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Studies in Creation Dr John Klotz PhD in Biology was a noted Lutheran pastor theologian and student of the sciences Dr Klotz was one of the first Lutheran pastors in the Missouri Synod to obtain an advanced degree in the sciences precisely for the sake of being able to engage in intelligent conversation and analysis of the modern sciences informed by a profound commitment to God's Word and the Lutheran Confessions He earned his PhD in Genetics and pursued additional post doctoral studies in the sciences He was a life long instructor and professor at Lutheran universities and seminaries His particular specialties and fields of interest included biology zoology botany biophysics bioethics and ecology He was a staunch defender of orthodox Lutheranism's view of the sciences and issues concerning the Biblical text during a tumultuous time in the history of the Missouri Synod The point of this view of this book is to challenge the common thinking among many scientists that the evidence supports Darwin's theories about the origins of life Through an older work it is all the remarkable that long after Dr Klotz wrote this book there would be so many developments that have proven challenging to even the most fundamental assumptions of Darwinism

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