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Belladonna Bella Conlan was a woman with a pastOne she couldn't remember The first nine years of her life were shrouded in a mist as thick as the fog of her native San Francisco and now those lost years were coming back to haunt her Then out of the darkness came a man named MaloneThe strong silent type Sean Malone was disarmingly sensual the only person Bella could trust in a world with no landmarks The passion that smoldered between them was rivaled only by the danger surrounding them Someone didn't want her to remember and Bella needed to know Was the man by her side her savioror her betrayer

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  1. Lynn Spencer Lynn Spencer says:

    Hooo boy this wassomething I tried to read this book for TBR Challenge thinking it might be some fun 90s nostalgia On the one hand it did have that slightly gothic is it or isnt it paranormal mood that a fair number of 90s categories had back in the day Given that this book is about a woman named Belladonna no less who has no memory of her early life and is somehow now at the center of a dangerous plot it's fair to say that things go over the top pretty uicklyAnd at first I was there for that Mysterious plots centered on San Francisco before the tech bros took over? Totally here for this Bizarre mysterious crime syndicate where all the participants are named after birds and sound vaguely like the bad guys on Miami Vice? It's a little hackneyed but sure why not?But then I started noticing casually insensitive language about the leads' ethnicities and that made me cringe I gamely kept going but once I got to the heavyhanded Chinese stereotyping followed by first sex scene where everyone was way too obsessed with the virginal state of our 30 year old heroine I couldn't deal any and noped right out of there

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