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Security Breach Bayou Bonne Chance #2 He was back from the deadand had a lot of explaining to do to his pregnant wife When Sandy DuChaud's murdered husband shows up very much alive on her doorstep confessing he's an undercover Homeland Security agent with terrorists in hot pursuit she can't just forgive and forget She has their unborm child to think about And a future with a man who faked his own death—no matter how much attraction still sizzles between them—isn't in the cards Still recovering from the near fatal injury that almost cost him his life Tristan vows to protect his wife and earn back her trust But with the killers closing in and the overgrown depths of the Louisiana bayou hampering their escape another funeral—this time for both of them—seems inevitable

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  1. Paula Legate Paula Legate says:

    I really enjoyed this book It had action suspense romance and an interesting plot Sandy experienced the trauma and grief of finding out her husband was dead Tristan and Sandy were childhood sweethearts They shared their first kiss together and it was love after that Now she is carrying his baby She fainted when she saw her dead husband Her mind must be playing tricks on her no Her dead husband wasn't dead at all Someone wanted him dead They came close the first time Now Tristan has to protect Sandy and the unborn baby and himself He's not going to let the bad guys winIf I was a nail biter I'm sure I would have chewed off my nails in some parts of this story great suspense The two were childhood sweetheart but it doesn't mean they don't fight Tristan let his wife believe he was dead for 2 months He was hurt real bad and couldn't get out of his bed most of that time He had dreamed of the day he would see his wife again Lets just say his dreams of his wife holding him tight and kissing him and what really happened was worlds apart She was MAD and yes I would have been MAD too A little conflict makes any book better She still loved him but let him know she was mad at him If you like action Romance this is a book I'd recommend to you

  2. Cami Cami says:

    I usually am very forgiving with Harleuin romances I have few expectations and consider it a light easy read for times that I don't feel like putting a lot of energy into reading But this book ended up way below those expectations I get that Tristan wanted to protect his wife I do But the way he went about it makes me think of him as an idiot First he stays away and lets her think he's dead But does he get any help at all from the resources that would really be able to help him? No And who's to say that letting his wife believe he's dead will protect her? Not knowing she's in danger is a bad thingview spoilerThen he baits and provokes the bad guy Anyone would know that the way he went about it would have a uick and devastating response But he doesn't put ANY protections in place to keep his wife and unborn child safe He seems to think simply telling the guy to stay away and leave his family alone is going to work Really?He had lots of time to retrieve the flash drive he had hidden and turn it in to Homeland Security And even if he wasn't able to do it himself his friend could have done it for him probably very easilyThe last thing that really bothered me was the sheer number of research type mistakes It was like the author simply didn't do any research to back up what was written For instance a SIM card is not what holds photos and video The memory card does hide spoiler

  3. Collyn Collyn says:

    I'll start by saying I did enjoy the book the writing was great and the suspense was on point too However I had to have a huge open mind for the plot •

  4. Jadine Jadine says:

    This story as book 1 had some timeline issues but part of me wondered if I wasn't paying close enough attention or if the author really did mess up I wish Maddy and Zach from book 1 would have shown up before the epilogue I get that Sandy has a lot to process with Tristan showing up 2 months after his funeral but she is wishy washy Which is probably a normal response in a sense but it aggravated me view spoiler Tristan had plenty of time to get the flashdrive out of the house before the fire after all that was why he came to the house in the first place when Sandy caught him or within the 2 months he was healing at Boudreau's he could have had Boudreau go get it and then hid it somewhere new or made copies and sent it to Homeland Security It was neat and interesting that the bullet that hit Sandy didn't hurt her and landed safely in the baby's hand I wish book 1 would have hinted better that Tristan was at Boudreau's the whole time view spoiler Overall I think this on was a little better than book 1 hide spoiler

  5. Bonnie Drummond Bonnie Drummond says:

    Murder that's not a murder smuggling weapons kidnapping arsen friends life all together in Bayou Bonne Chance Read it and find what happens next

  6. Mary Lawson Mary Lawson says:

    Started reading it yesterday afternoon and finished it early this morning It was a had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen Mallory has created characters that pull at your heart strings How can you overcome a deception from a loved one or can you? This is something Sandy DuChaud must come to grips with Can she forgive her husband Tristan as the struggle to stay one step in front of the bad guys and survive? In my opinion a very compelling and suspenseful story

  7. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Most of the action starts in the latter half of the book as the first half sets up Tristan’s return What follows is an emotional teary eyed reunion set amongst terrific nonstop action RT Book Reviews 4 starsMiniseries Bayou Bonne Chance

  8. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    received 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Bayou Bonne Chance

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