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The Tender Texan Anna Meyer offers one hundred dollars to the Texas cattleman who can help her forge a frontier homestead Chance Wyatt agrees to settle down and build a home with a lovely stranger The boy in him never considered the possibility of love But the man in him can't deny the passion that Anna brings out in him They vowed to live together for only a year but as the challenges of the savage land bring them closer together neither can resist the aching desire that inflames their hearts and touches their souls

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  1. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    If you enjoy an old school western romance this is a book you will like The Tender Texan has both a hero and heroine who are survivors They both have suffered tragedy and turmoil in their short lives I absolutely adored Chance He is a true tough fierce Texan but he was also so loving and caring towards Anna Jodi Thomas knows how to write absolutely scrumptious heroes both incredibly loving and tender but also formidable western heroes who know how to handle themselves and to take care of their womenChance has moved up near the top of my list He's probably #3 now #1 being Carter from The Texan's Wager and #2 being Winter Mcuillen from Two Texas Hearts Chance lost his family in a renegade Indian attack all except for his infant sister His goal has been to make enough money to pay for the care of his sister When Anna Meyer approaches his cattle campsite and asks for a man who is willing to marry her for a year he offers himself even though he's only nineteen years old That's the kind of man Chance is He might be young in years but he's a fully grown man who knows how to handle himself and take care of his own and he does that and for Anna Chance falls hard and soon for Anna despite the fact that he's spent time around cattle than women He dreams of making love with his wife making her his first and only woman but he has to get past the wall around her heart firstAnna frustrated me terribly at times I did understand her issues having been raped by her husband and taken advantage and mentallyverbally abused by her mother Yet she wasn't able or willing to give Chance the opportunity to prove that he would be a good husband that she could love The frustration I felt towards her couldn't be a mere fraction of what Chance felt She craved his closeness and was attracted to him but her past had showed that a man couldn't give her anything but pain and humiliation and that she was foolish to trust anyone or learn to depend on them It was sad to read because they both deserved better Although Chance was the kind of man no one took for granted because he was than able to take care of himself; he had nothing on Anna She is incredibly stubborn I think that's a good thing She couldn't have survived the tribulations she went through otherwise Anna's not going to be a meek wife She'll keep Chance on his toes But it's than clear that he wants no other woman than herAlthough there isn't uite as much action in this story as some of Jodi Thomas' books the depictions of the harsh journey that the German immigrants including Anna have to take from the Gulf Coast to their lands in New Braunfels are full of dangers mainly from sickness and disease I was actually glad that there wasn't a lot of Settler Indian conflict in this book that just breaks my heart I liked that Ms Thomas made it clear that not all Indians were violent towards the settlers Chance has an issue with an Indian that killed his family but he's not out to kill them all he's actually friendly with various groupsI like how Jodi Thomas shows humanity in all its forms Her down to earth way of writing characters really speaks to me I like her humor a welcome counterpoint to the inherent danger and sadness of a life on the frontierIt was good to immerse myself back into another fantastic romance by a dependably wonderful writer in the western romance genre Definitely recommended

  2. Dawn Dawn says:

    Rant to followuit at 53% because there is nothing remotely likable about this heroine She is a total psycho bitch and I have no clue why the hero wants herShe has done nothing but treat him like dirt She is one minute wanting him and making him think he has a chance then she's pushing him away She is basically abusing him and all he does is break his back to please herThe writing is also IMHO horrible There is a psychoticness about it Haphazard best descibes it I can't take the constant jumbled thoughts of the MC's that also contridict each other The characters also come up with ridiculous notions about one another that have no basis given the actions they have seen in one anotherAnd Geeze even an idiot could figure out the h must have abuse issues or man issues with all her flinching away from him yet the hero doesn't get it There is just no logic in the H h's thinking whatsoeverThe hero's texas accent gets dropped about 10% in too btwIt also pisses me off how the H has opened up and told the heroine all about himself and she doesn't confided in him about anything He has than proven himself trustworthy and yet she still doesn't trust himI am so done with this book Hero virgin or not Safety as far as I got it is safe No issues except the heroine was raped in the past but it isn't describedI do not recommend this book

  3. Diane Peterson Diane Peterson says:

    45 stars A lovely story of a temporary marriage of convenience that blossomed into a real marriage Pregnant widowed German immigrant Anna Meyer needs help to claim her land in Texas Chance Wyatt needs the money she is offering to pay for the support of his younger sister Anna is deeply afraid of intimacy due to her abusive husband but Chance falls for her anyway The story covers the year that Chance committed to helping her get established Jodi Thomas's writing style is smooth and steady No fast action here Just a slowly developing relationship between two people that need each other Nice nice story

  4. Becky ♡The Bookworm♡ Becky ♡The Bookworm♡ says:

    I'm a HUGE Jodi Thomas fan and love her Historical Western Romance novels but I'm sorry to say that I had some problems with this heroine I'm not without compassion and I do understand that Anna is carrying a tremendous amount of baggage when she first meets Chance Wyatt; however I would think after a year of living together as man and wife she would've let down her emotional walls Her behavior just doesn't add up or make any logical sense to me I found her moody behavior to be nothing short of shrewish She would turn on Chance over the smallest issue yet put them both in danger any time he insisted she stay put for her own safety She places Chance under tremendous pressure by going anyway on than one occasion then gets angry over his brooding repeatedly failing to understand she's forcing him to protect both of them from the elements accidents illness hostile Indians etc Logic tells me that she would stay home especially being pregnant This led to many fights between the couple I lost count of the times she sent him packing only to go after him in tears I understand that she doesn't want to be alone but then why be so hesitant to trust him with her safety and her heart? Very frustrating I kept reminding myself that the book is titled The Tender Texan not the The Texas Shrew but it could've gone either way for a little bitSpeaking of the tender Texan in uestionChance is a fabulous hero and about as close to a saint as I've come across in uite awhile He is genuinely a nice guy clearly exhibited by his relationship with his sister and probably has patience in dealing with Anna than any other man in Texas There are many wonderful and emotional scenes in this book mainly surrounding Chance's acts of generosity and kindness but Anna's dysfunctional personality pulled the story down a couple of stars by invoking the wrong kind of emotionlike frustration or wanting to smack her into next Tuesday for not realizing what a great guy she had caring for her I'm still a huge fan of the author and plan to read of her books in the future hopefully with a better heroine

  5. Michelle Robinson Michelle Robinson says:

    I really love Jodi Thomas I have never read a book by her that I did not enjoy However I just could not finish this oneI believe this book is a horrific tale of one woman who has serious panic disorders after having been raped I sympathize with Anna's issues I like her very much as a person However I could not believe that she was falling in love with Chance She continually treated him so poorly I understood the why of her behavior and I don't judge her for it but I just never saw love developing for Chance from Anna I don't understand why Chance would imagine himself in love with someone that by his own admission only had negative things to say to himI would love to see Anna develop as a healing whole woman in some coming of age novel of a person that had been abused and overcame it I did not buy it as healing woman who was falling in love with someone Love is not being hateful I will read Jodi Thomas again I love her books but this one did not do it for meI would not care for a male hero who spent the majority of the novel being hostile to the heroine so same thing here

  6. Lusie Lusie says:

    I enjoyed this historical romance It's about Anna from Germany who emigrates to the USA in 1840 Her husband has just died and to be able to get a large plot of land she wants to get married again as soon as possible She marries Chance even though she has just met him and doesn't even know his name They agree to stay together for 1 year and then Chance will leave They make their way across dangerous territory while getting to know each other better This book has got interesting characters like Tobin What Annoyed me a bit was that Anna could not decide if she wants Chance or not At times I wanted to scream at both Anna and Chance to stop acting so foolish I liked that the book was packed with action Times were hard and the story gives you a taste of that This was the first time I read something by this author and will certainly read of her books

  7. Paula-O Paula-O says:

    The Tender Texan by Jodi ThomasAnna Meyer has lost a husband and if she does not get another to help her take land that she and her husband were coming to live and improve to homesteadshe will lose it She is pregnant and wants it for the child so much that she walks to a group of oilman and ask one to marry her many laughed and scoffed at her when she ask one to commit to a year and she would give him 100Chance Wyatt thought she was so brave and he needed that money so offered to be the husband she needed for a yearChance was young and had never been in love but soon found himself with a desire to know his new wife so much that he decided to court her You will enjoy this journey and the characters of Anna and Chance their couragetheir love growing as they got to know one another and to trust one another I know I did

  8. Rochelle Rochelle says:

    This book was intense The summary just doesn't do justice to the story it is a sweeping saga packed with every emotion under the sun I haven't read a tale so poignant in a long time and I'm surprised it isn't a popular book I think the title is kind of meh for me it's too saccharine sweet and it makes you think you're picking up a cheap poorly written romance novel it hardly matches what resides in the pages and it took me awhile to actually pick up the book and read it for that very reason Thankfully from the very first pages I was swept up immediatelyThings of mention for sensitive readersI could've done with a lot less lusty admiration on the hero's part; too much running inner dialogueThe intimate scenes were I think too detailed but I guess tame from what I hear of the Romance genre in general

  9. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    It took me a long time to read this book I am not one to give up so I finished it even though I didn't want to Anna may have been the older woman but she sure didn't act like it Her temper tantrums and stubbornness for lack of a better word put me off She may have been beautiful but she sure acted stupid Chance was the reason I kept reading although he did get on my nerves too with the way he handled Anna Back in those days a man didn't let a woman run roughshod all over him I understand the need for a strong heroine in books but this one did not turn out the way I hoped a strong heroine should Anna was flitting with her emotions then Selma was while dancing love circles around Carl

  10. kate kate says:

    Why do Men Marry Bitches? I have no clue But this poor schmuck certainly did it Couldn't even begin to imagine why he stayed with her Jodi need to do a seuel where she kills off psycho bitch and pairs him up with someone halfway normal She should charge half price too She owes us for this one

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