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Just the Way You Are Love happens when you least expect itSameer is a Steve Jobs fan a consultant at an investment bank and a confused soul looking for love As he moves cities to study and work he falls in and out of lovebut fails to find the one person who belongs with him In comes Shagun whom he marries But he leaves the very next day for Switzerlandto start a dream Job In the meantime Shagun starts reading his diary What does she find in thereWill this spell the end of their marriage With Sameer not around to defend himselfwhat is the future of their relationshipJust the Way You Are is a humorous heart warming story about one man’s uest for true love

About the Author: Sanjeev Ranjan

Sanjeev Ranjan is the bestselling author of In Course of True Love2012 and It's No Longer A Dream 2014 An ardent lover of western classic and instrumental music he enjoys reading He has a keen interest in understanding human behavior and relationshipsJust The Way You Are is his third novel published by Random House India Currently he resides in New Delhi

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  1. Samidha; समिधा Samidha; समिधा says:

    “ Think that the arrow has already hit its target You only need to see it happening” NOTE A review copy of the book was provided in exchange for an honest review I thank the author and the publisher for the copy 🌟🌟🌟 1235 Stars Just the Way You Areby Sanjeev Ranjan is a humourous heart wrenching love story about Shagun and SameerAlthough 95% of the novel focuses on Sameer it still manages to keep the attention of the reader As an Indian Young Adult contemporary novel it manages to touch upon a lot of very valid events that are happening and need to be addressed today It is a short uick read of about 200 pages and it was a delight On the night of their wedding Sameer gets a job offer to go to Switzerland This job has been his dream but due to shortage of staffmaybe urgency of work he is supposed to join as soon as possible It hasn’t even been 24 hours into their wedding and he already has to leave everything and go abroad for work Shagun on the other hand is shown as an understanding docile simple woman who understands his dreams and encourages him to go While packing for his trip Shagun comes across his diary It is from here that the novel picks up its tempo The diary takes us through heartbreaks and the utter loneliness with some absolutely hilarious moments that Sameer had felt before meeting Shagun Even though I wanted from Shagun and not through Sameer but her own point of view she was still a very like able character Sameer had a major transformation through the novel and doing that in less than 250 pages is great art and reuires talent Sameer starts as a stuck up obsessed with following the dating norm sort of guy That guy did not appeal to me like at all However through the course of the journey that we take with Sameer we see him mature into a man who is proud of his family his friends and his relationships“You know how the Bihar Government works”More than the characters I liked how Sanjeev Rajan uses tropes to talk about important things – he touches on politics in Bihar unemployment and the need for jobs the work ethic in most good companies which is just deteriorating he talks about marriage and the amount of money that one wastes Mother –son relationship is analysed in a beautiful way and so are places like the orphanage the rituals relating to arranged marriages in India and so on The only slight issue that I had with the novel was one lack of a female voice And second the young Sameer was too harsh on women and saw every girl with the same lens The bits about make up made me uncomfortable because make up is a choice that women make for their own self It has absolutely nothing to do with impressing guys or wooing them Although Apart from this it was a funnyperfect light summer read Overall I would definitely recommend this Samidha

  2. Janhvi Janhvi says:

    I admit I was drawn to Just the Way You Are because of it's cover I mean look at it Its adorable screaming contemporary and young and fun And that is the reason I picked it up when I got the opportunity to read and review Just the Way You Are While the book may not be brilliant it does carry a simple and sweet message to just be yourselfJust the Way You Are is the story of Sameer It starts off with Sameer on his wedding day After years of searching Sameer has finally found the love of his life Shagun and is marrying her But unfortunately he has to leave right the next day away from her for a job opportunity he cannot miss Then begins the real story where Shagun stumbles upon his diary and starts reading itI really liked how we got to know first hand how Sameer's mind worked because of the diary He was a hard working guy who did get influenced but always had the right intentions at heart Like any and everyone of us Sameer is also searching for love and the disappointment he faces in his love life was shown really wellWe also do get to see how Sameer finally meets Shagun unexpectedly and falls in love with her But I would have liked it if that part was expanded I also wanted a bit of what was happening in the present with Sameer and Shagun But we definitely get to see immense growth in Sameer's character since the beginning to the end of the bookSanjeev Ranjan's writing is really simple which makes for the book to be a fast read I liked how the family dynamics were shown Sameer was a guy whose thoughts and concerns were easy to relate to in this world where the first thing we notice is physical appearance Overall I liked Just the Way You AreNote A copy of this book was provided by the Random House India in exchange for an honest review We thank themFind of my reviews at The Readdicts

  3. Tarang Sinha Tarang Sinha says:

    The scenes between Sameer and Shagun are written beautifully Narration is smooth and creates nice imagery But sadly lack of interesting incidents and 'what comes next factor' make the story plainOverall for me it was an average read and I am a little disappointed If you like light fiction you may grab it in your free time or it can be your nice companion when travellingRead the full review here

  4. Siddhant Chavan Siddhant Chavan says:

    Story line sucks a poor book

  5. Rajesh Hajare Rajesh Hajare says:

    Just The Way You Are Nonstop Humour Satire #BookLysis 4255Cover Book cover of Just The Way You Are is really catchy The cover itself gives a hint of a romance genre A young couple’s image is captured on the book cover Sky blue and the pink color combination looks really charming Couple’s stuff like footwears a ball and a guitar can be seen beside girl’s right side Vegetarian food like slices of watermelon arranged in a neat order and cold drinkbeer bottle inside the basket can be noticed beside boy’s left side Green background of the cover resembles green grass in a lawn How can I forget a smartphone and an earphone? So this is not a sketch but a perfectly captured photograph by the big firm in photography ‘Images Bazaar’ Yes Yes Same ‘Images Bazaar' which is founded by the popular motivator Sandeep Maheshwari Just The Way You Are is a romantic title I would give 5 stars to 'Images bazaar' for the cover image and Tara Upadhyay for the cover designThemes The novel Just The Way You Are is a romantic fiction based on love humor and satireSetting The story of Just The Way You Are runs through different locations Though Sameer’s main protagonist love story belongs to Delhi the main story is set up in different locations of Delhi and Noida The story also runs through Bhopal Agra Gurgaon Patna in India Bern in Switzerland The story also travels to America All the locations are described in detail so the reader feels like not only reading but also visiting that place in realLanguage and Writing style Sanjeev Ranjan uses very simple language to narrate the story The language is very lucid The story helps me to add some new words in my vocabulary The Author narrates the story in the first person through the character Sameer He uses flashback techniue I like the phone conversation between Sameer and his mother which is narrated in a brilliant way Sanjeev’s presence of mind while describing the story adds humor to the scene He uses fantastic satire to remark reader’s attention towards errors in the system and societyCharacters Sameer is the protagonist and the narrator of the story He leaves his girlfriend Shagun who luckily becomes his wife alone on their first wedding night Shagun is the female protagonist of the story Sameer’s mom Rekha is one of my favourite characters Her innocence and funny English makes us laugh She represents a typical mother You relate yourself to your father while reading the sacrifices of Sameer’s dad in the sixth chapter Further there are so many notable characters like Sameer’s friends Rakesh Gaurav Sankalp Satyan Mayank and colleague Taufeeue Kajal Shweta and cab driver VishuPlot There are thirteen chapters divided into three parts I like the drama on the first night of Sameer and Shagun’s marriage because that is portrayed beautifully A scene in which Sameer compares two decades is fantabulous I would like to note a uote in which Taufeeue tells Sameer that how girls end up a boy’s proposal they say “I have never thought about it I thought we were friends I consider you to be a very good friend of mine you are such a nice guy and you will get a beautiful and nice girl” An example of Rama hitting an arrow really inspires us to achieve our goal Reference to other books is enough for readers to understand author’s knowledge in reading literature Sameer indirectly appeals to donate to an orphanage; he says “If you get some time please visit an orphanage When you look at the children there your heart will be filled with an overwhelming sense of peace You will wonder how life gives everything and will understand the art of appreciation better than before”Sameer comments on spam phone calls Sameer’s dad points out the dark reality of corruption that how one needs to pay a bribe to officers for transferring a job The book comments on girls’ makeup Sameer indirectly remarks the reality that how conservative parents don’t appreciate and don’t accept inter cast marriages of their sons and daughtersHumor is the main aspect of this novel In the beginning funny pronunciations of English words by Sameer’s mom make us laugh out loud lol Her diction like phoren foreign Amreeka America may seem like spelling mistakes but those are intentionally misspelled by the author himself and he succeeded in creating humour from those funny pronunciations A discussion about Delhi girls and special tips to impress sexy girls will make you go crazy Sameer also comments on long ueues in a humoric way He indirectly comments on ladies’ show off The first chapter is full of fun and humorAfter reading Sameer’s facebook status on his first Delhi visit I remind my facebook status in my first Kota Rajasthan tour I didn’t go to a parlour in metro cities but Sameer’s experience in Anis Unisex Parlor Delhi felt me realistic I relate myself with Sameer’s expectation from to be wifeLike humor satire is the soul of this novel Author Sanjeev Ranjan or his characters don’t attack or criticize directly but they point out dark reality in the system and society through the combo of satire and humor This novel also comments on security guards south actors and ladies’ show off Sameer comments on the day to day issue of the late arrival of Indian rail “No train journey in India is fruitful until and unless it is late by a couple of hours This is almost inevitable to mark as a subsidiary tribute to the legacy of Indian Railways where time runs in a different dimension altogether” He adds “Nothing can ever be said absolutely about train journeys in India at least until the train actually reaches the destination Till then everything is musky” The author doesn’t spare even a pillow in Indian rails from his satires A scene inside the train is portrayed beautifully Sameer’s satirical comments on arrange marriages are remarkable because of logic and reason I would agree with Kajal’s statement that having a boyfriend or girlfriend is just a status symbol todayuotations“The one thing we can never get enough is love and the one thing we never give enough is love” – Henry Miller“There is a great value in disaster because you can start all over again” – Thomas Edison“I understood that whenever one faces a problem one should look at the people who have lived a harder life than one and who have worked harder than one to get what one already has by luck and inheritance And that will make one forget all of one’s problems”“Power of love is just the same as the power of innocence”“A relationship doesn’t work on candle light dinners but on trust understanding and mutual affection”“I have always thought that a relationship reuires care patience understandings and trust”“I understand that just like ‘these young people of today’ do not understand what elders say ‘these grown up parents’ will also not understand the logic of not wasting money on marriages”“Good boys get heaven and bad boys get women”“People who read generally have a lot of time on their hands and they wouldn’t want to spend or waste time with a girlfriend doing all sort of thing” Correct in my case razzDrawbacksPoor page ualityItalic fonts could have been used properlyTyping Errors you your A As and Bhagnra Bhangra on page 18 117 and 138 respectively ‘you’ is missing in 2 interrogative sentences on page 55 ‘the’ and ‘that’ are repeated in a sentence on page 69 and 103 respectively A punctuation mark ‘ is missing in the last line of the first paragraph on page 94 Closing inverted comma ’ is printed instead of beginning inverted comma ‘ on page 60A NOTE BY THE REVIEWERJust The Way You Are by Sanjeev Ranjan is a well narrated novel This novel keeps readers engaged with the plot and the story This novel does not only make you laugh with its humor but also make you think on the dark reality in the system and society by criticizing with the use of satire”Rating Just The Way You Are deserves 45 according to me but I would give 025 as a bonus for the humor So I rate 425 on the scale of 5 stars to the novel Just The Way You Are If you like humor you must read this novelRead this review on my blog

  6. Aayesha Khan Aayesha Khan says:

    Just the Way You Are is a humorous heart warming story about one man’s uest for true loveSanjeev's writing is really simple which makes for the book to be a fast read By the end of the story the true meaning of love and marriage comes out making it a happy endingSanjeev has managed to bring out the confusions of a youth very well The varied thoughts on marriage career love relationships parents friends all so well narrated that you almost end up nodding your head in approval with the author The various scenarios he is caught up in the confusions he has got within him and his uest or rather desperation to find love in life is presented pretty wellI would say I was a tad disappointed in terms of the plot and the storyline as it is a bit cliche Slowly the book turns into another mediocre run of the mill kind of a romantic novelFull review here

  7. SALISMANIA.com SALISMANIA.com says:

    The cover of the book is very appealing the image perfectly defines the title and blurb Sanjeev’s hard work to present such a lovely story is completely visible The idea of including humor at various sections of the story is what makes it my recommendable to all the novel lovers He has beautifully described all the characters of the story and while reading this one could sense that the book is very close to Sanjeev's heart as he has faced multiple problems while writing it JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is a humorous heart warming story about one Man's uest for its true loveWhat does Shagun find in the diary? Will this spell the end of their marriage? With Sameer not around to defend himself what is the future of their relationships? To unlock these secrets read the book

  8. Sarika Patkotwar Sarika Patkotwar says:

    While every single reader has raved about the really cute cover of author Sanjeev Ranjan's Just the Way You Are I am not the biggest fan of sunshine and romance books so cute as it may be the cover barely mattered to me I read the book as part of the read along that we hosted I will admit that there was nothing extraordinary about the book but it was a very uick read which always stands as a positive for me The story was simple and sweet which made it very easy to follow and understand Albeit lacking major character development that I was hoping for the protagonist Sameer was portrayed as a decent enough guy who has really seen struggle in life His life partner Shagun was well portrayed and possessed some uirky ualities Other than that the book was really very average I would recommend Just The Way You Are to romance lovers Pick this book up over a weekend and you'll enjoy it The book was very simple sweet and uick

  9. Book Reviews & Promotion Book Reviews & Promotion says:

    This is the third book written by the author and with each book his writing is getting way far betterThe author has written this so wellI just adored the cover page of the book its so romantic and beautifulSanjeev Sir has done the best job writing it in a reader friendly language understanding exactly what they wantThe story revolves around the protagonist Sameer who never found his true loveDevoid of love Sameer leads a boring lifeSoon Shagun enters into his life as a spark After meeting Shagun Sammer thinks now he got everything in his lifewhat he was searching forBut next day after marriage he leaves her Wife go to SwitzerlandMeanwhile Shagun finds a secret diary written by Sameer as she reads the diary she finds hidden secrets that turns her life upside down?Still she trust her love and dont want to loose SameerThe end was simply perfect with a happy ending A perfect book to give to your loved onesThe story is engaging The characters are full of lifeI absolutely loved this book and am sure that you will tooIt will surely keep the readers hooked on to the book

  10. Privy Trifles Privy Trifles says:

    If there is anything I really liked in the book then it has to be the narrative the author has managed to bring out the confusions of a youth very well The varied thoughts on marriage career love relationships parents friends everything is so well narrated that there comes a point where you are nodding your head in approval with the authorRead the whole review here

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