 i have read but still liked it very muchwhat I love about this author is the fact I feel I am in that part of France with the characters being people I know


    A light and heart warming readHaving thoroughly enjoyed A Riviera Retreat I was really looking forward to another of Jennifer Bohnet's books A French Pirouette didn't uite live up to my expectations but was an easy and pleasant read nevertheless

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