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A Girl's Best Friend Spa Girls Collection Three friends One spa And an infinite amount of oversharingFrom the outside Morgan Malliard has it all diamonds at her disposal a willowy figure a doting daddy and all the elegance that money can buy But money can't buy happiness—or an identity to call her own—and Morgan is realizing her perfect life has no purpose other than spectacular grooming which isn't really a purpose at all unless you're a chimpanzee Then a falling out with her father drop kicks Morgan into the real world and she is suddenly forced to get an actual job wear affordable shoes and cope with public transportation—not to mention deal with that mysterious hottie who may or may not be stalking herIt's time for a spa getaway with her best gals Lilly and Poppy—because there's just something about lying under a pile of sweet smelling papaya plaster that can help a girl figure things out Like the fact that life isn't about living up to a perfect ideal and that with God's grace the beauty of it may just be in the flaws after all

About the Author: Kristin Billerbeck

About KristinI grew up with a strong sense of justice I simply knew the way things should be And since I’m not smart enough to be a district attorney I am a novelist My childhood was slightly confusing I blame my parents for this Oh heck I’m going to blame them for everything I think I would have turned out normal if it weren’t for them the billerbeck's Okay probably not I am a fourth

10 thoughts on “A Girl's Best Friend Spa Girls Collection

  1. Beth Beth says:

    I'm really interested in reading contemporary Christian fiction written for women and girls because 1 I think it's a potentially neat genre with a pretty large audience 2 Most of what exists is pretty low uality in my critical opinion the characters lack depth the plots are so predictable that you KNOW every book WILL end with the heroine accepting Christ or learning to trust God with her life getting married to an upstanding young man and having AT LEAST one baby 3 I like to toy with the idea of someday writing uality Christian literature myself AnywayI was intrigued by the book cover's description of Billerbeck as one of the first Christian chick lit authors but I ended up pretty disappointed She tried so hard for the chick lit thing that the characters just seemed like self absorbed airheads who happened to pray EVERY so often and the Christian themes got lost in a lot of spa going and boy chasing I really appreciate that Billerbeck is writing Christian fiction and I'll probably read by her but will also continue my search for an author whose work lives up to my idea of what uality contemporary fiction with Christian themes COULD be

  2. Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews says:

    This is the 2nd book in a trilogy about 3 friends from Stanford that can't be different Poppy is a hippy chiropractor Morgan is a wealthy socialite and Lilly is a struggling up and coming clothes designer This particular book focuses on Morgan and her life with bits of Lilly thrown in since the first book was about her While these are supposed to be Christian books it is very light on the religious overtones which is nice I don't mind some references but some get heavy handed with the bible references and such This is not one of those booksIf you read these read them in order I read the first one and then the third one and so this one threw me off a little bit but not much They are just better read in order

  3. Lynn Lynn says:

    Contemporary Christian fiction is not usually my genre of choice but I enjoyed She's All That so much that I wanted to continue the series While it is Christian fiction it's not as overtly God centered and themed as other books I have read I like that I truly enjoyed the book it was a fluffy read but no so fluffy as to be unbelievable or to talk down to the reader It was well written though I did notice a few sports in my copy where the characters were called by the wrong name I put that down to poor proofreading and it did not really detract from my enjoyment of the book I would definitely recommend this series to anyone looking for a uick fun fluffy but not too fluffy read

  4. Noelle Noelle says:

    This book was awful I could not get into it at all The spa theme made it very shallow and the Christian aspect seemed forced I like the idea of combining the chick lit and Christian genres but this book failed miserably I will definitely not be reading any of her other books since according to others this is the best of the series

  5. Angie Angie says:

    Three friends relationship issuesfamily issues MULTPIPLE TRIPS FOR PEDICURESMANICURES I loved this book The three best friends are thirty and single and trying to make it on their own I appreciated Billerbeck's honesty wher character choices VERY MODERN DAY

  6. Kate Kate says:

    A fun book I like that God was included but not shoved in your faceThis is book 2 out of 3 I think 3 I am gonna have to go back and read 1 ;

  7. Whitney Hopperton Whitney Hopperton says:

    This was the best book of the 3 part series I enjoyed the plot and climax It was an easy read I am not a reader and I sat down and read it in one day I really enjoyed it

  8. ReadALot ReadALot says:

    Awesome book focusing on the importance of friendship and the trials of those in the media's eyes who we place on a pedestalI loved this book ad literally carried it EVERYWHERE with me

  9. Yesenia Yesenia says:

    not the greatest took me forever to get through it it was a slow somewhat boring storyline

  10. Kristy Cunningham Kristy Cunningham says:

    To be honest I didn't love any of the characters and felt rushed at the end There was a lot happening in the book I felt all the characters had issues going on

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